Li Guzhong felt strange eyes around him and couldn’t help but be surprised. Before he stared, the abnormal teenager couldn’t wait to tear the teenager in half.
Seeing that Li Guzhong despised himself so much, Tang Jun couldn’t help but fly into a rage and provoke, "Are you a great six-order alchemist?"
Li Guzhong is furious. He is also a master of great honour level. He has lived for more than a hundred years and has never been so despised. Now he is so contradicted by a military commander. He couldn’t help fighting spirit daihatsu immediately took out a hallows from the ring, trying to severely punish the abnormal teenager in front of him.
The fifth-order alchemist beside Li Guzhong saw a genial situation and immediately grabbed his arm and put his mouth close to his ear. "Master, this abnormal teenager is an alchemist who broke the world record. You don’t want it."
Li Guzhong was surprised and looked at the abnormal teenager in front of him. His face was red and white, and he was embarrassed.
An alchemist who broke the world record will be able to enter the headquarters of the alchemist alliance almost 100% in the future. He has eyes to offend people. In the future, will he be able to keep his position as the president of the Nanliang alchemy alliance branch?
Thought of this, Li Guzhong had a cold sweat, but after all, he was a century-old monster, who had always been brilliant. At this time, he knew that the abnormal boy could not afford to offend him. As soon as his eyes turned, he immediately had an idea, smiled and handed the sacred piece in his hand to the young man. He smiled. "Hehe, this little brother is really an outstanding wizard who broke the world record. On behalf of the old South Liangguo alchemy alliance branch, he presented a sacred piece as a reward. I hope the little brother can accept it?"
Suddenly, the teenagers next to them are all stupid. What is the value of a sacristy? Their star-studded mainland is a sacristy with a minimum value of 100 million gold coins. President Li is so generous and willing to give away such a precious thing? Can you imagine how important this perverted teenager occupies in his mind at this time? Even the fifth-order alchemist was a little confused. When did the master always love money like life become so generous?
Tang Jun is also puzzling. He just wanted to have a big war with himself. Now President Li has given himself such a precious sacristy? To tell the truth, he didn’t look at the sacristy now, and he didn’t see anything about it. President Li was so hateful and precious in front of him. Don’t let him bleed a little. It’s still good that he already had an idea in his heart. Waiting for an opportunity to give this sacristy to the lovely Miss Lu is a big help to her.
Thought of this, Tang Jun put the sacristy into the ring and smiled, "Thank you, Li Huichang!"
Li Guzhong’s heart is killing him, but he didn’t find such a best step to please the young man in front of him. Even in his heart, he could resist a wry smile. "It’s good that my little brother likes it. I hope my little brother can come to our alchemy alliance branch after the game." Old also don’t bother you, you continue to test. "
Li Guzhong smiled at everyone and went out, but he ate a yabakui in vain. Will he give up? He immediately thought of Xiao Shenzhe. It seems that this abnormal teenager must be removed and can’t let him grow up again.
Tang Jun has just got a sacred object, and he is still complacent. Where did you think that President Li was so heartless?
Next, the teenagers will take the second test to check the intensity of fire owned by the body
If you want to have a "jack-o’-lantern" base, it is the most basic condition to be able to become a third-order alchemist. One by one, teenagers take turns calling for an out-of-body "jack-o’-lantern". There are still few teenagers who can really have a "jack-o’-lantern" and that miss Lu actually has a good and high-quality "jack-o’-lantern", which makes everyone surprised and envious.
Finally, when Miss Guo Tang Jun flashed the "divine fire", the teenagers and the fifth-order alchemist froze for a long time before they woke up and opened their mouths.
You don’t need to control the temperature if you put it in and refine Dan medicine. Every alchemist in the alchemist’s dream is eager to have a little variation level spirit fire, but this kind of baby is often rich and can’t be bought. Now two teenagers appear. You can imagine how shocked their hearts are.
Now that you have the "divine fire", Miss Guo and Tang Jun have successfully passed the direct examination and truly become a third-order alchemist.
His teenagers entered the other room for a fire control test, and it wasn’t long before the teenagers came out in high spirits. Three of them came out dejected and obviously they didn’t pass.
The fifth-order alchemist counted a number of teenagers who passed the examination successfully, totaling 32. He immediately sent the third-order alchemist blue clothes and personally wore three Venus alchemist epaulettes.
The teenagers all wore blue clothes and three radiant Venus epaulettes on their shoulders. Everyone left the stadium happily and came to the competition square.
Seeing the teenagers coming out, there was a warm applause immediately. No matter which country, the third-order alchemist is very precious and very popular.
When Tang Jun went in to take part in the test, the players who had already obtained the qualification of third-order alchemist had already taken part in the competition. Except for the five fourth-order alchemists, there were more than 30 third-order alchemists. At this time, they had finished the competition and were sitting in all the alchemists waiting for the result of the competition. Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Youth League Competition (5)
Tang Jun followed the teenagers in an alchemist’s class and glanced at the players and found two familiar figures. Unexpectedly, the Queen of Qin Man, Liang Lili, was also a third-order alchemist. They both threw a glad eye at Tang Jun after seeing that he was also a third-order alchemist.
The results of the competition among the players came out. More than 30 third-order alchemists and teenagers selected the top ten players to enter the second place, and so did the players who participated in the competition. Then, these 20 players were allowed to play in the finals, and the top five players would be qualified to enter the Nanfeng area for the semi-finals.
Unexpectedly, Li-li Liang and Qin Man both have good talent for alchemy, and both of them have entered the top ten. None of these players have successfully refined the fourth-order elixir "Poly Lingdan", but they have successfully refined the semi-finished elixir. After all, it is very good for the third-order alchemist to refine the fourth-order elixir.
Then it was the turn of these teenagers who had just won the third-order alchemy division. Because twenty alchemy furnaces were arranged, twenty players could go at one time. After drawing lots, Tang Jun was drawn to the back, but Miss Guo was lucky to be the first one. Tang Jun sent her an encouraging look.
Twenty young players, after the court, the Queen Lili Liang and Miss Qinman immediately ran to Tang Jun’s side and talked and laughed with him, causing the boys and girls next to them to cast angry eyes.
Refining the fourth-order Dan medicine "Poly Ling Dan" requires thirteen kinds of herbs, and a little low-order deity stone, fourth-order Warcraft Dan, precious high-order jadeite jade. The thirteen kinds of herbs are difficult to blend together, and it is also difficult to blend together with the jade jade that is not related to the deity stone, Warcraft Dan, which is a headache for all the players.
This alchemy process is divided into five steps: separation and fusion to form Dan; The separation of the first two can generally be achieved by the third-order alchemist, but by the third "integration", some players will not be able to do it. Fortunately, the players have prepared three materials for this competition, and they have two chances after the first failure.
Everyone is staring at a juvenile competition. At this time, it has reached the "fusion". Almost all the 30 th and 20 th young players are sighing and sitting on the floor with Miss Guo. The Qin teenager finally passed the third step and entered the "formation" because of his special fire.
Miss Guo’s "divine fire" has attracted attention in the place. After all, it is almost rare for this kind of "divine" baby to have boys and girls all day. I can’t believe that some people in a small country like Nanliang have such a horrible baby. Everyone is a little shocked.
The eyes of those teenagers are even more eager to immediately marry Miss Guo, who is as beautiful as a fairy, and go home.
It’s a pity that the "shaping" of Miss Guo, a teenager of Qin family, still failed to control it well.
"Forming" is the most difficult thing. If Dan medicine can take shape, there will be almost no problem in the final "forming Dan". However, if you don’t want Dan medicine to take shape, you can take a step back and refine it with high quality and low quality. This is better than complete failure, but they still have two opportunities, and of course they don’t want to give up the "forming" opportunity.
Seeing the failure of refining, Tang Jun cast an encouraging look at Guo Shimei. Miss Guo was very moved in her heart, and she was more infatuated with the Tang brother in front of her.