"that’s why I just did that."
You can’t gut a kitten because you can’t spit it out, can you? All good drugs stimulate the kitten to discharge things, so his hobbies are normal, ok!
Xiao Yi looked sideways at Osamu Dazai.
"Then how do you know that the second clue is in Monica’s belly?"
Osamu Dazai smiles.
"Because of the lack of news, I didn’t know at first that I saw Mr. Kunikida just guess."
Guo Mutian’s face turned black. You guessed what he was doing. Why did you say that on purpose? !
Like I didn’t see Guo Mutian’s black face, Osamu Dazai continued to say with a smile
But according to this theory, I think it may have something to do with a song.
He said a classic old song named Monica Revenge, which came from abroad because the lyrics and melody were quite good. Ten years ago, a fire broke out, and even now, many film and television dramas will adopt its angry, crazy and dark melody in the revenge stage.
A classic lyric in Monica’s revenge is that the secret is not right anywhere, and only rotting in the stomach is the most reassuring.
Monica’s name is not a random dress, but a clue.
Of course, even if we don’t find this clue, we should take good care of a kitten. If the kitten is sick due to a foreign body in its stomach and shows discomfort, it will be easy to find abnormalities if it is taken to the hospital for examination.
Will be fooled by the bell false clues, will be those who are in a hurry and want to destroy the evidence quickly
It can be said that hiding clues is worthy of receiving evidence that officials have been bought off by themselves. Unfortunately, this person was killed before the evidence was revealed.
Why did you send a killer to assassinate a cat after you got the clue? In fact, those who tried to destroy the evidence deliberately released it in order to let the officials who tried to expose them simply kill the cat without stopping, so that everyone could focus on the cat and they secretly rushed to the place where the evidence was hidden to destroy it.
If they find the clue is true, in view of the fact that the official assigned it to the armed detective agency too late, and there was a cover-up, it might really make them successfully destroy the evidence.
But it’s a pity that they found out that the clue was false and sent back the cat with the clue for nothing, which is very interesting
Yi sat there looking at Osamu Dazai with a dull face.
Shall we do it together? This guy has been fishing and slacking off, right? Didn’t we just go to the cat and come back? Which step did I not follow? 】
Dave [… Don’t ask me, I just got online]
Junichiro Tanizaki exclaimed.
"Mr. Taizai is amazing!"
Tanizaki Naomi also nodded.
"I was right by Mr. Taizai!"
After she praised Osamu Dazai, she put her arms around her brother Junichiro Tanizaki’s neck.
"But in my heart, my brother is the best. Don’t be jealous!"
Said to Junichiro Tanizaki ear blew a sigh of relief.
Junichiro Tanizaki immediately flushed dodge shy way
"Naomi, don’t be like this."
Tanizaki Naomami does not retreat, but advances into intimacy.
"What’s my favorite brother!"
Two people, you retreat and I enter, and soon they sit on the ground with a bang.
On the other hand, Guo Mutian didn’t expect Osamu Dazai to analyze so many expressions just by a few things, which was somewhat complicated and admirable.
"You said and disorderly step almost exactly. Now the president has informed them to arrest people there. We need to find the real place, but now the problem is … Monica doesn’t cooperate very well. I need you …"
Before he finished speaking, he felt that his IQ had been crushed and he had been in a state of doubt. Xiao Yi suddenly got up.
"I almost forgot that I haven’t eaten yet, Mr. Kunikida. I think you know something about my physique. For me, eating is a life-and-death event. It’s better in the afternoon. Let’s armed detective agency contribute and I’ll go first."
There was blood in my club, and I blocked a gun in my club, but this male and female servant can’t do it, so I left first and didn’t send it!
Osamu Dazai also instantly put away his rare serious face and pushed Monica to Guomutian with a long leg and a small one.
"I’m starving. I know a good shop in the building. Let’s go together."
Both of them are much more agile than ordinary people, and the speaker has run away and disappeared before Guo Mutian walks.
Guo Mutian turned to look at the remaining two.
Tanizaki Naomi pulled up her brother Junichiro Tanizaki and went to Guomuda’s unique way.
"I remember you should have eaten?"
Tanizaki Naomi smiled shyly.
"Oh, beautiful girls have two stomachs, one for dessert. I heard that a sweet shop in Lou has a discount for couples today! So Mr. Kunikida, let’s go first, or our favorite strawberry cake may be sold out! "
Watching the brother and sister run away like rabbits.
Guo Mutian’s unique face slowly showed the veins stood out.
You are brother and sister, not lovers!
He tried to hug and meow and struggled. Monica turned to look at the only remaining person in the office, Jiangchuan.