Think of this layer of Huang Liang hemp in the mind is comfortable a lot of face also hung up the relief relaxed smile think about Lin Yushan high fever coma just now, he is a little dying.
In the toilet, LinYu fir Zhao Linghua silently looked at both sides with complicated eyes.
Lin Yushan "Sister, I didn’t think you were such a person!"
Zhao Linghua "pool, you listen to me explain Duan Qingyun that little him …"
Lin Yushan: "Elder martial sister, do you think I will believe your nonsense?"
Zhao Linghua "School sister, I have my period these days, please believe me …"
Lin Yushan "…"
Looking at this pair of teachers and sisters, Huang Liang Ma unconsciously laughed in the hall.
"Elder martial sister, we both let Duan Qingyun suffer a little!" Lin Yushan’s way to the typhoon shelter hotel, the Dangui Hall, packed the toilet, and LinYu Shanshan was splashed with shit by Duan Qingyun. At that time, the sense of shame once again filled my heart with a deep hatred …
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Low Chapter one hundred and three aphrodisiac liquid show power.
Duan Qingyun led Xiaoya out of the car and came to the newly built city gymnasium along with the tree-lined.
The colorful lights of the gymnasium are flashing frequently, and the crowds are packed with people shouting and screaming. The enthusiastic "boxing fans" are shouting and whistling at the boxing ring. The boxing team members from all parts of the city have already done warm-up exercises, and they are ready to fight for their opponents backstage.
Duan Qingyun Xiaoya followed the tree-lined tree to the backstage to finally cheer up Li Hu, Ye Fei and a group of boxers.
Linyin smiled at everyone and said, "Brothers, everyone has been training hard for such a long time. Now it’s time to test their training results. Let me say, do you have confidence in this game?"
"Yes-"the boxers shouted in unison.
Linyin nodded with satisfaction. "Well, I have confidence in everyone’s boxing. I’m waiting for you to win good news. I’ll reward you when we finish this battle!"
As soon as the players heard that there was a "reward", they looked at each other with excitement, especially Li Hu, Ye Fei and Diao Zhizhi, who were even more ambitious. They clenched their fists and jumped off the building without taking the first place.
Li Hu quietly walked to Duan Qingyun trail. "Brother Duan, I have taken the medicine as you asked!"
Ye Fei at this time also close to the Duan Qingyun way "eldest brother, don’t worry, I will get some good results! Just drank your prescription … "
However, Duan Qingyun deliberately pretended not to pay attention to them, so that others could see what was suspected at this time, which made Li Hu and Ye Fei feel puzzled.
On the contrary, Duan Qingyun deliberately approached Diao Zhuangzhi through the crowd, holding Diao Zhuangzhi in his arms and saying, "Brother Diao, I’m looking at you!"
Diao Zhuangzhi nodded confidently. "You can rest assured that Qingyun has better grades than Li Hu and others with your medicine!"
Duan Qingyun smiled with satisfaction and scolded, "You are so promising when you are young. I want you to win the championship of this boxing match or you will be too sorry for my precious medicines!"
Ambitious smile no longer say much. He naturally saw Duan Qingyun and ignored Li Hu and Ye Fei. A little heroism suddenly rose in his heart. Li Hu, Li Hu, Ye Fei, Ye Fei. You two kings are not close to Duan Qingyun at ordinary times. Duan Qingyun is now too lazy to look at you. You didn’t send money to Duan Qingyun and didn’t send a lot of money! Hey, hey, my little Diao gave Duan Qingyun more than 100 thousand tickets. Once I am proud of my ambition in this boxing match, see how I can clean up you rabbits!
Li Hu Ye Fei is not stupid to wait until Qingyun, the tree-lined section, walks out of the background to the front desk to watch the seats. Li Hu pretends to sigh naively. "Hey, I don’t think there is any hope for this competition!"
"Emoko if you don’t have any hope that we are even more hopeless! Ah … "Ye Fei also learn to Li Hu sample pretend to sigh.
Listening to the two people talking, they are more fond of holding their fists tightly, their eyes are bright and their blood flow speed is accelerated. He believes that he gave Duan Qingyun more than 100 thousand yuan for nothing. Duan Qingyun’s prescription will definitely enhance his fist strength and help him get a position that surprises the director of the tree-lined and all members of the boxing team!
Diao Zhuangzhi seems to have seen a high-ranking official hand over a generous bonus and certificate to him. He seems to have seen a large group of reporters patting around him and asking questions. He seems to have seen a group of beautiful women take the initiative to send attractive eyes to him …
Duan Qingyun, Xiaoya tree-lined came to the boxing table and just wanted to talk a few words after they were seated. A few tall horses came to see a shock in my heart.
It turns out that Zhang Changlin, director of the county public security bureau, Lao Mao Joklin and Jielinkzamus also came to the boxing match site and Li Hu cheered them on.
Director Zhang laughed. "I’ll tell you two good news in a short paragraph. The first good news is that my master and mother have just been discharged from the hospital. I have settled them down. Let me tell you that the old couple please rest assured!"
Duan Qingyun said excitedly, "Brother Zhang, I’m worried about this. You said this news is really good news!"
Director Zhang smiled and turned around and pointed to Mr. York Lin, the three old men. "The second good news is that Mr. York Lin, Mr. Jelinke and Mr. Zamus have accepted the county’s appointment as ambassadors for our county’s external image. Haha, this is really a great good thing!"
Duan Qingyun, while holding hands with Mr. York, mused that the county was so fucking blind that several overseas underworld members were allowed to be ambassadors for attracting investment!
Looking at Zhang, Erh Lin, the director of a few old Mao, holding the means warmly, Qingyun felt a little sick and hated dark scolding, saying that these guys in the old section are in cahoots with each other, so that they can get rid of you guys one by one, at the very least, so that you can’t be men!
Mr. Yoklin stretched out his thick hands and shook hands with Qingyun. "Mr. Duan, you are my friend and I need your help!" "
Duan Qingyun laughed. "Mr. Yue, if I don’t help you, will I still be your friend? You can rest assured that I will definitely help you! "
At this time, Zamusjelink, two old Mao, who had just arrived, also enthusiastically reached out and said, "Let’s get together in Mr section!" When he said this, the eyes of the two old hairs flashed with the light of knowing the world, knowing you and knowing me.
Duan Qingyun nodded heavily.