Miss Mo Xi said, "You haven’t figured out a way to deal with people until the three armed forces get their food and grass first and the generals don’t prepare for the battle. It’s not good to go straight there."
Liu Xixi sighed at night, "That Mo Ruan Ruan is used to being a man. I didn’t intend to find a loophole in her once she was exposed. This loophole must be followed by her often to find out. What we have to do now is to enter the palace more often."
"But what are we going to do in the palace?" Moxi wondered. "No one called us in."
Liu Xixi continued to pull sleeves in the evening. "Don’t be afraid. Today, the queen and her family summoned the noble prince and your daughter in the palace."
Joan said angrily, "But we didn’t receive it."
Liu Xixi pie pie in the evening "It’s just an invitation. I made one myself"
Three girls ""
Liu Xixi flauntedly waved his golden invitation in his hand and proudly said, "Is it exactly the same? Can you see the flaw?"
Three girls ""
Do you think Liu Xixi proudly has seen my contemporary fake shanzhai collar? Hehe, you know mortals.
What a surprise! A person who doesn’t like the sound very much said, "You know the news, go and play mistress."
Oriental Jade is not dressed up like other little girls, but looks heroic in a neat riding suit.
Liu Sunseeker swept her eyes at night, and Oriental Jade felt that her provocative dress was more like playing mistress.
Liu Xixi raised his eyebrows warily "no"
She will not be misunderstood by this oriental jade, and she will not be used as a wooden stick.
Oriental jade reveals a strange smile. "Don’t you know that Lord Liu didn’t tell you that your engagement with your night brother didn’t end because his wife became a concubine?"
"Shrimp" Liu Xixi was shocked at night.
"Ha ha, don’t believe you, just ask Liu’s adult." Oriental Jade hesitated and added, "Today’s Mojia banquet is actually the night brother. After they want to marry Miss Mojia Dier to the night brother’s wife, she is the master and you are the servant."
W w w collect and organize, return or leave the club.
177 Chapter 177 Sticking fake Hu Dad
At this point, her face was sad. "I’ll go and see yourself."
Liu Xixi smiled with a cold face at night. "It’s the same to you. In fact, if you really like Ye Ze, you can be a concubine with me so that you can marry him."
Smelling Oriental Jade’s face is hard to see the pole. It’s just a rage. "You’re talking nonsense. I won’t beat you to death."
Say that finish pretty red makeup girl so straight raised the whip.
Liu Xixi’s so-called tunnel "If you hit me, you can stop Miss Mo from marrying Ye Ze?"
Oriental jade at that time, she thought that I’m afraid there would be a willow sunseeker that could ruin the marriage between Yeze and Miss Mo’s second home. Didn’t you see how she ruined Wang Shi?
She doesn’t believe it. It’s such a coincidence that Wang Shi will be told to her, and Wang Shi will be there.
And Liu Shang was forced to leave with Fang, which also has the shadow of Liu Sunseeker.
She intuitively felt that Liu Xiyue was the only one who could help her and would help her.
She seems to be easy to talk to because she wants money.
But this time she will test her again.
Thought of here, Oriental Jade unexpectedly put away the whip, which made Liu Sunseeker stop hitting the girl and find someone to vent.
Oriental Jade didn’t expect herself to escape because of this. Otherwise, she couldn’t take it out on Yeze for the time being according to the original plan of Liuxi Night. She was going to deliberately lure Oriental Jade to fall and then throw a dog to eat S.
After the Oriental Jade left, Bai emerged from nowhere, whispering behind Liuxi Night, "Ah, if the night home forms an alliance with the Mo family, it is equivalent to the fact that the last line of defense of the Mo family has been breached, and the emperor and the pursuit can be alone."
Liu Xi night language turned supercilious look "eldest brother, why don’t you heart my marriage"