Bing’s eyes widened in surprise. Hum, I didn’t think I wouldn’t go to find her, but the automatic door came. Slowly, her eyes flashed cold …
Chapter one hundred and fifty Her stratagem
"You’re finally here. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time." Mu Meixuan said to the ice with her feet up and a leisurely tea smile.
"How can I have this matter to miss Mu’s family to wait for me in person?" Bing also said with a smile that his eyes stared at each other greatly to outdo each other.
"Hum, how can I wait for Miss Er? You are my honor!"
"Needless to say, it’s not as simple as chatting with me." Bing stared at her ruthlessly. If her eyes can kill people, Mu Meixuan doesn’t know how many times to die!
"Come on, sit down first."
"You" Bing sat impatiently. "You didn’t say anything, did you? Then I said, did you kill Jay? "
Mu Meixuan didn’t answer and took another sip of tea.
"Don’t go too far. I know the truth about the death of Yumu’s family."
Sure enough, this sentence is very effective. Mu Meixuan listened to it and slowly let go of the cup of tea. She lifted her eyes and stared at the ice coldly.
"Sure enough, everything is because of you. What do you really hate? You ruin my plan every time? What do you always like to be right with me? " Mu Meixuan didn’t calm down just now, and the whole person got excited.
"That’s your own fault. You can’t blame others. You hurt too many people, whether it’s Xue and Lin or Jie. I don’t love Bai Jie so much. Why do you kill him so cruelly?"
"cruel? Hum, a great man will be ruthless, and he betrayed me first, and everyone who betrayed me and was not good for me will die, including you. "
Bing stared at her angrily and she gave a light smile.
"Mu Bingxuan, Mu Bingxuan, your life is really bitter. This generation is destined to die alone!"
"What do you mean?"
"Hum, everything is because of you. People around you, whether it’s snow, Lynn or Jay, have to die. Everything is because of you. If the snow is not you, she won’t have an accident; If Jay hadn’t helped you investigate the truth and protected you, he wouldn’t have died. All this is because you can’t blame me! "
Ice trembled after listening to it. First, if he hadn’t told Jay to feed and investigate the truth in those days, he wouldn’t have died because of himself … Ice eyes suddenly became holes. I’m sorry, Jay, I hurt you.
Mu Meixuan smiled proudly and approached the ice. Unfortunately, she didn’t underestimate the ice, did she?
Bing felt that she was coming to herself and suddenly got up and pulled out a knife from her waist and pointed it at her.
"Why? Do you hate me so much? Want to kill me? " Mu meixuan was surprised at the murderous ice all over her body, but she tried her best to hide her expression and looked at the ice calmly and disdainfully, saying
"…" Bing didn’t look at her with an unhappy expression, as if to say that you should stop pretending to be disgusting.
"You don’t do this? Well, I’ll tell you that I invited you here today. I want to tell you that I’m getting engaged to Night next week. "
Ice body shaking a.
"I wanted to tell you that you would be happy for me the first time you were my sister!" Mu Bingxuan put on a show.
"Hum night won’t get engaged to you."
"You don’t worry about my engagement with the night. I’ve already found someone to do it. Even the invitations will be sent to the people today. I’m afraid I will have the heart even if I don’t want to get engaged at night!" Mu Meixuan looks so sure that she seems to have planned it.
"Do you really think you and night can get engaged smoothly? Don’t forget that the name of the bride printed on the wedding invitation is’ Mu Bingxuan’! If I want to stop it, it’s a piece of cake. "
"Yes, that’s why I need your help."
Ice cocked a little and looked at her doubtfully.
Mu Meixuan drew a recorder from his pocket and handed it to Bing. "Please record a recording to make it clear who is Mu Bingxuan and who is pretending."
"You want me to say that you are the real MuBingXuan? Hum, it’s impossible. "Ice’s sharp eyes stabbed Mu Meixuan with a hint of firmness in her eyes. I will never let go and never give you the night."
Mu Meixuan didn’t feel angry because of the ice talk, but smiled "You will do it" and made a snap of his fingers.
A department dragged a woman out.
"Wang Ma" looked at the woman in fear and saw that the woman was in a coma and couldn’t hear her.
"What on earth did you do to her?" Ice turned around and shouted at her angrily.
"Don’t worry, she’s fine. She’s just in a coma."
"You are cold-blooded. She is our nanny. Like a mother, how can you be so cruel to her? How can you do this? "
"Hum, I have just said that anyone who is against me and betrays me will not have a good game. This is a good example! You and I didn’t know that he told you that I hired a killer. Otherwise, he told you where Ouyang Lin was trapped. You are loyal to me and love me. "Mu Meixuan smiled contemptuously." The roots are just lying to me, but I want to thank him. If he hadn’t been in contact with the snow often, I wouldn’t have doubted your true identity. This is his only advantage for me. "
"You’re-you’re crazy."
"I’m crazy. You forced me to cut the crap. You’d better record that recording for me. At this time, Wang Ma has nothing to do, but I won’t know it for a while."
"What do you want to do to Wang Ma? I warn you that if you dare to mess around, I will never let you go. "
"Hum, you’re not qualified to talk to me about the conditions. It’s up to you, not me."
"You …" Bing clutched the recorder in her hand, and she wanted to crush it like this, but no, Wang Ma still had no other way to go in her hand …
"I’ve recorded it and released Wang Ma." The ice expressionally handed the recorder to Mu Meixuan, and the sound couldn’t be colder.