Magic hum and then ignore her.
Warm and careful, I took a few steps towards Gu Song. I dared to look at it. It was the peach blossom. Lin Yuan’s vision was red. It was like a sea of flowers. Fu Yun and Fu Lei could not see clearly with her eyesight.
"What have you done to them?"
Magic squinted lazily and sneered, "It’s nothing. I just practiced casually. Those two idiots are so weak. How dare you bring them out to lose face?"
Warm didn’t pick up his sarcastic remarks, but definitely asked, "Did you take all the notes I wrote?"
Speaking of this magic, I suddenly opened my eyes and stared at her. I was very unhappy. "What? I can’t take it? Am I doing something wrong? "
Warm words "are you still right to take other people’s things?"
Magic firmly "nature is right and I’m still saving you in disguise"
What kind of divine reasoning is this?
"Hum, you’re the eldest brother’s wife, and you dare to give it to another man in private. If those old people in the tribe see you, you can be immersed in a pig cage, you know?"
"Is there a custom of soaking pig cages in the tribe?"
"Of course" magically scares her. In fact, this custom ceased a long time ago.
Warmly frown magically and warn "Don’t bury any note in the tree after that", but then despise "too naive"
Warm was angry and smiled. "What do you think is not naive?"
Magic complacent way "bird, you haunt is kept to play? Haven’t you seen a lot of them in the big brother’s house? " Without waiting for her answer, she said to herself, "Eldest brother should not tell you that it is restless now. If you have a bird, you can’t cuckold your eldest brother every day?"
"Ha ha, thank you for flattering me. It’s not that big a deal."
"Did you stop Fu Yun from writing to me?"
"Yeah, do I have to watch my eldest brother wear a green hat?"
"… what about this letter today?"
Magic choked for half a ring before he snorted, "When tigers still have a nap, don’t you allow me to miss?"
The warm sound is long and full of ridicule. "Oh, it turned out to be a mistake. Am I or did you deliberately let Fu Yun let him give me the news?"
Hearing this, he suddenly sat up magically, because he moved his big branches and trembled violently, which seemed to break at any moment. It might be warm and jumpy. He didn’t know he was ashamed and angry. "Nonsense is not as good as you."
This roar can go thousands of miles.
Warm "…"
Are you so guilty? She hasn’t talked about that floor yet.
"hey!" See her silent magic and roar a voice echo curled up.
Warm strength "okay, okay, you’re koo, okay? Let me be quiet for a while. "
Magic is very dissatisfied with her perfunctory, but she also knows how to stop when she is too good, so she hummed and turned her face away and closed her eyes.
Warm against the wind for a while, slightly cool, but I didn’t feel cold, but comfortable and comfortable. It seems that all the irritability and confusion in my heart have been blown away. She took a deep breath and forced to spit out a few times, and the whole body and mind felt relaxed a lot.
No wonder many people like to reach the top of the mountain, not necessarily to enjoy that kind of the other mountains all appear dwarfs under the sky. pleasure, but also to express their feelings openly, right?
Magic looks like narrowing her eyes but leaving a thin seam to keep an eye on her every move. He doesn’t, she has the charm to attract his eyes and chase. He is afraid that she will fall and break.
What will we tell Big Brother then?
Section 54
After a warm half-ring, I went to find a stone to sit on and look at, which made people feel sad. No matter how big things are placed in this vast world, they are negligible, right?
Looking up is a leisurely floating white cloud, but reaching out to catch a virtual gust of wind, it is cool and refreshing, and the cloud blows away, and so does the feeling.
I smiled warmly and sang softly, "I want to blow the wind with you again. Although it is different, I can still meet the wind and talk about my dreams with you … The joys and sorrows are still around where I can share with you. I really want to blow the wind with you again. It will take everything away and make us as cold and quiet as before. Needless to say, you can always understand anything."
Low and soft, with some sad songs scattered by the wind, he can also avoid getting into the magical ear. He has already looked at her with his eyes open and confused, and he didn’t quite understand why she suddenly sang this song. The lyrics were inexplicably unhappy and too sad.
But he saw that she was so devoted but didn’t interrupt. She listened quietly, as if her heart was entangled in something, getting tighter and tighter.
When I was warm when I went out, I did it again in the afternoon, and the wind blew for half a ring. When it got dark, I gradually felt cold. She consciously hugged her arms and rubbed them.
Suddenly, a dress blocked her sight with a hood, and she was shocked. When she pulled it, she saw the magic wearing a white underwear and despised her. "Women just don’t."
So warm and moved nothing.
She didn’t put the clothes back, and the hero didn’t eat them. It’s a good thing that the bear child has such a hot temper and freezes to cool down.
As soon as she put it on, she saw a bird flying in the distance. If it hadn’t been for a white cloth tied to its paw, it would have been difficult for her to find it, because it was a ghost and covered in black, and the night was its best cover color.
Ghosts can’t talk and fly to the back of Gu Song. Their expressions lift their claws to signal the magical solution. They don’t want to get up and watch him. They also know who wrote it. After reading it, their faces changed.
The ghost didn’t fly away immediately. It was waiting for a response.
Magically holding that piece of cloth seems to be very anxious to chop it into pieces for ten thousand pieces and a half before gnashing your teeth at the ghost. "You go back and tell eldest brother that if you say something, you will send her a mountain if you talk about my horse."