"You forget this." Xia Yi sunseeker was ashamed to ask her to cook for him or go to the toilet the next day.
Watching the two of them fight, Ouyang Ze didn’t want to make a light bulb, so he got up and went to the kitchen to see if Xia Yibing needed any help.
"Huh?" HuangFuYanHao not white asked 1.
"No, it’s just that I don’t cook well."
"No, even if it’s not delicious, I’ll eat it all." Huangfuyanhao gently said that one head leaned against the past and two heads collided.
"Uh …"
"Can I help you?" Ouyang Ze has been watching Xia Yibing at the door of the kitchen, and she is embarrassed to ask if she wants his help.
"No, you just wait outside to eat."
"Then I’ll help you casually. I think the light bulb is too bright outside to shine on them." Ouyang Ze said jokingly.
Xia Yibing laughed and then continued to wash the dishes in his hand.
Smile very well, and there are two small dimples. Why don’t you laugh? Don’t you let go of that wound in your heart?’ Ouyang Ze found Xia Yibing beautiful when she smiled, but she didn’t know what she always did at ordinary times.
I will make you laugh more when I am with you, and I will make your heart rise’ Ouyang Ze promised in his heart.
After he decides, he will give her more happiness, cheer her up, make her smile all day, and make her feel that she still has him in her life.
"Not to help? Why has it been standing there like a log? " Xia Yibing has washed all the dishes in his hand, but Ouyang Ze has not come in and looked at the door again and found that Ouyang Ze is still there like a wood.
I really don’t know what the door is thinking.
"Good to help" OuYangZe smiled a walk past very light tone said.
"Well, then you just cut the loofah, then help me wash the fish, and then …" Xia Yibing said a lot pointing to this and that.
Ouyang Ze smiled beautifully. He found that she was not so tired of him now. She said so many words to him for the first time.
Well, he will be kind to her when it’s good.
Ouyang Ze nodded and picked up the loofah and cut it up. From time to time, he glanced at Xia Yibing for fear that she accidentally hurt herself.
They were busy in the kitchen for half an hour or so, and a delicious meal was served to the table.
Six people at the dinner table, Huangfuyanhao, put the food in Xia Yi Sunseeker’s bowl, and Ouyang Ze followed suit. Xia Yi Sunseeker followed suit, but Xia Yi Bing devoted himself to eating Han Yu and didn’t do it himself.
After a meal.
Mo Han and Yu went downstairs to continue to take care of grandma.
"Wow, I’m so full. I haven’t eaten my sister’s cooking for a long time." Xia Yixi sat on the sofa and felt very bloated and satisfied.
"how about it? I said my sister’s craft is very good, "Xia Yi sunseeker looked Huangfuyanhao OuYangZe proudly said.
"Well, your sister’s cooking is really good. You can sit down and I’ll help." Ouyang Ze looked up and said in the direction of the kitchen
Who will she choose?
Xia Yixi snickered while covering her mouth. It seems that they get along very well now.