A rain, a disaster and a disaster accident brought Baoqi not only a cold, but also nearly killed her half.
Section 54
It’s hard to adjust your mood if you don’t say it.
Although Zhou Yi took good care of her illness, she didn’t get better as fast as she thought. Seriously speaking, she always felt that her physical fitness was very good, and her body was not weak. It is irrefutable evidence that she hasn’t been sick for many years.
However, the disease is still burning as if it can’t be cured. Although it has receded, I feel dizzy, chest tightness and stuffy nose from time to time. A few sneezes a day are even more indispensable. The whole person is as weak as being pumped away.
In the usual way, all her troubles will be told to Nian Xiaojing that she is almost the ultimate trash can and comfort mentor. I didn’t feel how important it is to suddenly lose her and find a friend to talk to at any time.
It’s okay to stutter, but although she is older than her, most of the time she is like a little sister who is kind but confused, gentle and simple, and less permeable than Xiaojing. Some things will not be in vain, but will make her feel bad.
So she stopped talking.
One day …
Two days …
It’s been three days again!
In three days, she went to the Union Medical College Hospital three times in total and wanted to visit Fang Weijiu, but all of them were rejected by Fang’s old man. She didn’t see a Fang Weijiu who had a father. The person who received her was Fang’s housekeeper.
The housekeeper’s attitude is quite good, but she didn’t blame her at all, but no matter what she said, he wouldn’t let her visit him, more than telling her Fang Weijiu’s treatment at all.
Baoqi is a little disappointed.
However, to think that he is still alive is a lot brighter in his heart.
In addition to going to the hospital as usual to see the recovery of Nianxiaojing, she still went to Concord Naifang’s house from time to time and was shut out. It was cooked too well and half a silk was impenetrable.
A week later …
When she went there again, Fang’s family had no hospital, but she was told that nine people had been transferred to another hospital. I heard that they had gone abroad for treatment of his illness. The hospital either said that they didn’t know or said that they would keep it a secret, and no one could tell how badly he was hurt.
Somehow she was a little flustered.
After thinking about it again and again, she asked Leng Xiao to help her check the results, but there was nothing else to tell her except to tell him that he had left a bad face abroad.
She is a little confused!
Going abroad for treatment … Is it all right? !
After all, foreign medical technology has developed rapidly, and in some fields, it is really beyond the reach of the country
In these days, she is carefully fed by Comrade Lengxiao every day. Although she is not in a happy mood, she is still a pregnant woman. Slowly, her body seems to have suddenly gained weight. Although she has not yet raised her belly, she has gained a lot of waist, and even she can feel it.
Lengxiao said to raise her like a pig mother.
And being a happy pig is cold owl giving her politics.
Every Sunday, she eats and sleeps in the military general hospital, then eats and sleeps again, then goes to the hospital for rehabilitation training with Xiaoyu, and then goes to see Nianxiaojing. In addition, it is rare to see strangers. Except for stuttering from time to time in the military general, even Baoyu is rare, and the master of the cold family estimates that he is still looking forward to the birth of’ Sun’ over there and naturally has no time to’ take photos’ of her.
Therefore, her pregnancy is within the range of very few people.
She is pregnant and ill, and her holiday has been extended again.
During this period, Nianxiaojing has been out of danger and her life is not in danger, but according to the doctor, it doesn’t mean that she is free.
Experts, not all of these creatures will be hit by bricks, and Hu said that this time they were absolutely out of danger. Although the vital signs of the small well were stable, they really never woke up and became what they said was a persistent vegetative state. People usually refer to vegetarians.
A vegetable …
In the living year, Xiaojing became a vegetative person who could not speak or move. Bao Qi finally found it hard to accept it, but every time she went to the hospital, she quietly lay in bed and had to admit this fact.
Xiaojing is still there, but she seems to have moved away
In the long days, Fan Tie waited on Xiaojing all day, except for his work, and spent most of the rest of the time in the military general hospital, whether washing or wiping, whether feeding water or rice, no matter how tired or dirty, he had to do everything himself.
Sometimes Nian Ma just can’t watch it.
She sighed several times to persuade Fan Tie not to need Xiaojing to do this. He is still young. He should have his own wonderful life. Kyoto is an international city. How many girls are beautiful? Those are the goals he should pursue. It is too bad for him to guard a living dead person who can’t talk all day.
However, for her or everyone outside, Fan Tie ignored the abnormal remarks and took care of Xiao Jingle all day.
Every time he deals with Nianma, he smiles and says, "He finally got a chance to taste the taste of being a dear husband of Xiaojing. Did she really have the heart to deprive him?"? Not only did Nian Ma become speechless, but even those intensive care girls in the ward often secretly ran to the side to wipe their tears, hoping that they could find a man who would never give up regardless of life and death.
You know, it’s not easy to count this kind of thing day by day, day by day, month by month.
At this time, time is not in a hurry.
May of this year passed like this …
Looking at the calendar, June has passed …
Counting the heartbeat is the end of July.
Nian Xiaojing never woke up.
People, a creature, are sometimes very strange. Sometimes they feel that something may never get past, and it will pass unconsciously as it keeps turning with time. Although it is still heavy and not easy, people still have the ability to carry it through every minute. People’s endurance is absolutely exhausted, and they are waiting for it to live 24 hours a day.
A lot has happened in two and a half months.
Being taken care of and treated in the hospital, you Nianxi’s life is so hard that people have to gnash their teeth-it’s been a disaster for thousands of years. Xiaojing became a vegetative state, but her body was completely recovered.
However, after she was discharged from the hospital, she never had a chance to escape or endanger others. She was sent directly to the secret base of Scorpio Island by Lengxiao. It is said that there is a special interrogation prison where some special groups are detained. If she is interrogated, she can foresee it.
And Fang Weijiu this portrait is suddenly disappeared.
Not only the country, but also Baoqituo Lengxiao’s spying abroad has no result feedback.
For this matter, she is not much better to take care of Lengxiao’s emotions. If she asks too many questions, he will either stare at her without saying a word or hug her hard and stop saying a word.
So she can wait
Waiting for a man to create another "chance encounter" for her on a warm spring morning in a place where the grass grows long and the warbler flies, and suddenly he comes out of the sky again, whistling and shouting.
"Hey, girl, what a coincidence that we touched again!"
And all she wanted was that he was alive.
Yi zhuan Yan Bao qi has been pregnant for three months
Probably because of the recent great mood swings, Zhou Yi felt her pulse and said that her body had never recovered well after the rainstorm and cold. She always told her to strengthen nutrition and adjust her mentality, and she always smiled and nodded easily and said yes.
Then it is strictly enforced.
Do rehabilitation training with a light rain, and go to the hospital from time to time to see Xiaojing, and study her when she is at home. She has never really eaten it. No one will think that her life is not easy through the Letter of Golden Seal and Jade.
Except for the cold owl, of course.
Yes, he knows how heavy the shackles are in her heart.
Once some problems are there, they are there. If you don’t talk about them, it may not be nothing.