Because of his eyes, the first thing he did was to understand what those words meant!
He has more important things to finish!
Some things usually end when they can’t be cultivated!
"hmm!" Burn old just back to shinohara snow a cold hum and then three people took the stairs at the same time.
At the same time, Huang Yin-li, who was sleeping in the soft couch in the wing, suddenly felt a nervous ache in his heart, which made him extremely unstable even in his sleep.
Especially, the nose aroma that has been lingering before has disappeared.
This kind of feeling makes him feel very disappointed!
Is it a dream, a bad dream, or a spring dream?
No matter what it is, after Huang Yin-li woke up, he suddenly felt as if he had suddenly lost something important in his life!
This mood directly led to the fact that he could not have sexual intercourse with a woman for a long time in the future.
Because once he had that idea, his whole mind was filled with all the feelings of the night!
And he is a person who pays attention to feelings. Tonight, he feels all that he is confused about, and no woman can give him in the future.
So he chose to hold it for the time being!
On the other side, Shinohara Snow and Louzhan noticed Louzhan’s sudden face change as soon as they saw Shinohara Snow in the lobby with a violent smell.
Although she delayed a lot in the front wing, she never thought that the means of burning Yin Xuan should be so cruel. !
These people are assassins, but they are women anyway!
Eye Shinohara snow saw nearly 20 women’s departments being hung by Huang Yinxuan’s upside-down posture. At the same time, each of them’s arms were fluttering and their faces looked like noodles. It must be that Huang Yinxuan unloaded their arms and then dropped them like bacon!
This fellow doesn’t know anything about passion!
Of course, so many ideas are not all subtext in Shinohara’s heart.
After all, she’s too white. What’s the reason for the assassin tonight?
So at first glance, she owes Lou Zhan more and more human feelings. Although she promised to marry him, Xiao Yu Xue was really a little sorry after he made so many arrangements himself!
"Look for yourself!"
When Huang Yin Xuan sat down at the table and never touched the wine table, his eyes looked ironically at the ground but looked at Huang Lao when he spoke. Shinohara Snow and Lou Zhan also looked instantly.
At that time, there were people lying on the ground, such as Yushu, Lin Feng and others, and even some dark guards who were hiding in the dark fell asleep.
However, it is worth noting that it may be that the syncope is too sudden, and Yushu is lying and snoring at this time. Yushu’s arms are still gorgeous and holding Bi Rao, and the two look like hugging each other, which is a fresh contrast with sleeping alone and facing the wind!
These people will fall asleep like this for a short time, but everyone with some common sense knows that there must be something else.
But it happened that Shinohara snow pupil a tight at the moment and then looked at the burn old low said "cousin, they should be countered? !”
Smell this burn old eyes blink full war sharp tone also immediately let shinohara snow heart bad "plot against? Wang Anwei is not so! "
This is the second watch. It’s all worth it after updating Chapter Erqi today!
"It’s not that bad to plot against the king’s dark guard!"
Burn the old tone is cold and cold. When he strolled to Yushu and others’ side, he squinted and fell asleep. Several people’s eyes flashed cold light.
And he looked at the situation like this. Shinohara Snow and Louzhan unexpectedly looked at each other again for a moment, and Shinohara Snow’s tension had made her stiff back.
Moment burn three-dimensional xuan show holding the look of watching the drama waiting for burn old will be such a choice when abrupt quiet depression lobby suddenly sounded a few jars broken.
And with the sound across all eyes is burn old unceremoniously to several altar wine directly slope well proportioned and other people.
Perhaps because of Su Ling’s consideration, Huang Lao spilled three altars of good wine, and when the shopkeeper was well proportioned, he accidentally didn’t spill Bi Rao.
He naturally follows Su Ling’s character of justifying a fault. If Bi Rao complains, he may be celibate!
It’s a life event. He has to think about his own sex life!
After a burst of liquor spilled, Yushu and the shopkeeper in the breeze soon woke up leisurely
Maybe I haven’t been fully awake yet, but I listened to Yushu muttering, narrowed my eyes and looked around, and the soft touch of my arm made his heart slightly trance.
At first glance, I saw that Bi Rao’s red face was sleeping on his arm, which made me feel high immediately!