Yan Gui’s well-received. Obviously, she is not very happy.
Mu Xiang knew that the main event was coming, and he fell to his knees in the previous step. "I am guilty, and my brother is really … and I am also a teacher."
"Prime Minister, get up and talk." Yan Gui is faint. "Your brother, like a brother, really can’t control the princess’s handwriting, but it’s useless for the princess to cry. I don’t know whether it’s Feng Yin or the regent princess Wang."
"I am guilty! I … When I didn’t deal with Zhang, it was … I begged the report to be punished. "Mu Xiang knelt down again.
"It’s true that the third brother didn’t give up for a while and didn’t delay the discussion. Is there anything that doesn’t take Feng Yin seriously?" Mu Xiang said this but never said anything about it.
"The Prime Minister’s words are somewhat ambiguous. The princess is in charge of Fengyin. How can the Prime Minister mean that Fengyin can still do things herself?" High wind laughed
"It is this wrong" Feng Ling also said.
At this time, the generals will resolutely say these words as far as they can, that is, the high wind Feng Ling
Mu Xiang is busy. "I dare to mean this. Princess Sue is the empress."
"It seems that the longing for the princess Wang is always denied in my heart." Yan Gui is cool and cool.
Needless to say, it’s too white. I want you to think it’s my princess
People can’t tell the difference. They should be called Princess Su, but you can’t.
Mu Xiang, think about the beautiful words. Princess Su, think about her crazy daughter and Mu Wanmiao, who have their own plans, and give a deep sigh.
Can I change my mind after the recognition that "I dare not recognize the princess naturally"?
What dare you say when Mu Jia has recognized Wanjia?
"The side princess was born badly, and the king didn’t want to treat her badly. He also hoped that the family would not come out again." Yan returned.
"It will never happen again …" Mu Xiang Xin Dao didn’t know how to pay you back. In fact, don’t you just spoil a Su family?
"My little girl is not fit to enter the palace because she is afraid of disturbing the princess’s health. Why not rest at home for some time?" Mu Xiang asked
"By the Prime Minister," Yan naturally knows what happened to Mu Wanting. He knows that Mianmian can’t do it and Mu Wanting can’t die too fast.
But he won’t allow her to threaten Mianmian.
When I got back to the mansion, I longed for Xiang and went into my room.
After today, Mu Wanting is completely out of position.
Don’t really dare to hold Miaoer to hold down Su’s like my father thinks?
It’s just good to get a princess.
MuWanting but backyard and her mother make a Cao Shi or should also really want to help her, but gradually see wrong MuWanting is very wrong.
It seems that she can’t think normally, and she has almost no second thoughts except for Su’s death.
According to previous rumors, Cao Shi also knows that she doesn’t know women and naturally knows what these things mean to Mu family.
If you really hurt Su’s at this time …
Soon the mu family will be devastated.
She doesn’t care about her family, but she has also lived in the local infighting for decades. But what if once the family falls down and the nest is laid?
"Madam, the more … ah …" Mammy went to see MuWanting and sighed.
It’s just crazy
"Has the master come back?" Cao Shi asked.
"Back to the room?" Mammy replied.
Cao Shi nodded and got up and took people to the room.
When I went in, I saw Mu Xiang sitting and not talking. Cao Shi poured him a cup of tea. "My body has never been favored by my master in these years."
Cao Shi manyouyou avenue
"What is this?" Mu Xiang embarrassed way
"It’s also reasonable that my body is fine and it’s not easy to have a daughter. It’s also reasonable that I can’t have a master who doesn’t love me." Cao Shi sat in a chair with a smile.
"But my body is still the first wife and concubine. This is the only daughter who looks at her flowers like this … What a pain in my heart. Master is not the only one who naturally doesn’t know my body and mind." Cao Shi said with tears.
"Come on! Tell me what you want! Isn’t it harmful for her to go back to the palace like this now? I don’t love her, and she thinks everywhere? " Mu Xiang frown way
"Don’t dare to beg, don’t beg the master. She asks for a position and a child, not to mention a position." Cao Shi said.
"children? If she could have given birth, she would have given birth long ago. Can she wait until now? Are you naive enough to ask for Su’s children? People will give it to you? " Mu Xiang is getting impatient.
"Nature can’t ask for Su’s children, isn’t there a wonderful son?" Cao Shi said.
"Madam, Tinger won’t have children in this life, Miao Er won’t be in the harem, and there won’t be a desire for a blood princess. Can you ask the doctor to give her a good look, so it’s not necessary to go back to the palace?" Mu Xiang said.
"If because of her, what do you mean, Mrs. Mu’s house is beyond redemption? … you’re Cao Cao! There’s the Yang family and Liu family in front! " Mu Xiang knows that Cao Shi has a grudge against him, but she can’t even leave her family behind.
Cao Shi got up and said, "Master thinks of my body as an outsider."
No longer explain slowly out of the room.
Looking at her background, Mu Xiang is limited to boredom. What’s wrong? Why do you come in and feel that everything is so unsatisfactory?