The physical interface is quiet, but the outer layer is empty, but it is already covered with war clouds. Imperius’s war clouds are extremely thick, but there is no blood at all. It is a piece of pure white, showing the power of heaven. In the sacred thick clouds, Imperius is sitting high in the clouds. The other four angels in the Angris Parliament in his center are equal in rank, and the seat is the archangels at all levels in heaven. If the Horatim Brotherhood is here, everyone will find this scene familiar.
This is the throne of heaven war, the refuge of the world war, and the throne of the world war is the same at the core. After all, this paradise also comes from the source of the refuge of the world, and it has its own common characteristics. The only difference between the throne of heaven war and the refuge of the world war is that the color is different. "The news from hell is really unexpected. After all, the dark teeth were bred by them. Imperius, if we didn’t understand the high power of the handle before the war, I’m afraid it wouldn’t be three hell demon rivals."
The eyes of the archangels sitting in the throne of war are condensed in a huge darkness in the opposite virtual space. At this time, the huge darkness is always absent, causing destruction. If the material enters the black light range, it will not be crushed into the most basic vitality. If this power continues to evolve, it will be the Great Wrath King Flame. That level of power is born by one source of the world, and the ultimate power can be proved by Jin Xian.
"Imperius has surrendered now, and after the unification of three interfaces, you are still Takatenjin." Far away, Baal’s voice has come across. When he spoke, the dark teeth vibrated, and the black light was overflowing. Only by the vibration of the dark teeth can a virtual storm be set off. In fact, the speed of the three magic weapons can already reach the magic fortress. The decisive battle has not started yet because they also need to get familiar with the power of the dark teeth.
At this time, after a break of fortune, they have mastered the power of dark teeth. If they had the confidence to defeat heaven, it would not only be a matter of confidence at this time, but they believed that they had an absolute grasp. It was with this absolute grasp that Barr released such rhetoric. The three brothers went to the main position of the world in three films. If they were successful, the Angels of Angus Parliament would be the main people in the world, although they were enemies in the past.
"Boast Barr, mephistopheles, Diablo, you three kneel down and ask us to forgive you now, and we can forgive your life, otherwise you will feel what is real despair in heaven." Imperius laughed and looked at which archangel around him was not confident, because before the war, each archangel mastered his own ultimate power. They can be sure that when the archangel forces unite, they will master the power they have never controlled, which is absolutely no worse than the dark teeth of hell.
"Ha ha ha ha" Barr burst out laughing. "mephistopheles, have you heard that this group of winged birds have become more and more arrogant since they haven’t seen each other for so many years? It seems that we have to teach them the rules of being slaves and teach them a profound lesson so that they can know that their master’s dignity is inviolable." Barr made no secret. What seems to be for mephistopheles is actually for the archangels in heaven.
"This heaven war throne power proved to be extremely powerful. The five archangels are each ten-order high power, which is even more powerful and incredible. Especially when these people are in charge of Anu’s five forces, they can rise above the limit of the torrent of heaven and earth. Even if they are out of heaven, they can map the root cause of the world. The power will not be reduced at all." The battle between heaven and hell in the distance is a mutual provocation. Zhi Li incarnate is hiding aside to watch the battle. He has also intervened. At this time, it is good to see that this array and such forces can honestly hide aside and not be ruined.
"This dark tooth is not the kui is a dominant artifact. The main handle of the world is hell. After all, the artifact power is biased. It is always imperfect. Compared with the refuge world, the world stone is still a lower level, but after all, it is the world’s dominant power. This dark tooth can resist the manipulation of the world stone." Zhi Li, who is on the sidelines, has a knowing vision. At this time, watching the game is a hole in the fire. At this time, the throne of war has condensed and the dark tooth has been running, but this is not the strongest force of both sides.
"I haven’t seen this Barr’s breath for thousands of years." Imperius said with a smile. "The majesty of the strong is not blown out by the mouth. Now you repent and come to our paradise. There is no shortage of rule, love and creation." Fear limits freedom to create order is to rule, hate love and destroy it, and to create the same with Barr. Let five archangels, Imperius, the chief minister, run them with the same words.
"In this case, I’ll let you see the strongest force in hell, and realize what is pain and despair before it is destroyed. Let’s smash their war thrones together." Baal sneers at the three demons running at the same time, fearing, hating, destroying, destroying and fearing. But when the three demons in hell are not high in their positions, they can do their best when they come together, so their strength is beyond their own ranks, and it is a strong force in hell in the past.
At this time, the three demons run dark teeth and listen to the dark teeth "endure" and make a sound. I don’t know what creature roared out, and the sword body vibrates sharply. The three demons converge with the dark teeth and suddenly a black sword light swept away to the throne of war. In an instant, they are close to the throne of war. The dark teeth will absolutely crush the throne of war. "Anu will" Imperius shouted that one or four archangels took out their handles in order.
The five handles of "Anu will" are all Anu will, which is the combination of Anu will. This is also the power that heaven transcends all laws. The combination is the dominant power of heaven. When the war came out, the front of the throne changed dramatically, and when the dark teeth entered it, it seemed to be in a quagmire. The original high-speed transportation stopped in a short time and the speed became slower than the tortoise crawling.
"Can a little change be stopped?" The strength of the dark tooth has soared and oscillated, and it will crush the dark tooth. Where is the slow speed? Where is it? It is stretched by the force of the other party’s law. In this way, it can be said that it is always possible to approach the opponent. It is manipulation and can be like the strength of the dark tooth. Once it is aimed at the place where it has passed, it will break away from stretching.
At this time, I saw that the law of the war throne was transported again, and at the same time, a large number of shifting forces were constantly creating dark teeth in the Hanazono Sakura world. No matter how much it could be broken, there was always one in front waiting for the black light to pass, and several small worlds were constantly shattered. At the same time, several Hanazono Sakura worlds were born with the law. The blow of the dark teeth was not only ineffective, but was trapped by the archangels of heaven’s high-level parliament working together to display the law.
"How can these angels be so powerful?" Hell and heaven have been at war for several years, and the demons are more familiar with the power of archangels. At this time, Barr was surprised to find that your angel theory is a higher level than in the past, but it is not worse than the dark teeth. Compared with the simple crushing of the dark teeth, the operation rules of angels are more flexible
See the law to delimit the dark tooth together with the three brothers, among which Imperius’s face reveals a sneer. "Anu will" The archangels shouted that the will was closely linked through the throne of war, and their respective minds were so great that they delineated their opponents. "Boom" See that the front of the throne of war was limited and stretched, and several worlds began to collapse instantly.
This blow is a six-level collapse of the raven. Turning over a blow will be equivalent to deleting files and formatting to erase everything in a certain partition. This luck is much faster than the slow collapse of the raven. It can be said that it has been instantly issued, and the law of the archangels has been completely broken into virtual forces. If the strong are other means, it can be said that they are lucky enough to be shattered by a blow.
In the void, but seeing that everything has collapsed into emptiness, but seeing that the broken and instantaneous black teeth are not affected at all, they have all been obliterated, but the black teeth are still running, and they have already come out of the void. This black tooth is powerful in the force, and it will be filled in the void immediately, and it will be cut into the throne of war. The black light destruction wants to cut the throne of war in half with a sword. They just ate a dark loss, but now they are going to pull back a game.
"Brush" a roll of black light will break the throne of war. "Anu will" The five archangels shouted at the same time the operating rules of the handle. This time, it was not to remove the black teeth, but to remove the throne of war. When it was close to the black teeth, it left the black teeth and chased after it. It was the throne of war that once again created layers of birth and death and bound the black teeth.
This time, the angels have learned a good lesson and will no longer use any means of collapse. That means they can’t cope with the three demons. It is better to trap each other first and then find a way to give them destruction. Of course, it can’t be destroyed. That didn’t directly suppress the three demons until eternity.
"Heaven archangels are bravery? Will you hide behind and dare not fight? " Barr roars from layer to layer, showing his anger beyond words. He has already seen it. If you don’t come up with a unique skill, your opponent can eat them to death and be trapped all the time. You can’t go out to fight against this dark tooth, but you are not good at playing and others.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Light and dark collision
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Light and dark collision
The second volume Vertical cone Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Out of control situation
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two Out of control situation
"This transcends all the laws, and it was really powerful." Zhi Li incarnated on the sidelines, and the battle between the angel of heaven Nagato and the dark tooth was all in sight. At this time, the archangels’ means of transport were almost dependent on the extreme operation of change, and no matter how hard your means were, they could not hit people, and they could be as blind as the helllords. After the first attempt to kill the helllords failed, you archangels no longer killed all the demons. The delusion was that change trapped them and the law force forcibly interfered with each other’s perception of other’s other coordinates.
If there are coordinates that can operate the power, they can directly open a Hanazono Sakura world, and then they can jump out of a certain level and lock the coordinates to cross Qian Shan Wanshui in one step. In modern scientific conjecture, the principle of curvature flight reaches its extreme, which is that such a phenomenon is science. As far as curvature flight is concerned, it doesn’t know how much power it takes to jump out of a plane, but it’s like a child’s play for the great avatar to swim across Hanazono Sakura. At this time, these archangels are doing their utmost to interfere with their opponents’ perception of coordinates. Without coordinates, the three demons of hell can smash them with dark teeth and cannot move away
The archangels’ strength is actually not stronger than that of the three demons in hell. Facing the enemy head-on may not be able to occupy the wind, but the tactics are proper. At this time, the dark teeth of the three demons in hell have been completely trapped in the layers of law-making, but it is a law to break through the dark teeth and destroy as much as the archangels can make. So it has been completely delineated that the war situation has become a war of attrition, but the strength at their level is exhausted.
For such strong people, the so-called war of power consumption is a joke. This kind of consumption is enough for them to consume to the end of the universe. It can be said that at this time, the situation is extremely unfavorable to the demons of hell because they are oppressed in the hands of your archangels. At this time, if they do not have stronger means to break through this situation, they may be suppressed forever in consumption. "Are the archangels in heaven courageous?" Will you hide behind and dare not fight? "
"Ha ha Barr isn’t this a head-on battle? Now we can suppress you forever, and you have been completely defeated. You can do whatever you want with powerful weapons, but you don’t know that the power of weapons depends on the transport of people. At this time, there are two ways in front of you. One is to be taken back to the higher heaven by us, imprisoned and suppressed forever, and the other is to hand over the handle honestly, and we can let you live. "
"mephistopheles, did you hear that? They still want to imprison us for eternity. "Barr laughed wildly." In that case, we are out of time. Let’s absolutely suppress their will, Tasamette. "Samet? You archangels wondered, but you saw that the dark teeth were violently changed in layers of blockade. At that time, the flood of the whole hell world was never supplemented by the source, and all the source forces of the whole hell world crossed to the dark teeth.
"Anu evil will tower Samet" tyrael affirmed that "Tower Samet is Anu evil will, which is called" Fast "in the language of hell. We will unite the high handles to summon the source of heaven and remit Anu will to fight". With the darkness of tyrael’s words, the teeth suddenly became unreal.
The dark tooth, which was blocked in the poor little world, collapsed layer by layer and tried to break through. At the same time, the black light suddenly began to explode. The archangels of Angus Parliament tried their best to build their creativity. Finally, the speed of destruction could not match the breakthrough of the dark tooth. The breakthrough of the dark tooth is just around the corner. The problem is that part of the will of the eternal opponent in heaven Anu is being revived by the three demons in some form.
At this time, the power of dark teeth is growing rapidly, and the image of a dragon is faintly transformed in the light of the black sword, which is the source of hell. Samet, the evil incarnation of Tower Anu, "roared" Tower Samet, and his body exploded at first, which was illusory, and then it was blocked by the illusory entity Angels. After being crushed by absolute power for hundreds of millions of years, Tower Samet has already fallen for many years. Another form is reappearing in this day.
The black light shining in the darkness is black light, which is pure but hierarchical. The light of the dark tooth sword has turned into a dragon with a height of ten thousand feet. This is a perfect creature with seven heads. At this moment, all seven heads are closed, as if they haven’t woken up from a deep sleep, but it’s just that the blockade of Angels in Angus Parliament has been broken. This dragon has such a terrible power before it wakes up. This is the world’s main force surpassing the tenth order and reaching the world’s main Jin Xian level. The fighting power of the whole world source is far from the tenth order.
"Roar" Tower Samet roared, and three of the seven heads suddenly opened their eyes. This sleeping dragon finally stretched out its magic hand and opened his fangs. Three heads are his core leaders. When these three heads woke up, the rest of them opened their eyes vaguely, which is not flexible enough. At the same time, the other four demons in hell felt the loss of divine power at the same time.
"It’s a pity that the dark teeth can’t finish, otherwise I will deprive the whole hell handle." Baal’s heart doesn’t regret that the dark teeth have just been bred at this time, and the shape of Tower Samet can’t last long. "When Tower Samet was born, Zhi Li looked at this near-perfect creature and felt that the evolution of things had begun to exceed his expectations. Tower Samet is the world of hell, and it also has almost intellectual power. When he appeared, the whole fog of hell became thicker, which almost made him unable to see the direction.
"There are towers in hell, and there is Anu in heaven in Samet." Zhi Li said with a smile, and then the main realm of the world is one level lower than that of the saints. How can their fog block the vision of the saints? When the power of the saints enters the fog of the corresponding world, it will naturally become a fog. Zhi Li incarnates in the virtual fortress of the group of demons, and the fog of the saints covers himself. These two people have the knowledge vision in the corresponding world. I found out that he knew that the vision penetrated into the past at the junction of three films, and the fog that was originally covered suddenly opened. Only tyrael’s body still lingered.
"This war is definitely a lose-lose." Zhi Li’s repeated deduction is the result of this. Of course, this is the constant situation of tyrael. When the "Anu Will" Tower Samet was not yet formed, the archangels of Angris Parliament began to unite their respective handles. These handles are the fragments of Anu’s will reaching a high level, and the fragments are relatively complete. At this time, unity can temporarily awaken Anu and mobilize the whole world to fight.
Whether it’s good or evil, it’s almost perfect when it reaches the extreme. In Samet Tower, it’s an evil dragon with seven heads and wings. Its shape is like a western dragon, but it’s not bloated. It’s like a cheetah about to attack. It’s strange. It’s covered with scales and black light. It brings out different colors and flows through the whole dragon. The streamlined body shows a strange aesthetic feeling
Anu’s form is different, and several archangels in Angris operate at the same time, and their power combinations are transformed into the world’s main creation artifacts. This motivates the heaven world source power Anu’s body to be gradually transformed into the heaven world source power combination. Anu’s dark side incarnation is a dragon form, and its smooth side incarnation is a bird form. Zhi Li saw that this creature had a phoenix label on her body as soon as it appeared.
Anu’s form is a bird’s form, and the whole body seems to be pure and white with other variegated colors. This bird’s form is naturally different from that of normal birds. It can be said that in her body, all birds have contradictory forms and are unified to her, just as Tianlong has many animal images, Anu opened her wings as soon as she appeared.
She has thousands of wings, and each pair seems to have a world. There are hundreds of millions of creatures in the world. The world is born and died repeatedly when her wings flap, but only five pairs of wings unfold. The world remains unchanged in the rotation. Every flap of her wings brings out all the glory and holiness. Hundreds of millions of brilliance envelop him in the tower. Samet’s dark body forms a fresh contrast.
At first, the two great powers were not aware of whether they were the three demons or the five archangels, but when Anu’s two wills really faced each other, they felt that things seemed to be out of control. Yes, the great powers had awakened in two worlds, and their power core actually felt that the mastery of the two bodies by law would spontaneously move. After hundreds of millions of years, they would start their eternal battle again, arguing whether it was heaven or hell. At the same time, the tall and powerful felt that the situation seemed to be out of control and they were going to slide to the unknown road by the mastery of the law.