The destructive power is 97%
Raphael (Raphael), the second leader of Identity Evil Night, N.3 killer.
Favorite color purple
Known as handsome king
I love to watch good plays (the stars are dizzy! )
Birthday July 1st.
Constellation Cancer (desert star, why didn’t I find it)
I hate people who are crazy about flowers and plants (desert star hey hey! Thief laughs)
Leader logo purple mask purple cross ear nail back Z mark
The appearance of facial features is exquisite, the skin is smooth, white and purple, the short hair is purple, and the peach blossom eyes are full of affection (a set of ice Xuan words). A bad smiling face and even two thick eyebrows have soft ripples. It seems that they have been smiling all the time, bending like a bright moon at night, and the pale skin sets off a light pink lip, which highlights the perfect facial features, especially the dazzling diamond earrings in the left ear add a touch of unruly to his sunshine and handsomeness …
The first gang in Asia is the Phantom of the Phantom Sect, and the second gang is evil night cult.
The top six family groups in Asia, from big to small, are left, mu, mu, an, Jia, Xia and Su.
Nanmowei College, the first aristocratic school in Asia, is funded by the top six groups. Zuojia, the largest shareholder, has seven classes: A, B, D, E, F and Super Class.
previous ages
In the dark
A rose is quietly blooming.
The wind caress its body.
To make it easier.
In the dark
A young girl came to it.
Touche its delicate petals gently.
A black light slowly injected into it.
Its white flower slowly turned gray.
In the dark
It incarnates as a girl.
Wandering around outside
In the dark
It met a boy.
His eyes
As bright as a star
As deep as night
In the dark
It loved him.
In the dark
They dated.
every time
It is both excited and scared.
Hi, I can meet him.
Worry is that terrible punishment.
In the dark
She discover its secret.
It shivers.