When I arrived at the entrance of Daoguan, I happened to meet Xiao Zhi Xiao Zhi. I didn’t know Aaron, so I took the initiative to say hello.
"You are Xiao Zhi, aren’t you? Hello, I’m Aaron. I started from Zhenxin Town on the same day as you. These are my companions Xiao Xia and Xiaojing." Aaron said "Hello" and "Hello". Xiao Xia and Xiaojing also said hello.
Xiao Zhi first replied, "Hello, I’m Xiao Zhi, and this is my companion Pikachu." "Pikapi!" Pikachu also greeted Aaron.
"Do you also want to challenge the Dojo?" Xiao Zhi asked.
"Yeah, you too. Let’s go in together." Aaron laughed.
Into the Taoist temple, the light turned on, and Xiaogang, the owner, was opposite.
"Hello, I’m Xiao Zhi from Zhenxin Town. I’m invited to do the Dojo Competition," Xiao Zhi shouted.
"Hello, I’m Aaron from Zhenxin Town, and I’m also here to challenge the Daoguan." Aaron said that he is much more mature and stable than Xiao Zhi Aaron.
"How long have you been getting Poké mon?" Xiao gang asked
"Almost a week" Xiao Zhi answered "six days" Aaron answered.
"Then forget it. You are the cutest time for Poké mon. Enjoy it," Xiao Gang said.
"But I’m here to challenge. Please do a Taoist competition with me!" Xiao Zhi said.
"Really? Dojo trainers have the right to accept the challenger’s challenge," Xiao Gang said. "Then who will come first?"
"Xiao Zhi, you go first," Aaron said with a smile. "Well, let me go first," Xiao Zhi said.
Rules of the Rock Field in the Battle Field V This Aaron knew that Xiao Zhi would be unilaterally suppressed by Xiao Gang. Pikachu was tied up by a big rock snake at the beginning of the game. It wasn’t long before Xiao Zhi announced that he was giving up and was leaving. He thought that Aaron had been watching his game from the side, but it was always not good to run away after several games, so he decided to stay and watch Aaron’s game before leaving.
Aaron Xiao Zhi will walk away with Pikachu in his arms. He didn’t expect to continue watching the game. He also called it just to show Xiao Zhi the gap between himself and him.
"Owner, you’d better take back the big rock snake first. Although it’s not injured, it also consumes some physical strength. I can’t easily beat my opponent," Aaron said confidently.
"You are so confident in yourself. It seems that it will be interesting to compete with you." Xiao Gang said with a smile.
"Aaron is okay, right? The owner of the Dojo was so strong that Xiao Zhi lost at once." Xiaojing was worried. "Yes, Xiaogang is really strong, but Aaron’s strength is obvious to all. I believe he is okay." Xiao Xia said that Xiao Zhi turned his head to watch the game after listening to the two words.
"Go, Little Boxing Stone" Xiao Gang sent a little Boxing Stone.
"Sure enough, it’s a small fist stone. Then it’s a big beak!" Aaron sent a big-billed sparrow.
"Flying skills will not have any effect on rocks. You must know that you have a lot of Poké mon by looking at the six Poké Ball around your waist. Why do you send big-billed finches?" Xiao Gang said
"Although it’s flying, it doesn’t have to be flying skills. My big beak knows a lot of skills," Aaron said.
"Really? Interesting. Let’s start with the challenger." Xiao Gang laughed.
"Don’t underestimate my big-billed finch for making a violent storm!" Aaron shouted
"The small fist stone is getting hard!" Xiao gang ling Dao
The violent storm hit the small fist stone, but the small fist stone hardened and hardly got hurt.
"So that’s it. It’s the same as fighting the duckbill fire dragon." Xiao Xia said at a side. "Huh? Why didn’t I see it? Xiaojing wondered. When fighting against the Duckbill Fire Dragon, Aaron blocked the view of the fire vortex. When attacking, although the Duckbill Fire Dragon knew there was an attack, he didn’t know where the attack would come from. Xiao Xia explained, "Now the situation is the same. Because this is a rock site, it will roll up a lot of dirt, so the small fist stone will lose its view. This is when the Duckbill Fire Dragon attacks, it will hesitate like the Duckbill Fire Dragon even if it wants to hide."
Back to the game
"The big-billed finch makes the destruction dead!" Aaron shouted
"It’s not good to avoid the small fist stone quickly!" Xiao gang shouted
As Aaron thought, the small fist stone panicked and didn’t know which way to hide the fruit and destroy it. After hitting it, the small fist stone could not afford to fall to the ground directly.
"Small fist stone loses the ability to fight, big mouth sparrow wins" shouted the referee Xiaogang’s younger brother.
"Come back, Little Boxing Stone. You did a good job." Xiaogang comforted Little Boxing Stone. "You are really strong, but I can say that the owner of the Dojo won’t hand over the badge easily." Xiaogang said and then took out the second Poké Ball. "Go to the Big Rock Snake!"
Ten gray badges meet Shinji forest turtle! ?
"Sure enough, you took out the big rock snake," Aaron said. "It’s very kind of you to come back with the big beak." Aaron gently took back the big beak. "Go to Kota Duck!" Aaron sent Kota Duck. The purple color attracted the attention of Xiao Zhi and Xiaogang.
"It’s a flash Koda duck. It’s a rare species," Xiao Gang said. "But I’m not weak."
"Rock snake impact!" Xiao gang ling Dao
"Kota duck makes petrochemical work!" Aaron shouted
The huge body of the rock snake crashed into the Kota duck, but it didn’t succeed completely, it just slowed down the speed of the rock snake
"This will do!" Aaron ordered
"Shit, the big rock snake will get rid of the petrochemical work!" Xiao gang also shouted
Not the kui is Xiao Gang’s cultivation of Poké mon Aaron, thinking that at this critical moment, please help the petrochemical work and avoid the water cannon.
"It’s not over!" Aaron shouted
Kota duck repeatedly fired water guns, but the rock snake avoided several rounds, but it was still hit by four water guns, and the rock snake whined.
"Big Rock Snake, dig a hole!" Xiao gang shouted
"Don’t let him get away with it!" Aaron ordered
The big rock snake used to dig a hole, but the Koda duck was strong in mind and pulled the big rock snake to prevent it from digging a hole, which turned into strength and perseverance had an advantage over the flat rock snake.
"Quick Koda duck water gun!" Aaron shouted
"The big rock snake’s steel tail is blocked!" Xiao gang ordered
Kota duck used the water gun, and the rock snake used the steel tail to break up the water gun.
"Take the big rock snake to dig a hole now!" Xiao gang shouted
The big rock snake seized the opportunity to make its huge body disappear from the site.
"In this case, the Kota duck fires a water gun into the hole!" Aaron shouted