"Please come in, hero". There came a crisp and slightly hoarse female voice, Yang Ye, who was shaking all over at that time. It was so tempting! Usually, when you talk like this, it sounds like a coquetry and a whisper … like that kind of sigh that was caused by a slight murmur of pleasure. Yang Ye simply regrets not bringing a recording device! This sound simply has an impulse to make people sit on the ground immediately!
Before the procuress turned back, Yang Ye had already passed by and reached the door, wondering what kind of woman she would be when she saw her.
At this moment, suddenly there was a flurry of footsteps upstairs, and then a sound came from far and near, crying and shouting, "No, Uncle Lai! I can’t! Miss Ruyan really doesn’t see visitors! Uncle Lai, you … Oh dear! "
A man tumbled and fell directly into the hall on the third floor, then got up with a black face and went to the pimp’s feet to hide from the pimp. He was frightened and asked, "What’s wrong with the teapot?"
That big teapot was hiding and shouting, "Madam madam! I can’t stop you from coming to see Ruyan! "
Is shouting Yang night looked up at the stairs on the third floor in the past, a man with a shy belly and a juryman came up angrily, followed by three or four hands at first glance.
"RuYan! I want to see it! " The man named Uncle Lai roared and came running this way directly.
The procuress was greeted with a smile. "Ouch! Lai ye, right? At first glance, you are a dignitary! Let’s go for a walk. Let’s go upstairs and I’ll prepare a banquet. Let’s talk over dinner. "
"Eat a fart! Always see like Yan Yan! Hurry up and let Ruyan come out! " That lai ye pushed the procuress and continued to come this way.
The procuress was pushed to stumble, but the horse turned and met Lai Ye again, and his face could still laugh. "Lai Ye Lai Ye! Don’t do this! Everyone here knows that we girls like Yan Yan are buskers and don’t sell themselves. It’s not hard for you … "
Lai ye gave the madam a hard stare, but it was a slap in the face to raise my hand. He knocked the madam down and her nostrils turned red.
Lai ye pointed to the procuress and cursed "the hard way is the hard way!" Bullshit, busking, not selling yourself!
Eating in the old city is free! Play here, you broken prostitute. Are you fucking innocent with the old man? "Say that finish continue to Yang night behind a few rooms coming.
The procuress slowly climbed a few steps, grabbed Lai Ye’s leg and cried, "Lai Ye! Lai ye! Ruyan really doesn’t see guests! Please be kind! " Said the twist a head stare shrinkage corner big teapot "big teapot! What are you still doing? Call someone from the building! "
"Call a person? OK! Hahahaha! " When Lai Ye heard that he looked up and laughed, he suddenly bowed his head and kicked the madam hard. "You fucking called a few old people to die today!"
Madam was kicked aside, her face was full of pain, her nose was bleeding, and Lai Ye walked a few more steps before Yang Ye.
Yang Ye reached out and said, "Hey, my friend’s hands are too heavy, aren’t they?"
Lai Ye glared at Yang Ye mercilessly. "Who the fuck are you?"
Lying on the ground, the madam was very brave and struggled to rush Yang night and shouted, "Grandpa! Uncle, it’s none of your business! You should go! We Fengmingxuan can’t afford to pay for your injury! "
Yang Ye bowed his head and smiled at the procuress. "Can you leave me alone when you are in front of me?"
Then Lai Ye looked at each other. "Friend, give me a face and get out of here."
"Ha ha! Give you noodles? " Lai Ye smiled and looked back around at his hands. "Did you hear that? He asked me to give him a face? " I was laughing, and suddenly I turned around and punched it, and at the same time I shouted, "I’ll give you a big fucking face!" "
The fist was hitting Yang Ye in the chest. Yang Ye didn’t hide or flash with a smile, but the Lai Ye Ma Yi grinned and withdrew his fist, looking at it with a face of pain.
"I ask you again, will you give me noodles?" Yang night’s tone sank to see this Lai Ye hit the procuress so hard. Yang night already felt angry, and now he dares to fight with him. Hehe, he wants to die.
That Lai Ye looked at Yang Ye and froze for a moment. He quickly turned back and rushed a few hands and shouted, "What are you still doing?" Give it to me! "
When those hands heard shouting, they rushed in. Lai Ye stepped back and looked down at himself. Those hands tried to stretch for two times. Suddenly, they heard the screams in front of them and suddenly looked up. His hands were lying in a coma with only one breath left, groaning in pain, while Yang Ye was still there, staring straight at Lai Ye.
That Lai Ye was stunned. It took only two seconds at most. Why did they just … and this man seemed to be finished without starting work! This is really a ghost!
Yang Ye smiled and finally walked to Lai Ye, who was too scared to move and looked at the man in front of him in horror.
Yang night raised my hand and patted Lai Ye on the shoulder. This Lai Ye felt that his daughter was heavy and his legs were soft and "plopped" and he knelt down.
"The hard way! Shit, uncle lai! It’s free to fight foreigners in the old city. I want you to give me a face here. You actually pretend to be a gangster gang with underworld nature with me? " Yang night mercilessly stared at Lai Ye, learning to scold him word by word.
"Big … big ye! I was wrong! Please spare me! " Lai Ye held the hand that injured Yang Ye at night and cried in tears.
At this time, the building has already rushed a lot of people with pots and pans, sticks and shovels. Fengmingxuan people shouted and rushed out of the stairs. When they saw this scene, they were shocked and talked about it.
"What happened? Isn’t it said that someone is like a girl’s room? "
"I guess it’s this gang. Look, it was cleaned up by that uncle alone!"
"That’s amazing. Who’s that uncle?"
The crowd was really sociable and took a wide look at Yang Ye and said in surprise, "Isn’t this Mr. Liu Erhao Lu?" He is a good friend of Yuan Shao! "
This made people greatly surprised. "Ah ~ ~?" Liaoyi
When the procuress heard this, she looked up at Yang Ye in surprise.
That Lai Ye also heard this. At that time, he was even more shivering. He didn’t leave his face and started to say, "I’m sorry, Mr. Lu! Sorry, sorry! Little people have eyes but don’t know mount tai! Mr. Lu spared the villain’s life! !”
Yang night looked down at him and said softly, "Don’t come to Fengmingxuan later. No! After that, you have to come to Fengmingxuan every day to spend more money, but don’t harass Miss Ruyan! "
"Know know! Yes, villain! The villain obeyed! " Lai Ye kept banging his head.
"Go away!"
Stunned that a few Lai Ye’s hands were carried by Fengmingxuan people, and that Lai Ye also ran away. The procuress took out a handkerchief and wiped her nosebleed. A Lu called her eyes more grateful than awe.
After the building people left, the door slowly knocked out. A female Yang night saw that it was the girl who pulled up the car to send her silk scarf. She smiled at Yang night and said, "The hero has drawn out his sword again. Hee hee, please come in."