A beautiful woman came in Duan Qingyun’s room at an unknown time. She was exploring something.
Her white face was cold, and it seemed that she never smiled. She kept turning over Duan Qingyun and lived in every corner of the room. When she picked out a thick piece of kraft paper from the black garbage bag in the corner of the door, she looked at the kraft paper and there was a trace of crimson powder left. Her cold face actually burst into a once-in-a-thousand happy smile.
"Ha ha … ha ha ha …" The room echoed with her strange smile. She gently held that piece of brown paper in her hand as if she were holding a rare treasure for fear of losing a little bit of medicine every week! This is a real Duan’s aphrodisiac!
Coming out of Duan Qingyun’s room, she went straight to the room where Lin Yushan lived. This time, she was a little disappointed. After searching for a long time, she didn’t find anything she was looking for. When she was about to leave in disappointment, she saw a slender glass test tube lying upside down in the corner of the toilet. Suddenly, her eyes lit up. She grabbed the test tube and all her eyes were in it. The orange liquid reflected her cold face into orange, even her eyes became orange.
Gently, he lifted the plug of the test tube, dropped a drop of orange juice on her slender finger and put it in her mouth.
She smiled at the cold face, which was very strange.
She carefully put the test tube into her close-fitting pocket and walked out of Lin Yushan’s room.
But this test tube is exactly what Duan Qingyun inherited from Zhao Linghua. Lin Yushan’s fever has reduced and Zhao Linghua and Huang Liang have been locked in the toilet. It seems that Zhao Linghua was in a hurry to leave this small test tube. It seems that Zhao Linghua is in pain now!
Out of Lin Yushan’s room, she went straight into Mr. York’s room and was about to search for what she wanted when two good-looking members came in.
The clerk politely said, "Hello, the guests have already left. It’s time for us to tidy up the room. If it takes too long, the boss will be angry. Please forgive me!"
As soon as she listened to the cold face, she smiled, raised her hand, reached into her pocket, took out a thick stack of money, about 20 thousand, and handed it to the two people in front of her. "Thank you, please give me another ten minutes, okay?"
Looking at this thick and heavy pile of money, the two women didn’t expect her to take the money so generously. The woman wanted to push the money to her, but the other woman grabbed them and left Mr. Yorkshire’s room without saying anything.
She looked at the back of the two women and shook her head and smiled. Then she quickly turned to Mr. Yorkshire’s room and searched carefully for what she wanted to find.
Mr. York’s room was a mess. She patiently rummaged through one dress after another and carefully lifted the bed to see if there were any valuables.
Ten minutes later, two women pushed the door and came in again.
"Hello, our boss urged us again just now. Have you finished your work? If it’s nothing, we’ll clean the room …" A female clerk said.
She was stunned when she heard it, but she was not in a hurry. She took out a thick stack of money from her pocket again and handed it to the maid. "Please give me another ten minutes!"
The two women’s faces lit up when they watched the money in their hands leave Mr. York’s room.
But she doesn’t care. Money seems to her like waste paper.
She went on searching. When she touched something hard from Mr. Yoklin’s crumpled sheets, her indifferent eyes lit up again. It was a square-mouth, round and deep red wine bottle! It’s the bottle that Mr. Yorklin took out before Li Hu confronted him.
She gently twisted the bottle cap and sniffed the bottle near her nostrils. She felt a deep coquettish smell coming from her nose. Her brow wrinkled and then her cold face overflowed with a strange smile again.
She gently tidied up her clothes and her slightly messy hair. Looking out of the window, she finally calmed down her extreme excitement. Her face regained her usual cold and then quietly left Mr. Yorkshire’s room and disappeared at the end of the corridor …
Director Zhang’s mobile phone has never stopped on the winding Panshan Highway from the city to the county seat. Director Zhang’s mobile phone bell rings all the time in the whole car. "Du Shiniang" makes people feel numb
Duan Qingyun has Xiaoya in his heart. He silently prayed for Xiaoya. Don’t have an accident. I finally met a beautiful woman like you who is both human and emotional. I can’t live without you!
Tree-lined took out a handkerchief and gently wiped off Duan Qingyun’s forehead, constantly overflowing with cold sweat to comfort him. "Don’t worry about everything with our director Zhang, you can rest assured that our director Zhang must return the whole Xiaoya to you. Don’t you trust our director Zhang?"
Listening to the tree-lined words, Duan Qingyun’s heart has been slightly relaxed. Judging from the words that Director Zhang gave to friends from all walks of life just now, he knows that Director Zhang’s ability can reach the sky and the surrounding area of the county town is almost impossible without him! This is not the typhoon shelter hotel center package more than a dozen heavy encirclement has been formed! If you want him to show up at Zheng Million, Director Zhang will know for the first time!
And director Zhang is so dedicated, of course, because Duan Qingyun is as close as brothers, and he is also deeply dissatisfied with the three old hairs. But it can be said that director Zhang’s attitude towards the three old hairs is no longer as respectful as before, but quick! It’s a great shame for Mr. York to be laughed at for calling Director Zhang a "scum" in public! This revenge is not a waste of men!
When he was about to enter the county seat, the car stopped. Duan Qingyun ordered the car to stop because he saw a car parked at the edge of a forest in front of the corner. Duan Qingyun recognized the car at a glance as Zheng Million’s black Audi A8.
Duan Qingyun is thinking of car director zhang a pull on his arm, "and so on behind the boxing team members! Don’t you know that many hands make light work? "
Then Director Zhang took out his mobile phone and called the captain of the criminal police team. "Ma and his comrades came to the forest two kilometers away from the east gate of the county!"
As soon as the goal was discovered, everyone’s vigilance rose.