Looking at Li Ke so confident, Kelly is too lazy to say anything. After the hot air balloon ascends to heaven for a while, people on the ground should be like hidden things. Li Ke said it again. Who knows that Li Ke smiled and said, "B-brother, I have already thought about this. I just ran out to find soldiers to dig a few hidden ditches. B-brother didn’t you see it? It is being dug over there! "
Wang Ke only saw a group of soldiers digging a hidden ditch in the corner of the proving ground along Li Ke’s finger direction. Did he just ask Li Ke in a hurry and didn’t notice it?
Chapter 25 Such as response (2)
Kelly, who is careful about Li Ke, is really more and more delighted now. After all, many things can be thought of before doing, which means that Li Ke has a forward-looking thinking about everything and is no longer passive as before. Otherwise, he will not think of it if he tells him.
Kelly followed Li Ke to dig a hidden ditch, and the probe looked more appropriate. Kelly thought about it or jumped in the ditch and looked up at the sky. He still felt a little uneasy. He asked the soldiers to cultivate all the excavated materials by the ditch and felt that there was no problem before climbing out.
As soon as Liu Er started to stir up, he said to Kelly, "Master, don’t go this time. Let Xiao take a few people. Xiao can also tell them something about them."
Kelly thought that it was more convenient for him to look at it on the ground. In the sky, it seems that grenades and grenades exploded at what height. It is better to see it clearly on the ground. Kelly and Li Ke agreed to Liu Er after a simple discussion. However, they still didn’t count how high they should first rise to test. Finally, they decided to rise to a height that can avoid bow and arrow injuries. Even if the bombing point is not satisfactory, they can improve grenades and grenades. It is always impossible to lower the height of hot air balloons. This is the first to protect hot air balloons and soldiers.
Kelly just visible and called Liu Er to the side to explain a few words before he found Li Ke and arranged several throwers to tell them carefully how to throw everything before waving them to the basket to make Liu Er make a fire.
Kelly rushed the ground retention department to the hidden ditch and looked around to see if there was anything wrong with it before he jumped in last.
Watching the hot air balloon perch precariously in the ditch until it is tied to the basket rope and tightened, Kelly knows that the specified height has arrived, and hurriedly calls people in the ditch to pay attention to concealment, so as not to be accidentally injured by shrapnel flying out of the ditch after a while. Although Kelly told the thrower to throw in the direction away from the concealed ditch, no one can be sure that the flying shrapnel will not come this way. If there are really two pieces that fly over and hit someone just right, it’s better to be careful to guard against it, though it won’t be fatal.
Kelly lifted up her head and looked at the movement in the basket. Now it’s far away, and it can be seen. It’s really not easy to see carefully. At this time, Kelly missed the telescope again and came to Kelly. He made up his mind to ask Bohan if he could find a glassmaker and give it out if he wanted to.
I vaguely saw the people in the basket gesturing towards myself. Kelly estimated that he was asking if he could throw it, but he couldn’t see it clearly. So he called Li Ke to help see if he was not mistaken. Li Ke put his hand on his eyes and looked at it carefully. With a wave of his hand, he saw a soldier with two small red flags in his hand jumping out of the hidden ditch and drawing several circles on the hot air balloon, and hurriedly retracted into the ditch.
Kelly saw everything in front of him and blurted out, "Awesome! Even the semaphore is out!"
Li Ke didn’t understand what Kelly meant by semaphore and asked, "Brother, what do you mean by semaphore?"
Kelly one leng said in his heart, "don’t you let people in strokes? How can it not be white? "The mouth hurriedly asked," Didn’t you ask someone to play semaphore? Why are you still asking me? "
Li Ke’s face was more vacant and he murmured, "No, I didn’t call anyone to play any semaphore. This is the first time I’ve heard of it."
Kelly really fainted now and was about to open her mouth when Li Ke explained that she heard an explosion to know that the throwing hand in the basket was throwing. She quickly turned her eyes to the outside and said, "I will tell you later to watch the experiment first."
Just talking to Li Ke, Kelly didn’t see where the explosion point was, waiting for a Grenade or Grenade to be thrown. When Kelly was a soldier, he knew that although the nature of these two things was not too different, there was still a big difference in reality. Grenade is called offensive and Grenade is defensive in modern military science because the throwing distance with a handle is much farther than Grenade.
At this time, a shadow in the basket flashed a black spot and was thrown out of the basket. Kelly knew that it was the throwers who threw another one out, so Kelly didn’t know whether the Grenade was a Grenade or a Grenade. He couldn’t know until the hot air balloon came down and asked the throwers.
Looking at the shadow falling to a long distance from the ground, I heard a "bang" explosion. Kelly saw that the height from the ground was too high. If everyone explodes at this height, it is estimated that there is no lethality to the enemy. At most, it can cut a little skin and have a little shock. This is not what Kelly wants.
As for the result just now, Kelly hopes to throw a Grenade. If it is a Grenade, it is not necessary to make things now, because the distance from throwing to explosion is a little short. The height of the ground is definitely not acceptable. If the thrown things are to have the greatest lethality, the height from the ground should not be more than two meters.
Of course, if the later system is different and the height is higher, there is no problem. After all, the later system will make the explosive much more powerful, and the technology of the bomb system will be much higher, and the relative killing radius will be much larger. However, there is no way to compare the things made now with the later ones, and this requirement will be relatively stricter, which will have no effect in actual combat.
Just as Kelly was thinking, a few more were thrown to fry, which was not much different from that just now. Wang Ke’s heart sank more and more as he threw it. In his view, today’s experiment is certain to fail.
Just when Kelly was disappointed, something thrown out exploded near the ground, and the explosion point was just within the scope of Kelly’s hope. Kelly couldn’t help but look at the proving ground again.
Things thrown out one after another explode, and the range of explosion points is delineated in Kelly. It doesn’t seem that the gap is very big, which makes Kelly a little excited. Now Kelly is a little white. It must have been a Grenade thrown out in front. Because the lead is too short, the Grenade can’t fall to the optimal height, and it has exploded. It won’t do much damage to the enemy, but throwing grenades at the back is different. The explosion timing and the height of explosion points are all suitable. Of course, the message of grenades here is longer than grenades, but it is enough.
For Wang Ke, it doesn’t matter what the process is. Now Kelly has too many things to do, and he really doesn’t want to delay too much effort in one thing, otherwise he really feels that things can’t be done.
Look at the hot air balloon now. Kelly knows that this is the Grenade and the Grenade have been thrown out. No matter whether we try or not, we should have come down at this time. Kelly hurriedly jumped out of the hidden ditch with Li Ke and walked to the hot air balloon landing place. At this time, Kelly has a question in his mind, that is, how do these throwers throw it directly or throw the force forward? Today’s experiment cannot be considered complete until we figure out this question.
Kelly must understand this problem because he knows that this hot air balloon can’t just float around in the sky, even if it rises to the sky, it won’t be in the enemy’s formation. If it is thrown directly at the enemy, it will probably be his own army. If it is thrown obliquely and exploded at the ideal height, it will kill the enemy’s effective force to the maximum extent.
Watching the hot air balloon fall to the ground, Kelly collapsed in one step and asked several throwers, "How do you throw it? Tell me quickly."
Several throwers didn’t know what Kelly asked, and they didn’t know how to answer at the moment. They all looked at Kelly inexplicably.
Kelly saw a few people’s expressions before he became white. When he was impatient, he didn’t make it clear. He quickly said again, "Tell me first whether you throw a Grenade behind it?"
These throwers couldn’t stop nodding when they heard it. Liu Er also interjected, "Young Master, they threw bombs like eggs, and then they threw wood, which frightened the little people when they heard the sound."
Liu Er’s speech made it clear that Kelly wanted to ask, but it also made people laugh at the place. Liu Er didn’t know what to call throwing things, but it was very vivid
Kelly laughed and asked, "How do you all throw it? Do you throw it directly or try your best to throw it forward?"
Several throwers didn’t know the difference, but they answered honestly, "They all tried their best to throw forward. The general and the temple just emphasized this problem to us the other day. They didn’t throw directly to the front, but tried their best to throw forward. I don’t know what’s wrong with throwing like this?"
"No problem, no problem!"
Kelly heard that they were trying their best to throw it forward. What’s the problem? This is the best result. How can it be said that there is a problem?
Li Ke didn’t know what Wang Ke asked these questions. Now I heard from Kelly that there was no problem. I hurriedly said, "B-brother, it’s better to try again."
Wang Ke nodded at Li Ke and said, "Then try again, but don’t put the Grenade this time. Just put the Grenade."
Although everyone present didn’t know what it meant to Kelly’s decision, he looked at Wang Ke seriously and no one asked if he did it according to his meaning.
Li Ke Lala Kelly sleeve asked, "B-brother, why don’t grenades? Can’t grenades?"
Kelly simply told Li Ke what it was to do this, and Li Ke immediately nodded and didn’t say anything. He looked at the soldiers and put grenades in the basket.
Looking at Kelly and Li Ke, Liu Er walked beside Kelly and said to Kelly hesitantly, "Master, why don’t you take both hot air balloons to heaven this time? I have just taught two of them to come out and feel that they have been able to fuck independently. Don’t leave the two hot air balloons too far away or watch them fuck."
Kelly actually has no actual exercise, no matter how much he says, now that Liu Er has said so, I can see that Liu Er has a bottom in his heart, so after consulting with Li Ke, he called two soldiers who had just learned to exercise and let them go into a hot air balloon alone, and Liu Er found a rope to connect the two hot air balloons together. After the ascension, the two hot air balloons will float too far to take care of themselves.