The "witness" is full of excitement. Ning Xiaoyue has forgotten the painful ass due to horse bumps.
"What witness?" What do you feel when you raise your eyebrows and feel cool?
"That Xiao Ning colluded with Zhan Wen’s murder evidence." Ning Xiaoyue waved back and escorted the man to the horse.
The man came over and looked somewhat uneasy at NingXiaoYue and Yan Liang. "Ning’s adult, I,,,"
"This is the head of Yan, the punishments. Tell the head of Yan what you said to me again." Ningxiaoyue was confident and surprised Yan Liang.
"What do you know?" Squinting his eyes, Yan Liang stared at him with great pressure.
"Xiao Shi Yue Cheng He Ji Pharmacy Dude, that Xiao Ning girl came to our pharmacy a year ago to buy an antiperspirant and sold it to her." And he gradually said that Xiaoyan was guilty of selling an antiperspirant and having poison.
Looking at him, Yan Liang gradually twisted his eyebrows. "Xiao Ning went to buy it himself?"
"Well, I paid three times more for it. It’s small, small, small." And he burst into kneeling.
"The Sujia couple and the two maids did take the sweatshirt the night they died, and the dose was very large. Alas, it was God’s eye that the geomantic omen in the Sujia cemetery was so good. After one year passed, the body didn’t rot much, and all the evidence was preserved." Ning Xiaoyue shook his head and praised his contribution
"Go" a pick up the guy Yan Liang turned and walked into the door.
"Oh, wait for me" also don’t boast her NingXiaoYue cold hum while chasing.
Tearing that guy Yan Liang went straight to detain Xiao Ning Fang Weiyuan just outside the small courtyard and seemed to know that Yan Liang would definitely come over.
"Door" walked into the courtyard, and Yan Liang drank it coldly. The guard and the catcher immediately beat the door.
Tearing the man into the room Xiao Ning also got up. The line of sight moved from Yan Lianglengli’s face and finally fell on the man in her hand.
See him at the same time Xiao Ning took a step back and turned white.
"The person who can testify against you is here, and now you don’t say anything because you said that these two people are also the principal criminals in the murder case. Although you don’t admit that Zhan Wen doesn’t let go, you are still the murderer. One person will put the murderer Xiao Ning into prison for selling drugs without permission." Let go of the cold hands in the hands.
The outside catcher came in and took the land. The man caught Xiao Ning.
"If I don’t admit that you can’t catch me forever, a drug dealer can’t convict me." Xiao Ning was caught staring at Yan Liang coldly.
"You overestimate yourself. Suko drinks abortion pills and you buy them. There are traces of you everywhere. Are you hiding well?" Raise an eyebrow Yan cool words very emboldened.
Xiao Ning’s mouth moved and finally said nothing. Obviously, what Yan Liang said was the real abortion drug, and she gave it to Su Kou.
The catcher took two people away, and the room was instantly clean.
Ning Xiaoyue turned to Yan Liang step by step with his arms around his chest. "Is the abortion medicine bought by Xiao Ning for Su Kou?"
"Li Dao went to check, but he hasn’t come back yet, but it doesn’t matter whether he checks now or not. She has admitted it." Yan Liang is a temptation, and this speculation has been in her heart for a long time. She thinks that Xiao Ning is Zhan Wen. He is a puppet at the mercy of Xiao Ning.
"Now the case has been settled" NingXiaoYue sighed and finally finished.
"Married" turned Yan Liang to go out,
I leaned forward and looked at Ning Xiaoyue, who was away from Yan Liang. "Why don’t you care if you get married?"
Li Daotian came back and found a barefoot doctor who sold Xiaoning abortion medicine.
Now all the evidence has been laid out, even if Xiao Ning wants to argue, she will argue.
The barefoot doctor said that Xiao Ning ordered a large dose when he bought the medicine. It is better not only to have a successful abortion, but also to kill people.
It’s all what she said herself. It’s obvious that Suko was killed.
"Alas, it’s really hard enough! Although she didn’t admit it, it was she who instigated Zhan Wen to be an accomplice. "Sitting in the pavilion, Ningxiaoyue shook her head and sighed, and she couldn’t help but think of Su Ke’s poor woman’s heart and felt pity."
"Back to the imperial capital, you hand over the autopsy results of Su Kou and Su Jia to Master Ge. This case will be tried by punishments." If it is handed over to the prefect of Liucheng, he will surely give a light sentence. After all, Lao Zhou Wang will be Liucheng.
"The person in charge of the three official departments is not handed over to the king of Weijun right here, but he can make a direct judgment." Ningxiaoyue looked at Yan Liang and sighed her stupidity.
Yan’s cold noodles are expressionless, but it is also beneficial for Weiyuan to forget this.
"It seems that you really didn’t take the king of Weijun seriously!" Ning Xiaoyue smiles and makes flowers.