At this time, it also showed its true colors.
He looks like a skinny freak, and his head is huge and his appearance is extremely ugly.
"Does it really have it?"
"Stewed soup is disgusting."
Xiaoxiao speaks out at the pit.
"Chaos fiend has come to the celestial world. This is the only one who can talk at present."
"And the strength is ok. At least it’s a small high-level."
"Try asking them about it."
Ye said with the wind
Pit fiend, listen, two humans are judging it as if it happened.
Want to cry!
Chapter 333 O origin
Ye walked out of the void with the wind and Xiaoxiao’s figure.
A skinny monster was thrown to the ground.
"What is this?"
Valley orchid came up and looked at the monster in surprise.
"Chaos fiend"
Ye said with the wind, "It invaded the virtual world and entered Xiaoxiao’s dream world, and we caught it."
Gu Youlan looked at the fiend.
"It’s a pity that the body is full of evil things and there is no way to be an ingredient."
Lying on the ground, the chaotic fiend can be loved
What kind of strange things did it meet?
Isn’t it said that the celestial world is weak and rooted now, so we can compete with ourselves?
But when I meet these, I am either strong enough to compete with France or slap myself to fly to the Lord.
Who made the fake news?
A fiend’s mind turns
"The world has changed so much."
Xiaoxiao feels the surrounding environment
"How many years have I slept?"
Ye sat at the bluestone table with the wind.
"Ten years"
"A lot has happened in this decade."
Xiaoxiao also sat down.
"Where’s my sister?"
"What about Ye Huang’s elder sister, Lao Long, Xiao Hei and Xiao Bai?"
Ye Feng drinks tea by himself and Gu Youlan explains, "Ye Huang and Ye Long are still practicing in the shakotan coast and everyone else is going outside to slay the fiend."
"Qin ballad just left, too."
Xiao Xiao suddenly
It seems that this sleep is really too long.