In the long night, Akasha, Zhi Li, quietly waited on the street in a cloak for two people to talk again. A slight step gradually came from the corner in the distance. It was a man dressed in a gray robe like Zhi Li, but the decoration of his robe was much more complicated than that of Li Zhishen. "Is that Mr. West? I’m Cohen Keshan. Let me come and arrange a meeting between Mr. Kane and the sage. "
Cohen is a middle-aged man, and his voice seems to be hurt or hoarse for other reasons. "I am Mr. WestCohen. What’s wrong with his voice?" Li Zhichao greeted Akasha and asked a sentence casually. Cohen put his hand on his throat and coughed gently. "The weather has changed too fast in the past two days. The day before yesterday, it was still sunny. Today, it was a little cold and some coughs in the rain."
"Oh, so that’s it?" Zhi Li’s eyes turned around Cohen’s face and glanced at it lightly. Cohen’s expression seemed unnatural. When he spoke, his face didn’t show any expression, which gave people the feeling that he was like a dead man. He had a pair of eyes, but he was full of vitality, giving people a contradictory feeling. It was impolite for wizards to test each other’s strength. It was inconvenient to test them, but unless the wizard deliberately hid himself, there would always be a mysterious atmosphere.
It’s strange that wizards still catch a cold. Do wizards catch a cold? Will wizards with extraordinary powers catch a cold? This is the biggest joke Zhi Li has ever heard, man. Tell a lie professionally, okay? This man is not Cohen. Zhi Li soon realized this. "Mr. Cohen, do wizards catch colds?" Zhi Li realized that Akasha was not a fool, but also realized that she would naturally ask questions in her heart.
"Akasha, in general, wizards don’t catch cold and get sick, but in this world, some witchcraft research circles will cause irreparable damage to the body, for example, they don’t know enough about the human body, and witchcraft will make subtle changes to the body and break the balance of the body. I’m afraid that’s the case, Mr. Cohen. There will be some problems in the body. Alas, we wizards pursue the truth of the world, and sometimes it is common to test our own inferences and experiment with our own bodies."
Seeing what seems to be a dangerous light shining in Cohen’s eyes, Zhi Li took the initiative to answer Akasha’s question, then proudly said to Akasha and blinked at Akasha at the same time. "I also did this experiment when I first learned witchcraft. Oh, there is something wrong with my legs and feet. It hurts when it gets cold. Fortunately, Christy is helping me cure this problem, otherwise it will be painful."
Akasha saw Li Zhichao blink at her. She Zhi Li played all afternoon today, and she had some tacit understanding. She quickly came to think of Li Zhiwu’s advice, so that she couldn’t talk casually at night. But at this time, she had to find a way to make up for the role she wanted to play. "Mr. West is amazing." She was full of little stars and almost wrote worship on her face. Everything was just like she learned that Zhi Li was Winster.
Zhi Li laughed. "Of course, we wizards are like this, but we can’t compare with Mr. Cohen. The voice of studying witchcraft has been damaged. Akasha, you are an ordinary person. You don’t understand that there is an organ in the human throat that makes us speak by vibrating and making sounds in our breath. If it is damaged, others will hear it, just like Mr. Cohen. However, this is also a minor problem. There is something worse about Mr. Cohen’s physical injury."
"Where?" Hearing Zhi Li’s understanding of the human body, Cohen’s eyes flashed and the dangerous light disappeared. Instead, he listened carefully to Zhi Li’s speech. "There is another extremely important organ in the human body, that is, the nervous system Akasha. You can control your body through will thinking because of the nervous system."
"In addition, this system is also a part of our senses. You will feel pain when you are beaten. You will feel delicious when you eat food. When you hear the sound in your ears, it will be passed to your head. The human nervous system is extremely important. Without it, you will control your body. Without it, you will lose a lot of feelings. Look at Mr. Cohen, some nervous systems will be damaged, and many expressions will be made."
"It is also very positive to study the nervous system. If a person has enough perception and grasp of his nervous system, he can easily perceive every part of his body and control his body slightly. In addition, it is also possible to control the nervous system to shield his body from pain when he is in pain." Later, Li Zhichao blinked at Akasha.
Akasha’s body assassins discover their own will and body in strength, and they are also very familiar with the body. It is so natural to know that what Zhi Li said is true, and they also know about the body. However, like Zhi Li, they can come up with such a unified theoretical term for their body, but they can’t listen to Zhi Li at the moment. Although Mr. Bai Winster is acting, his research and understanding of the human body are very true, even his physical experiments are true. In his heart, he is not admired more by this Winster, especially Winster, who even said the principles of her other sensory methods to block pain.
"Mr. Winster, you are amazing." Akasha worshiped and shouted, but I didn’t notice that West became Winster in the speech at the moment. However, the names West and Winster are a tone change. If you don’t listen carefully and deliberately distinguish them, people will still pay attention to her. As soon as she spoke, she immediately knew that she had said the wrong thing and said to Mr. Cohen, "Mr. Cohen, you are also amazing, but it’s a pity that her voice belt and facial nerve system were injured."
"No, Mr. Cohen is worried that these problems are not a big problem. In human body research, it is relatively simple knowledge. Mr. Cohen needs to study more deeply, and it can be solved. Mr. Cohen needs to work hard." Zhi Li smiled and said to the wizard Cohen, and his tone of voice seemed to be like that an elder was bringing his younger generation "Cohen". When listening to Zhi Li’s talk about the human body belt and nervous system, he was also fascinated and consciously transported his strong will and perception to feel that the body part suddenly perceived that what Zhi Li said was true, and his eyes shone brightly.
"Thank you, Mr. West, for pointing out Cohen’s gratitude." Cohen said to Zhi Li in a hoarse voice, "It’s getting late. Let’s go to see Kane’s sage now." When talking about Kane’s sage, Cohen’s eyes naturally showed a little respect, and his voice was a little different. This was easily captured by his attention in Zhi Li. "Well, please lead the way, sir."
"Mr. West, please come with me." Cohen raised his hand and made a gesture of invitation, then turned and walked to the place where he came from. Zhi Li’s face slowly followed Akasha with a faint smile. It’s really interesting to follow the world. This Cohen is not the original Cohen
In particular, observing Cohen’s respect for Kane, Zhi Li will not expose him, but will continue to follow behind and watch the development. There are quite a few Horatim wizards who are willing to follow Keshan to maintain the meeting, but they are unwilling to follow Kane’s sages and demons to the end. What does Horatim wizard want to do in this place where the wizard impersonates Cohen to imprison Kane? Forget the answer.
Walking to the corner, Zhi Li saw the towering spire not far away. It was the towering and majestic Sakaram Cathedral in the past. In this era when the building was generally low, ordinary people felt shocked at first sight. With the architectural style, people naturally felt a sense of majesty, solemnity and solemnity, just like the inside of this city wall. In Sakaram Cathedral, there were also endless ghosts, and the sacred places in the past became places where the necromancers gathered. This was a blasphemy from hell to heaven, which was really a great irony for Sakaram.
Tristram is a prosperous city due to commerce. The Horadim Monastery is both a monastery and a military camp, and a fortress has been built to guard the passage from the Taimo Highland to the Aranock Desert. To the north, the Crist family has run the Rock Collar for generations and the Candelas Plain is located in the hinterland. The whole city and other cities are surrounded by walls. There is no wall at all outside this city, but there is a city that is the gathering place of aristocratic lords around the city. At this time, Zhi Li is outside Tristram.
Turning the side alley, Cohen took Zhi Li to the side wall of the city. There was also a gate on the side wall, but it was not the front door, but a small door, which was made of steel and had considerable defense ability. The side was still poured with a layer of anti-witchcraft resin to resist witchcraft. When Cohen walked to the small door, the door was already open. Besides him, there were several people wearing robes like Zhi Li waiting.
Cohen took Zhi Li and Akasha to the small door and went in directly. Several others followed quickly and put the small door into the small door. It is not a city directly, but a similar urn structure. In the distance, there is a door that is much thicker than the small door outside. Compared with other parts of the city, it is full of death. Finally, there is some vitality here, which is a human gathering area.
At this time, the door is also open, but there are two wizards and several powerful necromancers waiting for you. The necromancer smell in the hidden soldier cave next to it is even stronger. "Cohen, is Mr. West and his entourage behind you?" Waiting for the wizard to ask Cohen, Cohen nodded and didn’t speak. Cohen rarely even said words before.
"General Meidushula has come to our Lord Keshan, and the guest is to persuade Kane’s sage to surrender and ask the general to let him go." The first wizard respectfully said to a tall skeleton next to him whose body was wrapped in armor, "Go in." The general skeleton’s eyes sparkled with sparks of will and vibrated with gas, making a mechanical sound.
Cohen didn’t speak and went in with several other followers of Zhi Li. Far away, the wizard wondered, "Why is Cohen so strange today?" Cohen stepped forward slightly, and so did the other three followers. At this time, he heard another wizard impatiently say, "Is Cohen a little strange?" Do you think Cohen is weird every day? He has to say it several times a day. "
This is just a small episode of the road. The next journey under Cohen’s leadership will hinder the life in the city, but the breath of the necromancer is also thick. There are not many low-level necromancers, but high-level necromancers. As we get closer to Kane’s detention place, Zhi Li finds that we are closer to the will like the sun.
It’s naive for these wizards to try to save Kane, even if they can get in. How can it be so easy to save people under their noses in the field of analogy? I don’t know what these people think, but it’s different when I’m there. Zhi Li, just come here and save Kane. Just give me a hand when you need it
A city is the last line of defense of the city, and the city defense facilities are also extremely perfect, especially if there is no outer city like Tristram. The city is actually a small city, and the whole core area of the city is imprisoned in it. In fact, the place where Kane is imprisoned is the original city dungeon. I don’t know how many people have died here for many years. As soon as I get to this area, Zhi Li naturally feels a chill.
This coldness is caused by the fact that this place is more of a dungeon, which makes the years longer. Prisoners’ grievances linger because of the terrain. In this environment, if ordinary people live here, they often don’t live long. Although these grievances are similar to the will of faith, ordinary beliefs have subtle benefits to the body. If they accumulate to a certain extent, they will be close to cursing. People living in an unformed curse will naturally be affected physically and mentally for a long time, and it will be difficult for them to be healthy physically and mentally.
However, this resentment is harmful to ordinary people, but it is different to the necromancer. In the necromancer, the birth of the necromancer is based on resentment, fear, destruction, hatred and so on. Death is like this. They are like a duck to water and can absorb the transporters, and they can also get great benefits. However, if the resentment is extreme, it is not like the Three Devils. Even the necromancer monarch is afraid to touch the resentment, and the composition is complicated, and the core of his will is crazy to do it.
But although it can’t be absorbed, it doesn’t prevent the necromancer from living in it. It is absorbed by the body itself. This is the reason why the number of necromancers around this dungeon is exceptionally large and the quality is higher. Especially, the necromancer monarch keeps a good room and doesn’t live in a place not far from the dungeon. First, he guards Kane. In addition, naturally, due to surrounding environmental factors, the city lords’ mansion is extremely comfortable for mortals, but what is more comfortable than the necromancer’s grievance field in this dungeon?
Walking on the ground of the dungeon, Zhi Li can feel the unusual area of this ground force field. This world field is also divided into several types. It is established by the acquired routine. One type is gravitational field, that is, universal gravitation. This is the material in the body field. The material will naturally have a field that is strong or weak, followed by the energy sink to form an energy field, which is also a material field. It is possible that the material energy sink is one body and subdivided into limited fields. In addition to the material field, the other field is the will core formation field, which is the so-called mind field.
The spiritual field can be subdivided according to different levels, and the world is diversified. It is not easy to form a force field in the corresponding field alone. It is also built by multiple forces. It is the earth with some natural will, and the normal natural pulse of heaven and earth forms a pulse field suitable for negative will. This pulse field suitable for negative will will naturally attract negative grievances, but here is the dungeon. The pulse field of grievances has formed a current situation.
Nature has truth, and the day after tomorrow has a very nature and the day after tomorrow. The two sides are inseparable from each other. After the extraordinary, there is truth, and there is truth in the virtual. This is the basic theory of the practitioner’s extraordinary power. I feel that the pulse here is different. Zhi Li directly associates it with the main world. Feng Shui, Long Mai’s so-called Long Mai refers to this pulse.
Many so-called blessed places or Jedi veins form at the confluence of the earth’s veins, which converge on the human body. People are natural lords, and the extraordinary ability to suppress the world’s veins will also make a person’s will exceptionally strong, naturally change a person’s body and mind, and at the same time make a person’s speech and manners particularly influential. Such people are born with dragon spirit.
In the main world, there are quite a few such theories. The will of the earth is the will of the earth, and the forest king was born in an area where there is no forest king. If there is a way to gather the force of the earth, the necromancer will have its own advantages, just as the wizard will practice faster in the corresponding vein pool, and if the whole mountain vein is transported together, it will be a huge force.
Chapter one hundred and three Weird Cohen wizard
Chapter one hundred and three Weird Cohen wizard
The second volume The cone to Chapter one hundred and four Kane sage at first sight
Chapter one hundred and four Kane sage at first sight
The longer Zhi Li stays in this world, the more he realizes that the main world brings him comparative advantages. Whether it is highly developed material science or the main world develops witchcraft classics and the vast practice classics submerged in ancient history, compared with this world wizard, he is on the shoulders of giants.
In fact, many witchcraft techniques often need a guide to start a new road. Witchcraft is transformed from mental creation to actual operation much faster than material science research, and theory often brings power naturally, especially for wizards at the level of Zhi Li. For a wizard, knowledge is power.
There are too many things to be done and too many things to be studied and explored by him. Zhi Li sighed that even if there is a flood of heaven and earth, he still feels that time is too fast. There is a feeling that time waits for no one. At this time, he has achieved extraordinary transformation. As far as life is concerned, the world has changed almost, but the general trend of heaven and earth still has to work hard to fight for the day, but it can be destroyed by the stronger. Is this what he expected?
At the entrance of the dungeon, Cohen himself took out a badge and showed it to the general guarding the dungeon. This dungeon area is no longer suitable for ordinary people’s lives, especially when this group of higher necromancers gather here, which makes the dead even heavier, which means that it is solidified here, which is close to the first-order curse place. The guards here are full of necromancers, and even the living can’t see a cooperative worker. Wizards like Cohen just temporarily cooperate with their workers.
The necromancer general took the badge, carefully examined the badge’s breath, and then nodded and let it go, so a group of people began to walk into the dark and humid dungeon. At this time, Kane was the only prisoner in the dungeon. For the necromancer corps, the way they handled prisoners was very simple, that is, killing and transforming them into necromancers. At first, the necromancer corps pursued a high-pressure policy to kill and transform all rebels, and the original prisoners in this prison were directly disposed of.
When I walked into the dungeon, I was getting farther away from the entrance of the dungeon. The footsteps of Cohen’s wizard suddenly stopped. "Mr. West must have found out that I am not Cohen." Cohen turned around and took out an object like a multiplier to start up. At that time, Zhi Li found that there was a shape force field around Fiona Fang 100 meters. In this force field, the will perception would be slightly distorted and passed through the force field, which made the natural perception that the force field enveloped the area seemed not to be inattentive to perceive the roots.
"Yes," Zhi Li replied lightly. "How many fools can be a wizard? Cohen nodded. "It’s really admirable for Mr. Wang to explore the truth of witchcraft at his own expense. Naturally, Mr. Keshan is not all the way. To be on the safe side, Mr. Wang should also cooperate with us. Later, he will take Mr. Wang to leave you guys. Go and put the escort here and leave it to me."
Several Cohen followers immediately took action and flew to the depths of the dungeon. "Mr. West, come with me or take action without authorization. I can keep you safe." Cohen walked in front of Zhi Li with a proposal. He seemed to be extremely confident in his own strength and had no defense against Zhi Li. Generally, a momentum rose to deter Zhi Li. He had corresponding strength. The wizard of the fifth order really had confidence in money in an unspeakable era.
The layout of the array turned out to be like this. No wonder it’s so easy to be sure to get into the encirclement and set up the array well. Is it really that easy to worry about not saving Kane with strength? This is an opportunity, but Keshan arranged for him to meet Kane in order to know the mystery of Heradek’s cube. Can there be any arrangement in this dungeon? If they have any changes, Keshan will find out and the Necromancer is nearby. If they don’t play well, they will be wiped out.
"Mr. Cohen, Keshan arranged for me to come and see Mr. Kane in order to listen to my conversation with Kane’s sage. There must be corresponding arrangements in the dungeon. You must be careful. If Keshan finds that there is a necromancer around here and there is a necromancer monarch around, it will be dangerous." Zhi Li woke up in good faith
"At this point, Mr. West needs to worry. This afternoon, Keshan’s arrangement is all in my eyes. It is not necessarily true that all wizards follow Keshan. The Kane family has always been the leader of Geradim. Is this something that he can only compare with the Keshan family?" Mr. Cohen said that he was more confident in his speech than he was confident. Seeing that Cohen was so confident, Zhi Li did not say much. He was confident that this Cohen wizard could make a wizard’s cold mistake. Zhi Li really had some doubts.
Although it is doubtful that Zhi Li can let him go, he already knows where Kane is and has entered here again. Even without them, Zhi Li is sure to take Kane away. Even if something goes wrong at this time, his hand is Tristram, which is a relatively prosperous city in this era. The city’s dungeon is also relatively large, but after all, it is a dungeon as a whole, and there are several basketball courts. With Cohen, Zhi Li soon went deep into the dungeon.
In the dungeon, the torch leans against the wall because of ventilation, and there is a problem with the pulse here, especially in the dungeon. This wind blows very cold and the fire is blown by the wind, which also makes the lattice in the dungeon. If a timid person is in such an environment, I am afraid that he can imagine himself as a ghost and scare himself to death. However, there is no ordinary person here who is a wizard. In their eyes, the necromancer is also handy to kill. This little scene is nothing. Soon, Zhi Li is led by Cohen to the deepest part of the dungeon.
"What’s the matter? Why did you stop?" Cohen went to the two wizards and saw them at the door of the prison. At this time, the most embarrassing thing happened. Old Kane was locked in the prison, but they couldn’t open it. "Elder Ryan, we can’t open the prison. There is no lock at the root of the prison."
"How long are your brains? Can’t witchcraft blow up the prison?" Elder Ryan reprimanded the two wizards for being so incompetent. It’s ridiculous to stop two fourth-order wizards in a dungeon. "It’s boring, Ryan. If you can’t open this prison, you will disturb the necromancer monarch not far away. You should leave as soon as possible. Don’t let my core strength of Horatim be lost in the rescue." Kane looked up in a gray robe in the dungeon.
Although Zhi Li has no worship for celebrities in the dark world, when Kane looked up, Zhi Li looked at Kane’s face carefully, which was really disappointing. His dark skin looked like an African black man with bald head and white hair on both sides. His typical thin body made him look particularly obscene, but in his obscene appearance, his eyes were clear but not as clear as a child. This is the player’s follower and appraiser, Lord Dika Kane.