When the earthquake happened, Lin Yu was the first to feel that the travelers were more sensitive to this aspect than ordinary people.
Hello, everyone in the palace is going to the ground. Don’t pick up anything. Don’t even pick it up, you won’t be able to enjoy it.
Yu Mujun Chen was discussing with Fu Yu and Li Xuanxin at that time. When the earthquake of state affairs appeared, several people’s faces suddenly changed.
Mujunchen went straight to the direction of Lin Yu Palace without telling her to flick her sleeves and take flying skills, and then went to Feng Ling to protect Mujunchen.
From time to time, frightened imperial secretary fled out all the way and looked at the palaces falling in front of him. Mu Junchen’s face was always tense, and now he regretted it very much. He should always tie that little villain to his side.
Even if something happens, he can protect her for the first time. I don’t know if she has anything to do. Mu Junchen just feels that a gust of wind blows through the roots and no one can be seen, but Mu Junchen feels that time has passed so slowly that his heart can’t help but be manic.
Chasing after Feng Ling, they can’t help but spit, boss. Can you hurry up? We are tired as dogs now. If we hurry up, we will probably be scrapped directly.
Although it’s a piece of cake for martial arts high-skilled people to avoid several collapsed beams, their minds are focused on how to get to Yuchen Palace. Who will always pay attention to whether their image is perfect or not? Mu Junchen has always been spotless and dusty, and it is difficult to see a color at the moment.
When Mujunchen found Lin Yu, both of them saw each other’s surprise in their eyes, and they all thought that it was a good thing you were okay.
Mujunchen looked at Lin Yu for a while. Although the clothes were damaged in many places, they were stained with mud and accidentally smeared with black things, but they were very nice and didn’t feel scared.
Just now, Mujunchen also saw that she was directing people to investigate the number of missing persons in Yuchen Palace. The mentality seems to be very stable.
Mujunchen doesn’t know what to say to hold each other in his arms, so as to calm his just-upset mood. I think he was so flustered when he was in charge at the age of 16, and he had a bosom. This man refreshed his line again and again, leaving him at a loss as to how to deal with it.
Listening to each other’s pounding heart in her ear, Lin Yu also has a feeling of peace of mind. Even if the world is still, she thinks she is very willing.
However, the other person is hugging more and more, which is like stuffing her into the body. The feeling brings her back to reality.
"hey! What’s the matter with you? You’re hurting me. Let me go quickly. I have things to arrange. "
Lin Yu wakes up, Mu Junchen, when is it now? How can two people care about you and me? There are still a lot of things waiting for him to deal with.
No, the other party wakes up. Actually, Mu Junchen has just thought of these, which are rare warmth. I want to have more aftertaste later.
"Stay here and wait for me to arrange things and come back for you."
The aftershocks have passed, and the Haoyuchen Palace has not suffered too much damage. Only a few wing houses in the southeast corner have cracks, and everything else is fine.
"How can this be? I don’t know how serious the consequences of this earthquake are, but I can’t watch it without my help."
Mujunchen really doesn’t know what to do with this little bastard, and she is, after all, not an ordinary woman. With her assistance, it will really get twice the result with half the effort. Mujunchen left Glide for him to protect Lin Yu’ an and hurried back to Ganqing Palace.
Mei Fei and Yun Jue also arrived at Yuchen Palace and Lin Yu Round, and both of them were not injured. Lin Yu also lamented that the ancient buildings were reliable. It is said that the wooden structure is earthquake-proof and seems to be well-founded.
But when I heard that the princess’s palace was in a mess, Lin Yuling was in a mess. This is how bad it is. People’s hair is damaged and you are damaged, leaving only hair.
The queen is the boss in the palace, and Lin Yu is the helper. After all, she won’t let go if she wants to make moves on her side.
The injured were all treated by people in the Imperial Hospital and died unfortunately. For example, Wan Fei could bury her funeral as soon as possible. At this time, she could not consider a large number of bodies, and it was not nice to pile up in the palace.
Yun definitely followed her to several places and found that there was no need for her, so she said goodbye to Lin Yu, saying that she was going to see the people. There must be many civilians affected after the earthquake, and she was going to help them.
Lin Yu sighed with emotion and said nothing, but gave her enough silver tickets to support her to save more people
Lin Yu looked at the cloud and felt a lot of delicate background. Although the little girl is not a big person, it is very admirable to have a kind heart of a doctor.
Things happened in the harem. A princess was killed and several nobles were injured. He was just some maids and eunuchs. The casualties were a little higher, but it was all fine to handle. After all, there were no dissidents. It was all up to the queen.