The palace Ling Yan hurried to the imperial palace to hurry. She shivered and talked a little uneasy. "The emperor! Lin Daren Lin Daren she … "
Jun Chen was calling Li Xuanxin to discuss the matter with him. Suddenly he saw Ling Yan running and calling Lin Yu, and immediately threw the paper and asked him, "What happened to Lin Yu!"
Li Xuanxin, motionless, turned to look at Jun Chen’s abnormal eyes and looked at Ling Yan. Ling Yan wiped his palm and sweated, "Lord Huang Lin and Wang Wei have arrested Zhou Shixian and have been tried in Dali Temple!"
"What?" Jun Chen even shocked his eyes when he took a royal case.
What does that little bastard of his want?
Without any wind or preparation, she arrested someone for trial?
Is she crazy?
And she’s crazy. Is Qin Muyu crazy with her?
That’s impossible!
"Tell me what happened? !” Jun Chen’s eyebrows twisted into a Sichuan word as if there were Lin Yu.
After Ling Yan knew the ins and outs, he combed for a good half-day to make it clear to Jun Chen that "Lord Lin made some tricks to test out that Zhou Shi’s injury had already healed. The root was to borrow the disease to avoid interrogation. Lord Lin was convenient for Wei Wang and Wei Wang to send troops to capture Zhou Shisi’s report. By then, it was too late to be directly tried by Lord Lin at Dali Temple. At this moment, six Shang adults have all arrived."
What did Lin Yu do?
So unexpected?
No matter what she did, Zhou Aotian stopped being pressed, but what about the evidence?
She got the evidence?
Dare to judge?
How does she want to be tried?
With her mouth?
"Set up the Dali Temple!" Jun Chen, with a wave of his sleeve, is going to look at it at once.
Li Xuanxin stopped before saying, "Your move is inappropriate!"
Jun Chen looked at Li Xuanxin with a sharp eye. "Lin Yu is so unreasonable that I want to cut her position!"
Li Xuanxin shook his head slightly. How could he not see that Jun Chen was eager to protect Lin Yu’s mood?
But he doesn’t think so. "Since Lord Lin dares to act like this, she must have a reason. The emperor is afraid that he will disturb Lord Lin."
Li Xuanxin means that he believes in Lin Yu’s ability and she really shocked them.
Her move shocked everyone, but this is exactly what Lin Yu has always done. After seeing Lin Yu’s means and wisdom in Jiang Tao’s case, Li Xuanxin appreciated Lin Yu very much. Besides, Nangong Yi repeatedly told him before he left. This person is a rare talent, so let him pay a little attention.
Now it seems that Lin Yu is really a talent or a bold talent!
Jun Chen was a little calm before Ling Yan came to quote him. He was really frightened by Lin Yu!
I don’t have any favorable evidence in my hand. Even the body of the deceased was burned. If she dares to touch Zhou Aotian?
Still preparing for a trial today?