The ball in Aaron’s hand began to sparkle, and Aaron’s hand also felt that the ball was burning and threw it to the ground horse. The dark ball exploded!
Turning to see that Bisias has already run into the jungle, it seems that he knows that the tide is over and decides to run away! However, Aaron knows very well that the forest Poké mon won’t forgive him without Poké mon and the dark ball, although he doesn’t know whether it is still in possession, but even if he collects a few wild Poké mon casually, he will never win. Aaron thinks that he can’t escape, but just in case Aaron decides to chase it, but Rabbi Zhong Xue suddenly falls, and Aaron has to run quickly and then jump forward and finally catch Celebi before landing.
Aaron sat up and rubbed his right shoulder. The impact just now also made him feel a little painful, but the horse will be fine.
Celebi!’ Kohane has been hiding in the side, and now Kohane is also running out. This is very brave. Aaron knows very well that it is because he believes in himself that Kohane didn’t rush out to talk to Celebi. He has always followed Aaron’s words. There is no impulse. Celebi seems to have been fighting in Aaron’s arms just now because of the dark ball. In fact, he has been attacked by Aaron a lot, and he has also carried out so many attacks. The forest has also suffered small-scale damage, but fortunately, Celebi has not shown signs of aging. This can also be said that Celebi is not dying.
"Hurry to the Lake of Life!" Aaron called aside Kohane and Xiaojing nodded and ran with Aaron. Aaron even forgot to take back Aaron’s 3 flaming chickens and hot beasts, and he also forgot to pursue Bixiasi …
But after Bisias ran into the forest, it was really besieged by wild Poké mon. When Bisias saw a pine cone on one side, he threw the only one around him for the dark ball to be released immediately after it was collected, which made a big explosion! The smoke generated by the explosion came from Beethas, who rushed to the side of the machine and took out a backpack-like instrument from the inside. Then he pressed the button and immediately extended two propellers from both sides. Then Beethas slowly rose to the middle, and the bobos couldn’t catch up with Beethas, but the large machine left behind was blown up! Many poké mon around have been hurt! This is what Bishop did before he left! The pieces of metal fragments have been able to identify what this thing is "before life", which is also considered as information that is not intended to be left in yourself.
"Damn it!" Wait until you come to the safe zone before Bixiasi lands. Those are the first words after landing.
"It happened that I met a kid who made the three gods birds know that I should also bring the three gods birds! I will come here again. Celebi is definitely my thing! I won’t tell Sakaki that guy about the three gods bird for the time being, and I want the kid three gods bird! " After all, I have guessed who interfered with me just now, and there is a ghost Poké mon with me. It is definitely not wise to yell and not report the situation of the Three Birds. The Rockets definitely helped Aaron.
"That guy doesn’t help even if the same body rocket players actually get in my way! I can’t move you if Sakaki likes you! " These words are also the thoughts in Bixiasi’s mind, and he took out his mobile phone while thinking about him.
"Hello, is this the underworld!" Than Xia Si directly drink a way is also able to directly see how uncomfortable it is, even too lazy to hide it.
"Oh, it’s Bisias. What can I do for you?" The opposite is still a bit gloomy as usual.
"Don’t play dumb. It was you who got in my way just now!" Bishop directly questioned the underworld!
See you again when you go back to the past!
"Don’t be so angry. What’s wrong with me calling me Poké mon?" You interface to such than summer, unexpectedly still very from also admitted at the first.
"How dare you admit that if you and your Poké mon hadn’t come out to make trouble, I would have been able to get rid of that little Celebi and it would have become my thing! What the hell do you mean by doing this!" Bishop is really angry. It’s strange not to be angry about such a thing.
"What do you mean? It seems that I did it just because I was bored. Forget it. I’ll apologize to you first. I’m sorry." You said, but to be honest, I couldn’t hear any sincerity
"You bastard this is an apology attitude! And this is a sorry can solve things! " Bishop began to scold the underworld.
"oh? So dare I ask what you want? Do it with me? " The deep and remote world says that words are not low-spirited, but more and more cold! The last four words also express their attitude!
"I told you not to be too arrogant!" Bichard said it was right on his side, but it was crushed in turn. But then again, Bichard was doing something improper, and the underworld side was helping justice instead.
"I have already apologized to you, and I didn’t also ask what you want? By the way, how about I give you three birds of God as compensation? Don’t blindly challenge my limit. I don’t care what Poké mon you catch anywhere else, but I don’t want you to take him away from him. Poké Ball, the three birds of God, I will send it to the secret base in Asakusa City. Remember to send a note and ask someone to bring it back when you receive it. "The deep world finished and hung up.
"Cut me crazy!" Said than summer, also can’t help a mobile phone fell to the ground! Then I got a kick!
"It’s sheer nonsense to say that looking at people and finding a reason will not find a better point. I will let you know that my dark ball is powerful sooner or later because I have many powerful poké mon!" Bixiasi continues to talk loudly, whether there is a ghost Poké mon lurking around him or not. Bixiasi doesn’t seem to believe that when he saw Aaron in the underworld, he was a little carried away by anger. It’s also better to stay here than Bixiasi to prepare for the shallow onion market directly, but after his anger slowly dropped, he unconsciously forgot to see Aaron in the underworld.
"Celebi seems to have recovered!" And Aaron’s side is already in the lake of life again. Aaron dipped Celebi into the lake. Ma Celebi got into the lake and the bottom of the lake shone again. Then Celebi came back with energy. He looked at Kohane and laughed happily. Aaron took a step back and retreated to Xiaojing.
"Is that good? Celebi is almost in a coma, but I don’t necessarily know that you saved him, so the credit goes to Kohane. "Xiaojing said Aaron smiled.
"So-called this kind of plot is not suitable for me" Aaron answered Xiaojing and laughed.
"But let’s talk about it. By the way, Aaron, what poké mon did you get before?" I don’t know what Xiao Jing suddenly thought of this problem.
"Well, I actually need it to play, but it’s gone," Aaron replied. Xiaojing seems to be able to mean it.
"So that’s it. It must be an extraordinary Poké mon. I guess it’s a giant or a large Poké mon. I guess that’s right." Xiaojing said that Aaron didn’t answer. He smiled. "Xiaojing can recognize words like this." This is Aaron’s idea, but I don’t know why Aaron doesn’t want to lie to Xiaojing anymore. Is it because he feels guilty?
"Well, now that the person in the way is gone, Kohane, you can finally go back to your original time with Celebi." Aaron said Kohane looked at Celebi and then at Aaron and nodded.
Speaking of getting in the way, Aaron finally remembered that he didn’t know anything about it than Xia Si.
"Thank you, Aaron." Kohane suddenly came to this sentence and Aaron didn’t know how to answer at the moment.
Celebi flew to the middle of the city and then called a Celebi center to emit light. The surrounding trees also changed their colors again and made that incredible sound. It is obvious that it is time for Celebi to cross.
"It seems that Celebi is also ready to take you back." Aaron said that Celebi also nodded at a side.
"Aaron" Kohane looked at Aaron and seemed to have made Aaron a good friend.
"Go with him, Kohane. We are all friends in any era, and it’s not something to be sad about when you go back to yourself. Be happy." Said Aaron, laughing. Kohane also relaxed after hearing Aaron’s words, and then smiled and held Celebi’s hand aside.
"By the way, help me say hello to Miss Miku and her grandmother." Kohane didn’t forget the two men, and then Kohane and Celebi flew to the lake, and then there was a strong light behind the center of Celebi! Kohane and Celebi are all wrapped by this light.
"Goodbye!" "Goodbye!" As these two sounds pass each other, Kohane and Celebi disappear in the middle.
"Kohane’s gone." Xiaojing stayed aside and Aaron didn’t notice that Xiaojing hadn’t spoken since just now, but now he suddenly came to that statement.
"Yes, it really feels like a dream," Aaron replied, but look at the flaming chicken, the flaming beast and Moltres Aaron beside him. It is clear that it is not.
On the way back, people saw smoke not far from the forest, and Aaron and Xiaojing also rushed there at once. It was the mechanical explosion that caused a small fire, but the powerful water cannon of Xiaojing water turtle was immediately controlled, which was not very strong. Many Poké mon were burned and nurtured, and from ruin decided to stay and help take care of the injury, but Aaron also wanted to help but Xiaojing woke up and there were still things to be done.
"The masked man kept the five black Poké Ball, but it’s better to recycle them, and you also need to deal with the three dark Poké mon." Xiaojing said it was really an important thing, and Aaron almost forgot it again.
"Here it is." Aaron found five dark balls and a shard ball. The shard is also going to be recycled and handed over to Dr. Jill Lutai. If anything can be done, the shard can certainly be played out. Aaron picked up the ground, but Poké Ball found that not far away, the giant pliers mantis and Laban Kira were all there. Although they became dark pokemon, it seems that they knew that their owner was gone and were no longer mad. Aaron sighed and found out their three respective dark balls, and put them back and released them in a released state. Although it was still dark when it came out, it changed a lot. Mantis and Farfuret both ran away as soon as possible, and it seemed that they were going to live in this forest. Benkira was no longer a dark Poké mon, but it seems that her weak character has been neutralized a lot. Maybe it has not been weakened, but has been used to it for a long time. Benkira didn’t seem to leave in front of Aaron and suddenly shouted at Aaron!
"This guy seems to want to fight you again, in other words, he just wants to follow you, but he still wants to be accepted." Superdream came out and said what Benkira thought.
"Benkira, do you … want to fight me?" Aaron asked Benkira and nodded immediately.
"I see, but you haven’t recovered yet, have you?" Aaron continued to ask Benkira, but he still nodded.