In a short time, the Yuan God had already arrived at the Xingyuan stone tablet, and at the same time, the Xingyuan stone tablet seemed to feel that the Yuan God was close to the surrounding area and instantly raised an energy beam to wrap the whole stone tablet.
Look at this Xingyuan stone tablet. It seems that it means to resist foreign aggression. Obviously, he felt the threat of the Yuan God and started the defense function independently, trying to stop the Yuan God from approaching.
Yuan Shen is Ye Han. At this time, he also noticed the change of the stone tablet, and his heart couldn’t help moving. What’s going on? Does this Xingyuan stone tablet not know that the master wants to fight back?
At this moment, Ye Han can’t help feeling that this Xingyuan stone tablet is really spiritual, just like a woman who desperately resists the wicked. Oh, yes, that’s it. I seem to be able to hear the female * * shout stop …
"Well …"
Ye Han gently sang a song that seemed to be disturbed by the vague sound. I couldn’t help it … Ahem, groaning is not much different from a man’s knees trying to be a woman.
"Hey, wake up, don’t lose your mind at this point!"
Aside Yan Han Yu Xiao seems to feel Ye Han’s change at this time. When a flash comes, he has come to Ye Han’s head. Suddenly, the star Yu Yin also came out. Looking at the situation, Chineydy found Ye Han’s abnormal body, which prompted Yan Han Yu Xiao.
Yan Han Yu Xiao came to Ye Han’s head in an instant. Even if there is a star energy spread out to form a star energy shield, it will sit in Ye Han’s shield, and the stars in Yu Xiao will also flood into Ye Han’s body.
Body energy suddenly enriched Ye Han suddenly woke up a lot. I felt that I almost missed the big event. My face and back became dark and sweat trickled down. Darling, I almost missed the big event.
Ye Han wants to come. If you don’t have time to slow down, then the demons that come to your body will surely take advantage of it to capture your body again, so that the situation is not good.
You know, now he inherits the Xingyuan stele, and his strength will surely increase greatly after his success. In this way, if he is really taken advantage of by demons, he will be controlled by demons and do something he can’t help but imagine what he will do.
Ye Han can’t help but feel ashamed at the thought of thrilling places. He actually has those crooked thoughts at this point. Even if he is controlled by demons, he should not do anything. That is what he deserves. Who let himself think at this time?
Besides, I deserve it, but if it harms others, it is really a big disaster. Let’s not talk about it, it will be like this. There are also his evil reasons. If he knows that Yukine and Xiaohan are living and dying at the moment, he will definitely make a hero to save the United States.
Is that really a good thing? Actually, it is not Ye Han’s previous experience. I’m afraid it’s not hard to guess that if the demons really saved Yukine and slight cold, maybe they could be saved, but after they were saved?
This Ye Han will feel cold sweat if you think about it. Will you help yourself to be Yukine and slight cold when the time comes? Oh, my God, this planet is still here. What would he think if he did that to his face?
Well, the demons won’t think so much when they want to, but Ye Han, the advocate, thought so much about himself that he couldn’t let the demons control himself any more.
At this moment, Ye Han’s decision to exorcise demons was a little stronger. He decided that demons would be restless as long as they didn’t remove themselves!
[796] [Star Body] IV
Icebergs and rivers keep breaking down, and suddenly the whole scene in the extremely cold environment has become a broken one. Several icebergs have collapsed and left a deafening sound [13 watch the net
Soon there will be five or six icebergs that can be seen in this extremely cold environment, and the iceberg that Yukine and others have cracked has not really collapsed, but it will not be far away.
Huge ice cubes have been falling from the cliff, which has already blocked the entrance of the iceberg heart, and the scene of the iceberg heart has been covered up. From the outside, you can’t see the situation inside.
At this time, Ye Han was still sitting in the middle school and didn’t notice the changes around him, but even so, his heart was very anxious. He didn’t know what had become outside, and he didn’t know whether Yukine and them were still alive.
All he can know is that the extreme cold has not yet collapsed, otherwise he could not have been so stable. His own safety cannot erase his anxiety. He doesn’t know about Yukine and others.
Although … Although he has thought that Yukine and others have probably been buried by so many icebergs and rubble at this moment, it is very difficult to smash to death, but he has not given up. He believes that Yukine and Xiaohan are not dead, and he believes that he will not keep his word. Since he promised Chineydy, he will complete this promise.
The more anxious Ye Han was, the more useless he was, so he quickly came over to himself. Now is not the time to worry. It is the right thing to brand the Yuanshen stele quickly.
Slowly calm an anxious heart, Ye Han suddenly strengthens the operation of the star cold tactic, and the yuan God seems to suddenly have a powerful pillar, which instantly bursts into a majestic star defense barrier, and the energy of the star stone tablet is similar.
Ye Han once again settled his mind and finally made up his mind. No matter what, he has to brand the Yuanshen stele as soon as possible. Only in this way can he solve the eye trouble, or that sentence, he has to save himself regardless of others!
Shake ya Ye Han suddenly changed the running route of Xing Han tactic, gathered the number of stars around Yuan Shen, wrapped the whole Yuan Shen, and then suddenly accelerated the running speed of Xing Han tactic, affecting this Yuan Shen to suddenly bump towards Xing Yuan stone tablet.
Yuan Shen hit Xingyuan stone tablet, and then the stone tablet’s defense barrier collided with two extremely powerful energy bodies. Ye Han’s face suddenly turned pale. Even though both of these two energies are enough to annihilate a practitioner, now Ye Han is stronger to endure the attack of these two energies against each other.