Yang Ye nodded and took a sniffle and said, "Eldest brother and younger brother send a poem, and hope that eldest brother will be so bold and care for his life."
"Third brother, please speak." Li Bai stepped back when his eyes lit up.
Yang night meditated and quickly recalled that he could remember Li Bai’s poems for a moment and said, "The living pass by and the dead return to the world."
Li Bai was shocked for a few seconds before he patted his hand slowly and said, "Good poem! Good poem! Li remembered.
Never forget this life! "He said, and after some doubts, he said," Since the third brother sees through life like this, he should pay attention to utilitarianism and want to serve the court? "
"It’s not about utility." Yang Ye smiled faintly. "Who died in life since ancient times?"
Li Bai’s eyes were wide and his lips trembled, and he slowly said, "Third brother! What a spirit!
You and I are sworn, but when it comes to talent and mind, you should be my brother! "
"Big brother is serious!" Yang Ye smiled gently. "I will remember having such a good big brother as you all my life!"
"Three younger brother in this? It seems that you and I can’t meet again in this life. Hehe, "Li Bai gently twisted his beard and smiled."
"That’s not true." Yang Ye also smiled. "Well, don’t say goodbye to your eldest brother. See you later!"
"See you later!"
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There are three palace groups in the imperial city of Chang ‘an, except Tai Chi Palace, which is located outside the north wall of the forbidden garden. There is a big palace in the east of Miyagi, and there is a Xingqing Palace in Qin Long Square. The original name of Yong ‘an Palace was built by Li Shimin’s father, Emperor Li Yuan. After Li Yuan’s death, Yong ‘an Palace was renamed the Grand Palace, and people have been living in it as a detached palace.
There are Yanzheng, Wangxian and Jianfu in the east and Xing ‘an in the west of the main entrance of Danfengmen in the middle of the south wall of Gongcheng. There is a right Yintai Gate in the middle of the western wall and a Jiuxian Gate in the north; There is a Zuoyintai Gate on the east wall; The north wall is in the middle of Xuanwu Gate, with Yinhan Gate in the east, Qingxiao Gate in the west, Xuanwu Gate in the north, and Chongxuan Gate in the middle.
Tang Huang arranged for Yang night to live in a palace in Xuanwu Gate.
The bodyguard took Yang night and Lan Yao chop all the way to the Grand Palace. Yang night looked around all the way. It was a novel look. Lan Yao chop was preoccupied. I don’t know what Yang Ye Tianyu Temple had just done.
Yang night also bobbed all the way, muttering, "I’m getting closer and closer to Yang Guifei as soon as I can control everything smoothly. Today’s mood is very different!"
Lan Yao cut aside and asked in a low voice, "What are you talking about?"
"Nothing nothing" Yang night hurriedly motioning with his hand smile apologetically.
At this time, a tip behind them came to "the gold medal, the true friend, wait a minute!" Wait a minute! "
Yang Ye and Lan Yao cut their heads and looked back and saw the big eunuch just outside Tianyu’s temple trotting after him. Before Yang Ye, he "plopped" and gasped and said, "I’ve paid my respects to my true friend!"
"What’s the matter?" Yang night one leng.
"Return to your true friend’s adult. The slave is ordered by the emperor to serve your adult from today. The emperor said that if you are not considerate, you should ask your true friend’s adult to become a slave!" The big eunuch knelt down without looking up.
"Well," Yang Ye smiled, "well, get up. It’s just that I still have a lot to ask you after I’m unfamiliar with the palace!"
"True destiny bosom friend adult! Don’t say that. This is the life span of a slave! " The big eunuch quickly kowtowed.
"Okay, okay, what’s your name?" Yang night asked with a smile
"I’m a slave, and I’m poor, and I see my true friend!" The eunuch quickly replied.
"Oh, it turned out to be a mountain father-in-law." Yang Ye smiled. "Get up, get up and go with me to our temporary residence. Haha." Say that finish, Yang Ye pulled Lan Yao to cut and turned around and walked.
Mountain father-in-law quickly got up and shook his sleeve and bowed his head with his chest.
Yang night is proud of this feeling of being served by eunuchs, which is really cool, different from the feeling of being served by maids in the former Yang family mansion.
But at this time around to the blue demon cut extremely destructive atmosphere dissonance "red Bi what are you happy about? Why do you always wear such a strange green hat? "
Yang Ye’s face suddenly turned ugly and quickly raised his hand to pick it up. He hesitated and put his hand away. Ma Qiang smiled. "You should call me husband!" Said and pointed to a green hat "good-looking? This is the hat given to me by the Emperor Tang! I want to keep it and take it back. That’s a cultural relic! What a great honor from the emperor! Hey hey hey … "
Lan Yao glanced at Yang Ye lightly and said, "Don’t I don’t know what the green hat means." Then he patted Yang Ye on the shoulder and sighed and said, "Are you going to smile again?"
Yang Ye was stunned and then grinned and said with tears, "You must know the past and ask again!"
Yang Yelan Demon Chops the Mansion for the time being. Grandfather Yang Yelan Demon Chops the Bedroom. Grandfather Yang kept introducing and explaining the sabre guards’ reverence for Yang Ye. Grandfather Yang led the way civilly to the bedroom. Grandfather Yang was busy arranging all kinds of servants, eunuchs, ladies-in-waiting, picking up water and cleaning the bedroom. Grandfather Yang Yelan Demon Chops the bedroom. Let him take a seat and let him leave for a while and then greet him.