"Ladies, I don’t mind doing something before the wedding."
As soon as Su Wan looked up and saw this guy’s naked eyes, he knew what he said. He couldn’t help struggling to get up and then seriously saying "brilliant to my liking"
She also said MengMeng blinked his eyes.
In this way, she really sprouted Xiao Huang with a face of blood.
How can there be such a clever, lovely and fascinating little girl with a bloody face in this world?
His generation is probably planted by her hand and it is possible to turn over forever.
Xiao Huang was happy and painful and made up his mind at the same time/
"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to get rid of these people as soon as possible and then we will get married."
Su Wan didn’t turn it down. Anyway, they are now in love, and she is already someone else’s wedding. No problem.
Xiao Huanglai was afraid that she wouldn’t agree. I didn’t expect her to agree. I was happy. "Good Lord will get rid of them as soon as possible and then we will get married."
As it turned out, some people couldn’t wait to feel Su Wan’s mouth could not help but take a sniffle.
Just then, outside the carriage, Yu Ge sounded "I am waiting for the government to arrive."
As the carriage stopped, Xiao Huang took the lead in the carriage and then helped Su Wan. Behind the carriage, a carriage, Bai Qin and Aquamarine, came up to Su Wan.
Bai Qin was not optimistic about Xiao Huang. He always felt that men did not have a good thing, especially men with excellent appearance, and they were not things.
But now seeing Xiao Shi being eaten by his own young lady, Bai Qin was finally satisfied and didn’t stop them.
Xiao Huang spoiled and looked at Su Wan. "Ladies, do you want me to take you into the house?"
Su Wan shook his head. "No, you go and do your thing."
"Good grandfather, go to work and get married as soon as possible."
Finally, I added that I want to eat meat.
Su Wan looked at Xiao Huang with a face of language and Bai Qin’s mouth straight out. The carriage left Anguo Houfu.
Bai Qin accompanied Su Wan to Anguo Houfu, and as he walked, he wrote, "Isn’t it too soon for a young lady to get married because the emperor gave her the will to marry?"
Sue wan smiled and walked all the way to Anguo Houfu.
A few people just entered the Anguo Houfu and saw many people inside the gate. It turned out to be Anguo Houfu. Su Peng Su Peng took the lead in clapping when he saw Su Wan coming in and said, "Welcome to the big lady."
"Welcome the big lady back to the house."
The loud sound is like a welcome party. Su Wan can see wait for a while. What is this?
Now she has found one thing. Is it because no one cares why her father is an idiot?
Does she want to marry a woman for him as soon as possible?
Su Wan was thinking about being safe. Su Peng strode over and looked at Su Wan excitedly. "Wan Wan, congratulations on your success, Wang Shifei."
As soon as his words fell behind him, he said loudly, "Congratulations to Miss Cheng Jing Wang Shifei."
Su Wan finally sang this song in vain. It must be that the old emperor’s will came to Hou Fu’s house and these idiots made such a way.
Su Wan looked at Anguo Hou Su Peng. "Is Dad so exaggerated?"
She said suddenly interrupted to Anguohou Su Peng’s side. "You are not so good. You know that the emperor is very dissatisfied with Xiao Shi. Will you be in trouble with Anguohou Mansion because you are not on the same side with him?"
An Guohou behind him is a face of dying embers and a face of sorrow behind him. "Daughter, the emperor can’t really think so?"
Su Wan didn’t pay any attention to him at all, but Bai Qin walked over to him and encouraged him to look at him. "It’s true that Hou Ye is good to follow the big lady. She will never sit back and watch you."
Anguohou was encouraged by Bai Qin, and then he took a look at Anguohou’s little eyes. He forgot who the emperor was and immediately straightened up and said, "That’s right." 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
That’s right. She won’t sit idly by with the big lady. "
This is not only Su Wan’s face with black lines, but even the people in Houfu despise looking at his own Houye. Since ancient times, the hero has been sad and the beauty has been sad. Although Houye is not a hero but a bear, he is just as sad and beautiful.