When you step on the ground and bang, people and the ground are separated and opposed, how can you borrow strength from the earth? Some people don’t understand this point. The earthquake has made the house roar with great skill. Don’t you know that it is strength when it looks strong?
Dai Ruoxi doesn’t have this problem. Every time she steps out, her feet don’t sound, but every time the nail is nailed, the person will slide forward and move smoothly, which naturally gives people a kind of aesthetic feeling of bouncing out.
As the door rang, Xie Cunguan came out and looked at the courtyard. He couldn’t help but stop to watch.
After dealing with the things at hand, he returned to Kyushu island yesterday with better military security and identity
This hospital is the same one where he and Dai Ruoxi lived together.
In the process of his departure from Japan to follow Shibata Hiroshi, the contradiction between the Black Dragon Association and the Black Dragon Association Yamaguchi Group has broken out, and conflicts with each other have continued. Dai Ruoxi and Hengyu are running the Kyushu Black Dragon Association, and the defense has continuously shrunk, and finally the balance of power between the two sides has been reached. In the last few conflicts, the Black Dragon Association Department and the Yamaguchi Group have not occupied the wind and gradually stopped.
This is also the reason why Xie Cunneng transferred Guo Tanlu to Taiwan Province in the later period.
The secret base in Taiwan Province has come to an end. The Peng family in Hualien has been in a state of collapse because of this incident. On the one hand, it has been severely suppressed by the government, and its legitimate business has been seized by various means. The killing of Peng Xiongbi and Peng Kunbiao has had a great impact on the Peng family’s life. It happened that the house leaked and it rained in the secret base. On the other hand, the Peng family was strangled by the Japanese in the base. Although the Peng family was finally killed by the Japanese, several people escaped and were released by Wang Yibing. After returning to the power, they naturally told these forces with salt and vinegar.
Xie Cunguan was deeply concerned about the damage of the mercenaries with sharp knives, and instructed Long Hanyun to suppress the Peng family, which was in the drowning stage.
Ten people in the Japanese submarine, Gao Qiao Chuncheng and his party, were directly suffocated in the submarine.
Most of those who stayed were detained by the Taiwan Province authorities, and a small number were chased by Longhan’s hired killers.
These specific things Xie Cunguan didn’t continue to ask him to return the fierce knife man to the base to repair himself and Guo Tread Lu returned to Japan, but this time Chen Hao, Li Dao and Zhang Boran followed the three people. The martial arts have been quite good. Liangshan, Yangwa and Mule, who are murderous and bloody, have returned to Kang Shunfeng.
Xie Cunguan has his own reasons for this arrangement.
Because the first thing to do when returning to Japan is to provoke the contradiction between the Black Dragon Club, the Yamaguchi Group, the Inagawa Club and the Kyrgyzstan Club, people in Jianghu are more familiar with these things than military personnel.
Of course, after the rest, the swordsmen will gradually enter Japan’s reunification, and Wang Yibing will command them to take care of themselves. This wave of troops will help the two groups of forces to act independently, that is, to take care of each other and to be better than to get together. The goal is too big to attract Japanese attention.
Another reason why the knives are so fierce is that this day is not only for the older generation of knives, but also for recruiting and training a new crop of people. In the past, except for the technical department, only 10 people can be pulled out to fight, and there are 60 new people in total.
According to the arrangement of Xie Cunguan and Wang Yibing, ten people are familiar with the fierce knife wind and have accumulated some experience in urban latent combat, so they each take six newcomers as the vice squad leader according to the army establishment, and seven people live together in daily life and blend into local life.
After all, this force, as a reserve force, cannot destroy the "Imperial Renaissance Association" without considerable strength.
Dai Ruoxi finished punching calmly and looked at Xie Cunguan.
Xie inch officer smiled "kung fu more fruity …"
Dai Ruoxi turned red. "You are becoming more and more talkative …"
Speaking of which, being a little rusty and polite makes both of them slightly embarrassed. Xie Cunguan is a ghost in his heart. After all, he has figured out his fear of not letting Zhang Miaoer go again this time, and he can’t be sorry if it’s gone. After all, the dead are gone and the living are still there. I can’t let this kind and beautiful girl grow old in Nai.
He still has that dream occasionally.
Drumming drums and horseshoe disease people come and go to fight.
He is urging the horse to gallop, and the figure is shuttling around to kill. Suddenly, a riding oblique rushed over his ear, and the horse warrior leaped like a god with a roaring knife, borrowing people to speed up and borrow horsepower to hang his head and split his shoulders obliquely.
He tried his best to dodge backwards, but obviously he couldn’t come.
Suddenly, a pike appeared like a snake spitting letters, and a throughput flashed on the neck side of the famous officer.
Blood splashes. The body of the longitudinal horse galloping warrior was suddenly shot and fell. Mata turned to look and saved his life. The guy was holding his gun and reined in, revealing a smile to him. The dimple loomed.
Suddenly, a long arrow went through the neck armor and shot into the side of the man’s neck with a heart-pounding whistling sound.
The gun was pulled upside down in Xie Cun’s official horse. At the moment when the horse ran, Xie Cun’s official saw that the person who saved his life was screaming with his mouth open, but there was no sound.
"let’s go-"that’s his understand of that mouth.
That face is Dai Ruoxi!
"Cherish the person who has dimples. Maybe she is your former lover and comes to you with the memories of your previous life …" Every time this time, Xie Cunguan will always think of this passage.
At the moment, I feel a palpitation when I look at Dai Ruoxi’s tiny dimples. Is it true that Ruoxi is his lover’s special midnight dream? He always seems to hear Dai Ruoxi’s crying sound in the long street "Xie Cunguan-do you know I’m calling you? Xie Cunguan-Do you know that I love you? I really love you so much that I love myself! "
People are very sensitive animals, maybe it’s Xie Cunguan’s mood change. The meeting between them is not natural. When they met last night, the atmosphere was already a little subtle. After a night, the embarrassment seemed to be stronger. Fortunately, the door of the next room rang and a female voice came, "If Sister Xi practiced early, don’t call me!" With the sound, a pretty girl has arrived at the hospital.
"Heng Yu, when did you practice martial arts?" Xie inch officer looked at a loose pajamas hengyu some surprise.
"I like to practice bai! The dead horse cannon said that it was nothing more than their Luoyang mind, so I went to Ruoxi’s sister to teach me to wear a family mind boxing. I didn’t expect that I was so energetic that I didn’t even have acne on my face after practicing boxing … "Heng Yu said, she moved her body and then squatted and turned over the abdomen." I didn’t know that this mind boxing can keep fit. Look, Ruoxi’s sister’s skin is as tender as white jade. My sister said that it was all from practicing boxing, and I want to practice like that! "
Xie inch officer listened to can’t help but look at Dai Rexi.
Dai Ruoxi saw Xie Cunguan’s eyes turn to avoid his eyes. Some of them were slightly shy. "Don’t listen to Heng Yu’s nonsense. I’m almost an old woman …"
Xie inch officer in the mind is a throb at Dai Rexi eyes with a little pity.
Yes, Ruoxi is still the same as Ruoxi, but her age is not small. The young age is fleeting, and the old girl is easy to get old. In the most beautiful years, she stayed with her silently, but she didn’t get the love she deserved. At that time, the silly girl who shouted "Break your head first" had become mature and independent.
"Is she nicer to you than me?"
"You are all very kind to me!"
"Is she prettier than me?"
"Do you think I am a greedy ghost?"
"Is it a choice?" A little face full of tears without skipping words
"I’m sorry!" Have a guilty voice
"No, I’m sorry! I’m sorry if you change your mind and don’t tell me! " Tears and smiles are so clear at this moment. "It’s good to have no deception. Speaking of it, thank you for taking care of me for such a long time and giving me a good memory!"
"There will be a big cake this birthday …" Dai Ruoxi said behind him when he broke up that year, and this sentence has become so clear at the moment.
At this time, Xie Cunguan remembered that it was time for a year’s birthday again.
Maybe this year is to fulfill the promise of preparing a big cake for her.
The doorbell suddenly rang at this time. Xie Cunguan turned his mind and found that Ruoxi had hit the gate. He rushed in directly and saw Xie Cunguan with a simple and honest smile. "Boss, you are finally back!"
Xie Cunguan is used to the name of Ma Paoer, but it’s not a shame that he arrived late yesterday. It’s already very fast that Ma Paoer can come here at this time on Kyushu Island. To be continued.
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