"If you don’t stop talking, I will kill you directly!" Thousands of phoenix broke the moon and said that a token was directly lost.
"Ghost Token!" Looking at the token in his hand, Ming Xia’s pupil suddenly shrank, and his eyes were full of disbelief. "How can the president let you lead the team!"
It’s not just the ghost summer who can’t believe it, even the other 16 people can’t believe it. It’s just a four-level guy who leads them in this group of spiritual emperors.
"I don’t want to talk nonsense; Leadership you want you to leave me alone! " Qianfeng is too lazy to pay attention to this group of people.
As soon as I entered here, these ghost chamber of commerce guys have been difficult to break their hearts, but there is a lot more information because these people have been enduring it.
"Hum, even if you have a ghost token, no one will know if we kill you!" In the summer, I watched Qianfeng break the moon and didn’t put him in my eyes. My eyes were full of jealousy.
"You mean you want to kill me?" Qianfeng broke the moon and turned her head violently. A pair of beautiful eyes were filled with sen Leng’s murder.
If the other party is making things difficult for themselves, if everyone is together, they may spare each other, but if the other party kills themselves, it will be a winner.
"So what if I kill you!" Ghost Xia Meng stepped in the previous step and the spirit emperor’s five-level momentum generate came out to oppress thousands of chickens and break the moon.
The momentum of a thousand phoenix breaking through the moon also broke out and swept like waves and "died!"
Qianfeng broke the moon and moved, and the whole person disappeared instantly.
Watching thousands of phoenixes disappear from the moon, everyone’s face is on one side, and there is a horror and a killing breath, which makes people feel like they are pegged by poisonous snakes.
Moment thousand phoenix broken the moon has appeared in the shadow of summer, and the aura of the precursor poured out, and both hands swept out with strange power.
As soon as the storm came out, there was a horrible black vortex, and the black vortex circled and flashed. generate showed a series of devouring forces
Terror devours everything in front of you, vanishes and faces the ghost summer.
Seeing this horrible black whirlpool, everyone’s face changed, and the smell of destruction filled them with fear.
Ghost summer a cold hum body move just want to hide.
In the summer, the rapid movement of the body is slamming into a layer of barrier, and there is a shock. In the summer, it is back to the former place.
"Go to hell!" Thousands of phoenix broke the moon and sneered at the wall, which has bound each other. At this time, unless you can break the wall, you will die.
"Bitch, let me out!" Watching yourself bound, the black vortex of terror is very close to you, and it will devour you at any time, making you disappear. There is a trace of fear in summer’s eyes.
"Boom boom boom!"
Ghost summer reiki condensed into a big fist of terror, pounding the walls one after another.
Chapter 937 Stop it!
The wall is constantly shaking, but there are no signs of being broken. In the summer, it is white and bloodless.
"Will you still swear to death!" Qianfeng’s face is even more gloomy when she breaks the moon. That bloodthirsty murder makes people have no doubt that she will not hesitate to kill Mingxia.
"Stop it!"
Just then, a teenager from the Zun Chamber of Commerce came out again.
The bearer is tall, with fine eyes and beautiful features, and looks like a fallen fairy.
As soon as this person is out of shape, he has turned rapidly and appeared like a ghost in the hands of a sword on the top of Qianfeng’s broken moon.
Encircle Wei to save Zhao!
The other party actually wants Qianfeng to break the moon and give up killing Ghost Summer. Because Qianfeng breaks the moon and kills Ghost Summer, it is bound to be hit hard by people, and I am afraid it will also run.
"Hum, it’s up to you!" Thousands of phoenixes break the moon and their faces are gloomy. Their eyes are full of bloodthirsty murder. One slender palm controls the black vortex and oppresses the summer, while the other hand plays a series of tricks "Spiritual storm!"
Thousands of phoenix break the moon, Yuan Shen’s intermediate spirit gushes out like waves, and a shaking of the spirit net through the ear net also turns into a huge spirit vortex.
When the vortex of terror spirit comes out, it is broken, and it is aimed at the man with all the momentum of destruction.
The man holding a sword in succession to the black vortex hew out thirteen swords.
Thirteen swords, each sword contains the spirit emperor’s seven-level terror aura, which can penetrate into the sky and cut it down.
However, the thirteen swords fell in the whirlpool, but it was like a mud cow disappearing into the sea, which made a ripple.
Spirit vortex swallowed those firm but gentle thousand chicken broken moon face also became pale.
"Give me the spirit storm!" Thousands of phoenixes thundered against the palm of their hands when they broke the moon, and the vortex of terror was violently pressed with the edge momentum.
The man’s eyes showed a burst of fear, and his body moved and disappeared in situ, hiding from the spiritual storm of breaking the moon.
Seeing each other back, Qianfeng broke the moon and unceremoniously recovered his spirit. At the same time, the storm has gone.