Chapter two hundred and one Kill ninja
Chapter two hundred and one Kill ninja
As the morning palm breeze hit the original living room towards the corner corner of the bedroom, there appeared a masked man in black, and a black man pulled out a black Kodachi to meet the morning palm breeze.
"Pa" A black dress person can’t believe that the small knife in his eyes was immediately smashed by the palm wind in the morning, and then the palm wind was castrated, and the black dress person’s chest was scratched with broken pieces of Kodachi. If it weren’t for the morning, I wasn’t sure what the bearer was and didn’t have much true qi to turn into the palm wind, maybe this could directly result in the life of the black dress person, but this slight light made the black dress person show its original appearance.
In the morning, I felt that something was wrong with this short black dress person. Now the black dress person not only had his chest scratched by Kodachi fragments, but also cut off the black dress person’s mask to reveal the appearance of masked black cloth. That disgusting short beard, even a person who has lived in this plane for many years in the morning, can see at a glance which country this masked man comes from that other person hates.
"Is it a ninja in R country?" Yu Qiuxue also immediately said
"It’s just rubbish in bird country. Tell me what you’re here for. Don’t tell me that you can’t speak Chinese. Don’t you bird people like to steal other people’s languages to touch your animal language?" In the morning, I was full of contempt for the badly injured ninja, but I was scanning the bird with songs in my heart. I have never met anyone from this country since I returned to earth for so long, and I was still a ninja.
And the ninja in Bird Country is full of horror. Looking at the morning, I can’t believe it and say, "How is it possible that I am a big R country and I have been in China for several years? How can you defeat me so easily?" Impossible even if you are a royal ghost waiter, it is impossible to resist my big R country … "
I can’t bear to interrupt the ninja nonsense in Bird Country in the morning. What the hell is just the guy who has just reached the prefecture level? What nonsense? Well, if the prefecture-level primary bird country can achieve "power", wouldn’t it be worse for itself? What kind of ghost-bender should bring me, the authentic god-bender of China, to compare with playing imp in Bird Country, which is a great insult to the ghost-playing industry.
"I don’t care what nonsense you are. Tell me the purpose of your visit to me quickly so that I don’t have to take measures to torture you!" It’s not necessarily necessary to take out the means of god-bending when dealing with your own country. It’s a little hurtful and inhuman, but it’s different when dealing with birders. Is it necessary to be humane when there is no burden on birders? That root is to contribute to the cause of clean pollution and environmental protection
"Hum! It seems to be an intelligence error. I didn’t expect that this goal is not only a famous ghost teacher with the fastest update, but also a powerful martial arts teacher. I won’t be easily discovered by you again. Ninja doesn’t need to use strong force to deal with you. It just needs a knife gently. "Said the black ninja, confident and looking at the morning, I don’t know when a small ball appeared in his hand. A few cubic meters of thick white fog immediately appeared when he fell in front of him.
"Well, escape?" The morning sneers at the blockade of their gods. Someone wants to escape. It’s still a local water ninja with a huge grade gap. It’s simply reckless. The thick white fog is easily blown out of the window with a broken piece of wood. The black ninja failed.
Yu Qiuxue couldn’t help but say, "It turned out to be a rare wooden bear. Generally, ninjas are earth-dodgers or fire-dodgers. R-country forests are extremely rare. This ninja has a strong latent assassination ability. Even in high-rise buildings, it is easy to ignore his killer because of the natural smell of wood. This kind of wooden bear is extremely dangerous. The assassin was sent to assassinate Tianchen’s brother."
"Oh?" Morning is a long experience this time, and at the same time, I can’t help nodding. It’s because this bird ninja’s wooden attribute breath and apartment are scared by the autumn snow girl that he ignores this black ninja. If this guy hasn’t found it himself, he will suddenly and violently attack. Although he won’t get hurt, it’s difficult to cut off his clothes. It seems that this ninja is very confident. Can he kill himself at any time without immediately starting work or does he appear too suddenly that he hasn’t reacted yet? It is more likely to be estimated later.
The ninja in black took a very obscene pause, and it seemed that he was preparing for the wooden escape and then landed conveniently, but the broken piece of wood in his hand found himself still restored and fell to the ground.
"How … how is that possible! How can I fail if I have never worked for my husband? "
Unwilling to let the black ninja re-examine the device and force the wood to display the wooden dun again, but there is still no miracle in his imagination. The wooden dun still works.
"Learn a little bit of five elements fur just want to escape my five elements reiki blockade? It’s a fantasy that I’ll give you back to refining for 100 years at your garbage level, and you won’t be able to get out of my blockade for five elements. Tell me who sent you. Although I hate you birds today, I don’t think you will be driven by interests, so I’ll hide here, right? Who or which family colluded with you? "
When I found out that the man in black was a ninja in Bird Country, I thought that I was angry today. Maybe a hostile family with Yushi was colluding with Bird Country and Bird Country to deal with myself and my family. This kind of behavior made Tianchen extremely angry. If it weren’t for the autumn snow, I might not be able to directly use the technique of injury and skill to deal with this ninja in Bird Country. However, this ninja in black with short beard didn’t realize that too many ninjas in R country might act unexpectedly in the morning. When I saw that ninja in black, I smiled strangely. Then when I felt the black blood coming out of the corners of the mouth of the black ninja in the morning, it was obviously some kind of giant ginger collectors’ surprise that when the black ninja just showed the black blood in the corners of his mouth, an ordinary person saw a light blue fire and then the black ninja burned alkane.
"Not good!" The morning is also a surprise, and then I grabbed the burning alkane with one hand and left a little residue. The deep fire and the sacred breath directly invaded the curved fire, and the soul was not yet burned. Seize and stop the peripheral deep fire from completely burning the soul.
"I didn’t expect the bird people to be stupid and not only commit suicide, but also the soul. What a pity! I don’t care if I touch this little ginger fire! " Tianchen sneered and invaded the ninja soul struggling in black, although it had been burned by Qu Jiang, but the remaining soul still had a lot of memories for Tianchen to read.
It’s a pity that Tianchen was really disappointed this time. Although the ninja’s life memory base is complete, Tianchen didn’t get what he wanted. The black ninja’s name is Kangtian Sajiro, and he is an R country appraiser. However, he is a family foam ninja who accepted the employment of a famous Asian R country assassination organization "Black Dragon Sting" and accepted various difficult levels. This time, "Black Dragon Sting" released an assassination Tianchen bonus as high as $ 5OO, and Kangtian Sajiro just accepted it for the first time near Beijing. The next day, I got the address of this apartment from the intelligence network, and I ambushed it until it was discovered by the morning that I failed to commit suicide. So people released the list of "Black Dragon Stings", and Kangtian Sajiro didn’t know it
I didn’t get too much information, and I didn’t beg for grace in the morning. After I learned that someone was going to assassinate myself, I could be wary that the small R assassination organization "Black Dragon Sting" actually accepted the assassination. If I think about it in the morning, I have to find a chance to solve an R bird island. I am really interested in seeing it …
"Brother?" Yu Qiuxue looked at the morning in disbelief. Although she was knowledgeable, because just now Kangtian Sajiro committed suicide, suddenly that song Thai fire was a variation of R country. A strange flame could burn the soul and make it fly away, but it was only limited to a few R country ninjas who dared to break so much. There were not many ninjas who committed suicide. Therefore, although Yu Qiuxue had heard about it, he had never seen it with his own eyes, but he couldn’t think of this song ginger fire at the moment.
"Nothing. This bird ninja was hired by others to assassinate me. Finally, you killed yourself by ginger fire. I can’t see that this guy is a little more than other birds. It’s worth looking at the place, but that’s all. Forget it. Let his soul go home lightly. It’s not so lucky to come back again." While explaining to Qiu Xue, he took the soul fire into the ghost subject one morning, and then let his former residence dissipate into heaven and earth. It’s different …
Put a samadhi true fire operator to directly destroy the body of Kangtian Sajiro and listen to the autumn trail. "Brother Tianchen, I think you’d better move to the family, right? Although it is also a family protection scope here, it is a family defense force in residential areas after all. It is very weak here. Although your strength is high, be careful that these guys will play tricks. "
Of course, I can recognize the central color of autumn snow discourse in the morning, but I still shook my head in the morning. "Autumn snow needs to be miserable outside for a while. When I have the strength to break into the house, I will naturally go back to my family. When the time is right, I will break into the house and formally take over the family. I also need you to help me manage the dark dragon."
"Well," autumn snow-white point a little head, "that’s all right! Then I won’t care about you. Remember, I’m your little secret and you have to contact me at the first time! " Said the autumn snow geisha demonstration shook his fist and looked at the morning.
Why does this girl feel like a housekeeper when the horse surrenders in the morning I really don’t know which young man suffered …
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Who Valley Island
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Who Valley Island
"Ga!" In the dark room, a middle-aged man in his forties looked at his hands with trembling hands and reported malice, keeping a close eye on a black ninja in front of him.