Who is the Immortal Emperor? That’s an open celestial Lord and a magic statue, and they are called the strongest living field in the three realms. Although many people know the fourth and fifth realms, knowing it doesn’t mean knowing it, and it doesn’t mean accepting everyone’s conventional thinking. There is no doubt that the Immortal Emperor and the magic statue are enemies, so how can they come up with such an incredible thing as "being switched"?
What’s more, who among all sentient beings in the three realms is qualified to adjust the fairy emperor’s package?
Mix Yuan Tianjun around and see if it is like being a thief. The sound is so low that it can’t be heard. "Now this immortal emperor is much stronger than the immortal emperor I remembered ten thousand years ago, which makes Tianjun … Tianjun feel fear from the heart."
The little heart beats violently, combined with the powerful power felt in the former Nine Heavenly Towers, and he can almost be sure that the Xiandi should be a real magic protoss!
The five protoss and four fiends are all methods to counter the super five protoss. Although powerful, after all, they can’t kill people, but the four fiends really want to kill and set fire to make waves. A nine-day Xuan Nv made the whole collapse of the extinct gate and imprisoned the Phoenix God for several years. Fortunately, he was killed by monkeys and decomposed himself. Now he has jumped out of a fiend to make things even more exaggerated. He naturally doesn’t really want to be a mere Lord of the Three Realms. So what does he really want to do?
When I think about it a little, I feel that my whole head is getting bigger.
Mixed Yuan Tianjun added, "Although the immortal emperor has always been known as the first reality in the celestial world and has an overwhelming advantage for us, this pattern is somewhat similar to the five masters in the underworld. I remember that the immortal emperor was very kind and often found four of us to learn fairy work together. Tianjun once had the honor to learn from the immortal emperor once, and the strength of the immortal emperor was about 70%. According to Tianjun, it is estimated that if three pick Jinxian teamed up with at least 90%, they can kill the immortal emperor. It is estimated that the three of them also know this. A little at ordinary times, although we listen to the immortal emperor’s command, we respect him very much, but ten thousand years ago, something happened. A pick Jin Xian accidentally offended the immortal emperor … "
He sighed and smiled at himself. "Actually, I can’t talk about not offending the immortal emperor who ordered him to do something, but he has some objections, so he spoke out and defended a few words. Before this kind of thing, we don’t know how many times the immortal emperor has always laughed, but it happened that the immortal emperor was very angry and broke into a furious rage."
Jade pot said, "That’s why you’re wrong. You have to listen to your master’s orders. I never excuse you."
Jade pot this person nature is serious disguised terms from his mouth, it is sincere to say this. I was moved to pat him on the shoulder and wanted to tease him a few words, but my heart was heavy, but I couldn’t hold back a word. I could sigh and continue to look at the mixed Yuan Tianjun.
Mixed Yuan Tianjun wry smile way "Tianjun is now a prisoner, and I’m too lazy to argue with you about a little white jade essence. The performance of the immortal emperor was terrible. Some of him actually directly shot the pick Jin Xian."
The learned man sank, "How?"
Mixed yuan Tianjun stretched out a finger to face opposing with some fear "a punch is a punch will directly kill the Jin Xian on the spot, even the fairy crystal was smashed into powder on the spot."
Everyone’s face is a little horror. If the Jin Xian’s strength is really similar to that of the mixed Yuan Tianjun, then the strength of the immortal emperor is really hard to imagine.
Mixed Yuan Tianjun added, "Tianjun found out at that time how wrong the previous estimate was. I’m afraid that the strength shown by Xiandi on that day could kill our four Jinxian departments on the spot, which is definitely a second kill for a Jin Xian."
He sighed again and shook his head. "From that day on, I told myself that I must be obedient to the immortal emperor, and I must never disobey his orders. Perhaps it was because I was very obedient after that. The immortal emperor actually trusted me with many things and specially sent me to do it. It was because of many things I talked and got along with at ordinary times that I felt more and more that the immortal emperor was not only unfathomable in strength, but also very different in speech and behavior. It was as if he had suddenly changed his personal life.
The learned real person nodded, "That was obviously really switched."
Mixed Yuan Tianjun said, "Tianjun has this kind of speculation in his heart, but he doesn’t even dare to have a trace of doubt when he accompanies Xiandi every day. Later, he happened to forget Chuanjun’s mind and didn’t dare to hide anything. He immediately told Xiandi that if he followed Xiandi’s former personality estimation, he would never laugh it off, but this time Xiandi showed great interest and took the initiative to forget Chuanjun’s plan to seize the underworld."
After the words of the mixed Yuan Tianjun were finished, everyone fell silent. Today is a great day for the restoration of the lich King. But as soon as these shocking plots are said, everyone’s heart suddenly weighs a heavy stone. It took a long time for the demon duke to slowly say, "The duke thinks that these things should be handled by the demon statue."
Everyone nodded, so the little demon king first imprisoned Forgotten Chuan Jun and Mixed Yuan Tianjun’s magic power and immortal power, and all the people in his hand flew straight to the magic statue mansion. Poor Forgotten Chuan Jun and Mixed Yuan Tianjun, two super masters, were crushed to death by a small stick and didn’t even bother to say a word. They accepted the reality and asked, "Did the negotiations just work?"
Xiao Hehe laughed. "Don’t worry, I won’t kill you if I say I don’t kill you."
The magic statue in the magic statue mansion was really shocked after listening to the little retelling, and asked Forgotten Chuanjun not less than the details of the passage. This just nodded and said, "It seems that there is no other way. Since the passage can’t be blocked, you can send someone to guard it."
Small shook his head and said, "It’s almost the same for others to keep a master of this level like Hunyuan Tianjun."
The magic statue smiled. "That’s right. Apart from forgetting that you can’t be trusted, there are only four of us left to guard it in turn. What do you think?"
Smiling, "I don’t have a problem with the safety of the underworld. We naturally have to do something."
The demon Lord shook his head again and again. "No, no,no. How can the top demons in the Lord do that kind of chat?"
The magic statue smiled and added, "Then I, as the Lord of the underworld, ordered the duke to guard?"
The demon Lord suddenly sneered. "The demon world is not always in a mess. Can you really command the Lord?"
The magic statue immediately laughed and the sound became cold. "Then I will kill you from the underworld and replace you with an obedient demon Lord?"
Demon castellan was taken aback and immediately took a step back and shouted "Zhen Yuan Shen Shi …"
He has always been hot-tempered. This scene is very similar to the scene when the magic statue asked him to borrow the Zhenyuan stone. The only difference is that there is a strict little beside him now.
The small stick seems to have been prepared without saying a word, and it was knocked over by a stick. The demon Lord’s Town Yuanshi was recently brought back from the Nine Heavenly Towers, which is more awesome than the Nine Heavenly Towers. At this moment, the baby is even more awesome than the Nine Heavenly Towers. The stick has knocked on the Town Yuanshi gently and skillfully, and it looks like a fragile sapling. The huge stone has been swept away gently.
It was this sweep that shook the demon Lord’s body, and none of the nine town gods came out. Instead, the demon Lord’s foot bounced off the stone as if touching.
"Yan Xiao what are you doing?" Demon duke flustered drink a way
Small eyelid to turn over "do what you say"
The demon Lord almost shouted "Zhen Yuan Shen Shi" again. Fortunately, he suddenly woke up and quickly covered his mouth and turned to look at the demon Lord angrily. "Are you threatening the Lord?"
"Cut the crap." The devil has always had a good temper. Today is also a rare decision. "It’s up to you to die or live."
The demon Lord gasped. He has always been angry. At the moment, the situation is better than that of people. I’m afraid that the three demon lords can’t compete with the iron triangle of the demon king Yan Xiao. He thought for a long time before he suppressed a sentence, "What’s the point of bullying me? Why don’t you go and find Pierberg?"