Two hundred and twenty-seven ruthless
Qiu Shi’ an received Linglong’s letter in the evening when he was coming out of Qiu Cangwu’s room. Because Qiu Cangwu had been stubborn and begged him to contact Xu Zhiyuan, he was very upset, so he didn’t look good at Wu Boran. When he heard Linglong’s letter, he was alert and looked left and right. "Didn’t you tell her that it’s nothing? Don’t always write letters?" Why is it always a long memory! "
Wu Bo bowed his waist and compensated carefully. He felt wronged in his heart. He handed the letter to Qiu Shi ‘an. In fact, Wu Bo didn’t want to send exquisite letters. Nai Linglong’s things have always been through him. The messenger bearer has always stressed that it is a big deal. Although he is also afraid of getting a row of noise, he is more afraid of suffering after delaying the main business, so he risks being scolded and sent it.
Qiu Shi ‘an didn’t have a good sleep these days, his eyes were swollen and haggard, and there was a layer of dark circles under his eyes. He glared at Wu Bo and stretched out his hand to open the letter before reading it again, and he was completely refreshed. Just now, his drowsiness also ran to the outside of the cloud nine.
Linglong said in the letter that he didn’t know who was talkative and told Gu Boqi that Qiu Shian had sent Wu Bo to pick her up several times. Now Gu Boqi is suspicious of her and has been asking her what Qiu Shian is these days, so let Qiu Shian think of a way quickly.
Gu Boqi Gu Boqi is Gu Boqi again. Can’t they leave themselves alone for a few days?
Qiu Shi’ an couldn’t tell whether he was scared or not, but his intuition was that this time things were not serious-Gu Boqi was as easy to coax as he had no brains, so he just dawdled with him for a few more words at most. Can he still not believe it?
Therefore, he didn’t take it seriously at all, thinking about when to invite a guest in Zuixian Building, and then say a few more words, and this matter will be over
Who doesn’t play in the outdoor room these days? Can Gu Boqi, a coward and a lecher, still be immune? Dream on!
But on the other side, Gu Boqi is really furious. He has a lot of concubines and maids, and he is no less than a girl who has played outside, but he has never heard of dare to wear a green hat for himself!
Waste yourself to treat Qiu Shi ‘an as a brother, and return him so well. He even wanted to go to Xu Zhiyuan to help him buy dragon jade to please Liu Qi when he put in a good word in front of his father-in-law. But Qiu Shi ‘an actually rewarded himself in this way-the child in Linglong’s stomach was not himself but Qiu Shi ‘an. It was a big joke and a man couldn’t stand such injustice!
Seeing that he looked terrible, the veins stood out in his neck burst out, and he was a little uneasy. "Sir?"
Gu Boqi was livid and stretched his legs. He kicked him open, and his cold face entered the door. He went straight to the back and lived in exquisite service.
Linglong’s nap just started at this time, and he was sleepy. The girl waited on the dressing and saw that the girl combed her hair. She picked up the eyebrow pencil and thrush herself. Who knows that Gu Boqi suddenly opened the door from the outside and slipped up her long hair. She turned her whole body around and kicked down the stool. She pressed Linglong on the dresser and asked, "Bitch still dares to lie to me! Didn’t you say yesterday that your Qiu Shi ‘an was a former master and servant? So you went to N M: Li on the day I went to Chen Wangshifu? !”
Linglong went to Qiu Shi ‘an’s private meeting that day.
Exquisite by his press on the dresser root can’t move, he is so fierce, but he can’t help but panic and cry, holding his hands and trying to escape his mouth, and don’t forget to defend himself. "Master is listening to who is gossiping at random. This is really going to kill me! On that day, I went outside to clamp the treasure pavilion to set the earrings! Didn’t you say that? Why do you suddenly doubt me today? "
Exquisite tears when it’s my pity, but this time Gu Boqi seems to be really angry. He listened to Exquisite and said that instead of letting go, he was more angry and fell to the ground. "Do you still dare to say that you went to the clamp cabinet! I asked someone to ask you that day when you left the door, you took the Qiu family carriage and didn’t even enter the door of the clamp cabinet. Do you think your master is an idiot? "
Linglong was shocked by what he said. Help me kneel on the ground with a snot and a tear. "Master Jian I went because that day happened to be that my wife wanted me to say it again."
"Pull your niang SAO!" Gu Boqi was furious and kicked Linglong to the ground again, and his eyes almost burst into fire. At some point, even his eyes were red. "Do you still dare to justify! Thief and whore, I told you to die a natural death today! "
As soon as he finished his words, he ran around the room and took a whip from the next wall, pointing to Linglong and telling her to take off her clothes.
Linglong knew that Gu Boqi’s temper looked so bullying and good-tempered. In fact, when he was really angry, he was more terrible than anyone else. He suddenly trembled with fear and cried with his neck down. It looked so pitiful that he couldn’t bear to start work again when he saw it.
However, Gu Boqi was really angry this time. Even Linglong’s delicate and touching appearance can’t arouse his passion. In fact, he is usually very good at Linglong. He can be said to be obedient, but it is precisely because of this that he became more comfortable and more tempered after knowing that Linglong had brought him a green hat.
There are still some girls in the house, Qiu Yuling, who came here after hearing the news. He just opened his mouth and stayed there stupidly, almost forgetting the reaction.
Gu Boqi’s whip pointed at Linglong and saw Linglong for half a day, and he also knew that he would not say anything when he cried. His temper was very impatient and shouted, "Bitch! Do you dare not take off your clothes when I tell you? "
Looking around, I don’t know that there are many men who are exquisite, although they are singers, but they have never been brought to the kind of occasions where they can be concubines by Qiu Shi’ an. After following Gu Boqi, Gu Boqi also hid her, fearing that she would be taken advantage of by some evil friends, but now she is desperate to undress in front of so many people and cry exquisitely. She almost fainted and refused to start work anyway.
Gu Boqi sneer at a command to send "you go! Give me all her clothes and strip this bitch! "
There’s nothing I dare not do. Besides, Linglong is not particularly difficult to serve at ordinary times, but it’s also common for people to look down on them in words. He also listens to Gu Man’s words, and people still don’t like Gu Boqi, let alone this loving wife. So after hearing this, he went to turn Linglong over and stripped her naked.
Linglong is indeed a very beautiful girl, despite that kind of aggressive beauty. She is a kind of beauty that men will like, delicate and touching. Now that her clothes have been taken off, her snow-white body is completely missing and presented to everyone. Seeing that she is plump and concave and convex, men can’t help but burst into blood.
Gu Boqi looks at it, but he doesn’t like it anymore. When he is good at women, he can’t wait to show his heart and listen to women. But once he doesn’t like this woman, she is not as good as a dog in his eyes.
Now Linglong is no different from a dog in his eyes
Linglong was still crying so miserably that Gu Boqi would feel distressed-you know, before you drop a tear, Gu Boqi could feel distressed for half a day, but in n m: I know that Gu Boqi not only didn’t feel distressed, but also didn’t even have a half-point expression. He sat at his head and looked at his eyes coldly, just like the dog who was crazy in front of the door before, and he couldn’t help but shudder and began to feel uneasy.
But after all, she still holds a glimmer of hope in her heart, always hoping that Qiu Shi ‘an will come and help her say a few words. Even if he doesn’t look at his daughter’s sake, he should look at the child in his stomach to save himself, right?
But she couldn’t wait for that time. Suddenly, the whip in Gu Boqi’s hand was drawn on her back, and she was drawn. Suddenly, she stumbled and fell to the ground. Snow-white flesh suddenly burst into a wound, and people couldn’t help but turn to the beginning.
Hair has already got Gu Man’s hint that nature won’t go to persuade at this moment, so I still stay and watch and don’t move to stop the exquisite maid before I want to.
This whip is really heavy and exquisite, and it almost kills me with shame. She didn’t calculate that Gu Boqi was actually willing to smoke it. It seems that the previous lingering is a fake man, so it is not credible!
But at this time, it doesn’t matter whether a man can be trusted or not. The important thing is to look at Gu Boqi’s posture and wish to kill herself. She has never been so clear for a moment that her life root is worthless.
These noble men just treat them as playthings, and care for them when they like them. Once they don’t like them, it’s normal and exquisite to want to fight, sell and kill. They have also seen the sisters in the house being thrown out of the house directly after being killed by a mat, and even a memorial tablet can’t be left. Now her heart has finally begun to panic and finally found that Gu Boqi is not a man with her own brain.
Gu Boqi doesn’t care what she is thinking now. She stretched out her hand and knocked her to the ground again.
220 take the road.