"I’m still a little angry about being let off the plane." Zin pretended to be angry and pouted.
"Hey? What should I do? " Hao’s flurry made Zin angry and funny.
"God help me make it up. God, you have to send me back!" Zine said to Hao with a wink and spit out his tongue
"well! The agreed day I send you back "Hao readily agreed.
"Ha ha" azine couldn’t help laughing.
"What are you laughing at?" Hao looked at azine strangely.
"I didn’t expect Hao to be so similar to Bao Bao," said Qin with a smile because I didn’t expect handsome and gentle Hao to be so cute.
Hao didn’t mean to be white, but suddenly his face turned red.
"That’s it. I’ll pick you up early." Ma changed the subject and turned back to his room.
"Ha ha … 88" Qin smiled at Hao saybyebye.
Chapter 37-Get together early
Rinrin bell …
As early as 715a, the alarm clock went on time, but a certain azine didn’t appreciate it and continued to dream her dream (although she didn’t dream).
Buckle …
Hardly had she closed her eyes when outsiders knocked at the door.
Buckle buckle …
Outsiders are also patient and continue to knock.
"By nnd! Who is annoying to come early in the morning! " Zin cursed low and then slowly climbed out of bed to the door.
"You …" When Zin just wanted to scold her for sleeping, she got stuck at the sight of outsiders.
"Good morning. It’s a beautiful day this morning. Let’s go and learn together." Hao Qing Qing greeted Qin.
"Hao? Why are you so early? Just wake up … "
"Zinzine, do you sleep late?" The sound of bud bud came out from behind Hao.
"Bud bud? Huh? No, why are they all here? " Zine saw that there was no one outside the door, and that there was a feather in the shadow of the moon and the light.
"hi, it turns out that Zine is a little lazy pig?" Just put on a sunny smiling face and say to Zin that the sight of a smiling face makes people feel refreshed.
"Ah … pig" laughed at the shadow.
"Good morning, go change clothes and have breakfast together." He felt the mess and didn’t arrange his hair.
"Go quickly …" The emperor also doted on the azine and smiled and gently gave her a hand.
"Uh-oh … then you wait for me."
After that, I quickly brushed my teeth and changed clothes for 3 minutes.
"Hi ~ I’m ready. Let’s go."
Chapter 30-Guess each other
"La la la la la ~ap; #9834; ; ;”
"Are you in a good mood?" Bud bud cocked his head and looked at azine.
"oh? Is it? How do you know? " Zine asked bud bud with a smile.
"Everyone can see that you are in a good mood." Light smiled at Zine.
"Hehe" azine spits out its tongue.