In fact, the smell of alpha soothing pheromones is really different from before.
The pre-alpha soothing pheromone smells colder, and it is covered with the smell of snowy cedar forest.
Now this one is much gentler. Although it is also a tree, it is different from cedar and has its own sweet flowers and fruits.
But the smell of pheromones changes, and this will happen in one case.
And when I think of that, my heart hurts when my eyes suddenly sink.
Ega leaned out and looked at Wedge, and she became a little poor again.
"Brother Afeng, are you seriously injured in front of your glands?"
It is not surprising that ega has such a question. Zheng Feng quickly replied, "Well, I was really seriously injured six years ago and kept it for a long time."
Automatically ignores the details at the base. The leader of the investigation team is born with a strong anti-reconnaissance consciousness.
Even now, this role makes him subconsciously relaxed, but knowing that ega is a secondary target and a terrorist organization viper boss, he can’t help but reverse the language.
"Is it not as good as before?"
Zheng Feng gently stroked the man in his arms, and he thought that maybe they really grew up together before, otherwise, how could it be that they just met and hugged each other for a long time and they wouldn’t feel embarrassed.
Instead, it’s handy as if it should be
Even just now, I almost chatted with each other.
However, although alpha feels that touching people’s hearts is very convenient to do, it is really a little unaccustomed to being a bully ega in Southeast Asia in recent years when alpha suddenly touches his head.
However, this habit soon disappeared, because the thought of alpha tan fog made me feel like I had changed back to the old days
It’s not the viper leader who has been burning the city for years and is cold and angry.
But six years ago, I was as young as 19, and those ghosts were hidden in my heart, and I was even more naughty when I was with alpha.
The sound is also sweet, like eating watermelon in summer, for example, at this time-
"Six years ago, it smelled of cedar."
I remembered that when I stayed with alpha six years ago, Tan Wuyin couldn’t help but dye the sweetness. As he spoke, he gently grabbed the skirt in front of alpha and looked up at Zheng Feng. "Now this has a faint sweetness."
It is said that there is a sweet smell in his pheromone to position himself as a big man. Zheng Feng is actually a little unacceptable, but I feel a little uncomfortable at the thought of Tan Wu if he doesn’t like it either.
"Does it smell bad?" Zheng Feng will naturally be wrong. This means that his soothing pheromone doesn’t smell as good as the previous one, and he suddenly feels a little wronged. "A little bit?"
"It doesn’t smell bad." Tan Wu was surprised to hear the alpha sound, and the other party actually began to worry that he wouldn’t like it. Suddenly he was a little happy. "No, I liked it very much. I used to like it very much, but I like it now …"
"But what?"
Tall, evil and handsome alpha looked down at the man in her arms and listened to a sudden "turning point" and her heart followed.
While marveling at the rapid development of ourselves and each other, the brain has added some strength to make ega stick to her arms more tightly.
I’m afraid the man holding him now has no idea how much he likes him.
Why else would you ask him such a childish question?
And think it seems that Lu Si must die.
I cann’t believe I hurt my alpha gland. I cann’t believe I hurt his alpha gland
But although the heart is incredibly dark, Tan Wu is incredibly good when alpha is handsome with a sultry face. "No, but Brother Afeng said something wrong."
Zheng Feng felt that ega just didn’t want to tell him, "Do you want to talk or not? But what? "
"Say" Tan Wu was very angry with alpha for being bullied by him. "In fact, I just wanted to ask, but how much do Brother Afeng remember now six years ago? Or how much do you remember? "
Tan Wu quietly waited for Zheng Feng to answer.
Zheng Feng shook his head. "I don’t know, but definitely not much."
He didn’t say it. In fact, he just confirmed something six years ago. He was afraid to say it and make ega sad.
Perhaps it was just that Tan Wu was full of tears and his eyes were too pitiful to make him feel uncomfortable.
Consciously swallow back words that might cause ega unhappiness.
"all right"
Strangely, ega actually let him go, and the guy leaned in his arms with a drip and didn’t touch the quilt.
Zheng Fengxin loosened his heart and gently stroked Tan Wufa’s heart. "If you are sleepy, just sleep. I’ve finished the intravenous drip …"
"Will Brother Afeng leave after the fight?"
Unexpectedly, for a second, Tan Wu answered the words in this way, and it was just that tears were immediately stored in his eyes.