"That’s who was scared to cry" Qin Ningxian proudly said.
In fact, this is a conversation between two girls of half a catty.
Ma Liang actually likes to watch movies, but there are no conditions in the village. It’s too cheat people to watch it with Qiu Xiaohan.
And Su Yuyao has a great home theater in her bedroom. Ma Liang has been moving her mind and experiencing it.
Ma Liang found that although women didn’t eat much, they also ate slowly. At last, everyone was satisfied with the meal for more than half an hour, but one or two didn’t want to move. Finally, Ma Liang got up and helped clean up.
Su Yu Yao always felt that she was the hostess here, so she had to do something, otherwise Ma Liang would abandon her and directly said, "Yuqi, go and help."
"I’m not going" Su Yuqi refused with a resolute attitude:
Chapter 45 Be a little reserved
Su Yuyao got up and twisted Su Yuqi’s ear to let her go to help, and then Qin Ningxian got up. Everyone went to the kitchen. Su Yuyao washed the bowls with Ma Liang, and their hands rubbed together from time to time. When the kitchen was finished cleaning up the bowls, it was only half washed. Can you believe it?
"I said are you two flirting or washing dishes?" Su Yuqi saw the clue and said with disdain.
"Smaller" Su Yuyao was worried that it would be bad if she saw the doorway by her mother Bai Xuan, but it obviously accelerated the speed, and Su Yuqi’s powder fist hammered Ma Liang before leaving the kitchen.
After a rest, the four of them went for a walk and walked slowly along the road in the community, because Su Yuyao didn’t dare to be too affectionate with Ma Liang, and it would be in trouble if he ran into someone he knew.
But Su Yuqi doesn’t care about these, pulling his arms and humming a happy little fairy.
Qin Ningxian walked with his head down and played with his mobile phone, almost hitting the tree. Su Yuqi even scolded a few stupid women. After all, it was not dark in the evening and the lights were already burning around.
"Be careful" Ma Liang put her hand on her sweet shoulder to help guide the way. She still lowered her head, and no one could see that her face was a little red. No one had any other thoughts. After all, Ma Liang behaved just like a brother.
"Elder sister, are you really going to go to the company class tomorrow?" Su Yuqi asked.
Su Yuyao was silent for a moment and nodded, then asked, "Do you want me to be in the company class or with Ma Liang?"
"With Ma Liang, of course," she said.
"Then you should study hard and try to take over mom’s career, so I can do whatever I want." Su Yuyao said only that she would rather believe that the sun would rise in the west than that it would really happen.
"Stop it, stop it, don’t look for me. I don’t want to get around with a bunch of people every day. I’m still busy reading documents and reports in the middle of the night." Su Yuqi said, "With so much money, I have to spend something sometimes."
Su Yuyao sighed, "So I can’t escape because she did it all for us."
Su Yuqi also fell silent, and now their lives are given by Bai Xuan, especially when she knows that her parents have divorced, and it is obvious that both sisters’ lives come from Bai Xuan.
Ma Liang also knows Su Yuyao. She is a very emotional person. It is as difficult as letting her choose her left hand or her right hand to give up her affection.
"Elder sister, what would you do?" Su Yuqi was a little sad.
"What can I do to go to the company and get engaged?" Su Yuyao replied.
"Wow, it’s so exciting that Ma Liang will take you away halfway again, just like the plot in the TV play." Su Yuqi was excited but was directly knocked on the head by Su Yuyao.
"What’s on your mind? I promise that’s all. If she really asks for more, then I can leave." Su Yuyao set a bottom line for herself. If she really lets her marry someone she doesn’t like, it’s no longer the so-called affection. What’s the point of how big the company can develop?
"But I have an idea." Su Yuyao smiled and stared at Su Yuqi.
"What do you want?" She said warily, hiding from Ma Liang.
"You come to get engaged so that I can relax." Su Yuyao has an unusual cunning in his eyes.
"No, absolutely not." She gave up and ran away quickly, and Su Yuyao couldn’t help laughing beautifully.
"What happened?" Qin Ningxian raised his head to react.
It’s getting late and there are more passers-by. Three girls are simply a beautiful landscape, and Ma Liang is even more enviable. One can make men drool.
Ma Liang saw some stalls with some ancient copper coins and some pots, beads and vases, which reminded him of his own small pot of longevity pot. Remember that shop owner himself went shopping with Zhou Ruotong.
And Ma Liang himself really wants to know more about this longevity pot, and it seems that it is not too far from that store.
"What’s the matter?" Su Yuyao asked. She came closer here, and Yuqi walked in front of Qin Ningxian and occasionally bowed her head and whispered something. Occasionally, Qin Ningxian was angry and scolded that youthful vitality and the blocking rate were really the most precious wealth in life.
"I want to go to a store to see if the boss who sells antiques knows about my little pot," Ma Liang said.
"Then go and see if I am with you today." Su Yuyao is also very interested. The slender jade finger hooked Ma Liang’s hand and Ma Liang also held her soft and warm.
While taking a shortcut, Ma Liangcai found that there were quite a few antique shops here.
"Why do you come to a place like this to chat?" Su Yuqi showed little interest in these things, and she felt the same way when she took a mobile phone and walked and played with Qin Ningxian.
"Don’t play with your mobile phone when you walk." Su Yuyao took two people.
"It’s okay to find someone to pull it." Su Yuqi turned around and walked a few steps against Ma Liang to "help me watch the road."
"How to help" Ma Liang is puzzling
"You are so stupid." Su Yuqi pouted and took Ma Liang’s hand to bypass her sweet shoulder.
Qin Ningxian put away her mobile phone. She was really embarrassed to take the initiative to do so.
Ma Liang understood what she meant, but Su Yuyao directly grabbed her ear. "How old are you? Can you be a little girl?"
"After he is your brother-in-law, can you be a little more serious?" Su Yuyao’s face turned red when he said this, which is equivalent to settling this relationship finally.
"What’s wrong? Do I have to hate him to make you feel comfortable?" Su Yuqi was eloquent instead.
"I’m too lazy to tell you how to get married after I see you." Su Yuyao breathed a sigh of relief. Many people looked at this side and it was embarrassing. This kind of thing can’t be publicized.
"If you can’t get married, don’t get married" Su Yuqi disdained.