"Oh right ShuHan you just didn’t immediately answer the phone to see is a strange number? Hey, I’m telling you, this place is really cold. When I took a sea view, I shook my mobile phone and dropped it into the sea. I couldn’t help but change my card quickly. "
Yan Shuhan is a little funny, thinking that the elders across the street always like to say one or two humorous things before talking about the real thing, and the habit has not changed.
In his arms, ega got up and touched his chest, pulling his arm open and mouthing at him "cell phone, switch on, horn"
And patted him on the chest.
It’s so cute to "open" the other party. After Yan Shu’s cold control, he immediately bowed his head and took a bite of his face, and skillfully turned on the loudspeaker before the other party was going to lose his temper.
Yu Shulan’s voice sounded, "Ah, let’s get to the point. Isn’t this a small year?"
"Hey, don’t say it’s early. It’s December. You haven’t brought DOG back yet. I asked Uncle Wang yesterday. He said you two are fine. Hey, dad was happy to hear that."
"He just wants you to take DOG back to Yan City, and let him see what his grandson’s wife looks like. Anyway, I didn’t send any gifts. It’s ridiculous to hear Wang Shu say that you didn’t go to connect with your relatives. Dad said that it was even more important and everyone had to prepare."
"So I just want to ask DOG what style things he likes at ordinary times. Don’t tell me you don’t know. Then I have to doubt Wang Shuhe that I’m lying."
Su Mo looked at Yan Shuhan with blinking eyes and didn’t hesitate to slap at people.
After thinking about it, I made two more mouths: "rabbit, rabbit-old, tiger"
Yan Shuhan thinks it is not appropriate to talk now, but should take advantage of the curtain to put his wife back to bed before it is pulled up.
"Lovely lady, he likes lovely things too grandiose and gorgeous, he doesn’t like colors, he likes …"
Yan Shuhan winked at himself in her arms and quickly organized the language "Don’t be too tender, don’t be too heavy, don’t be too flowery, don’t like cold tones, like warm colors, such as emeralds and aquamarine, don’t consider them"
I unconsciously added things that I don’t like cold tone except my tag and my pheromone color pheromone entity.
Of course, these words are not suitable for telling such an ega elder that it is not stable.
North America K City Suburb Villa
In the magnificent main building hall, the alpha lined up and bowed their heads humbly.
Tan Wu came from the spiral staircase, followed by tall and evil alpha in a black coat.
Ega’s eyes were sharp and partial, and she fell on the human figure with a few tender feelings, wrapped in a honey knife.
"I don’t know if I don’t take stock, but there are still fewer people and people who have been there. They can all be written in black and white on the list. Who are you missing when you eat and live together?"
No one dares to speak.
During the day, I was "right" with him. Young alpha didn’t come
Zheng Feng quietly looked at a pile of tall people in front of him.
I feel uneasy and I have to sigh at the same time-
He ega is really awesome.
Chapter 136 Lady, be careful not to flash your waist.
When Su Mo woke up, it was at lunch time in a huge restaurant that alpha held him in his arms and held him close around his waist.
Of course, there is nothing wrong with this posture. After all, they are legal husbands and love each other.
But I’m still really ashamed
It’s not daylight, it’s clothes.
The collar was so wide open that I don’t know if it was pulled open by the former "faint" head or if I didn’t dress him before alpha fed him.
I always realized that I "exposed" Su Mo in this way, and I had an idea for a moment-I immediately pulled up my pajamas on both sides and immediately jumped into alpha’s arms and sat in my original seat opposite.
But the fact is that what the brain thinks is one thing, and what the hands and feet do is another.
After pulling the collar and preparing to make a move, alpha called softly, "Madam, be careful not to flash your waist."
At the same time, it directly encircled his body, that is, this second Su Mo found that his legs were soft, and it didn’t seem very comfortable to go to that place in the other party’s words.
The brain can’t help but think of what ears are blushing and blushing, and I can’t wait to find a hole to drill in.
Just listen to alpha and ask, "Is the baby awake?"
"Well," Su Mo looked up at Yan Shu’s cold face and turned red again into a ripe pomegranate seed and a ripe tomato, but although the shame concentration was quite high, it was better to say what was on his mind.
Su Mo winked at Yan Shuhan. "Sir, I want to go …"
Yan Shu cold, of course, there is no objection that it is very interesting to speak. "Isn’t Mrs. uncomfortable? Is it stable? "
Let go of the hands that protect people’s front waist and speak to people in a gentle voice. "Madam, try it?"
That’s a very threatening statement.
Su Mo looked at the floor in front of him and turned the corner of the table to his opposite seat. He thought it should be nothing. After all, he has been secretly exercising recently.
After lunch at school at noon, after lunch, he will go to the school gym for a run or jog twice in the venue, and then borrow a badminton or table tennis from the equipment room to find Lin Qiu to play.
But obviously, Su Mo underestimated the "lethality" of some sports estrus to ega.