Both of them are fighting, but the wind element Suojun posture is filial to the sea, and the wind element energy attack has unparalleled tearing power like pieces of sharp blades.
Although Xiaohai blocked every attack of Suojun, the wind element energy has tearing power, but it not only tore the fans of Xiaohai’s attack, but also caused a lot of damage to Xiaohai Yuanli protective cover, which caused many cracks in Yuanli protective cover.
The speed of the two men is like lightning, and every attack will bring up a vision of heaven and earth. In the strong wind, the Kim family will roll over and make the whole Kim family feel like they are in a stove, which is unbearable.
Master of Emperor Wudi are fascinated, but a little dazzled. It is everyone’s dream and yearning to be able to master the flight certificate. It has reached the ranks of the real strong in the mainland of Wu Soul and is admired by thousands of people, especially for the master of Emperor Wudi. If it is far from each other, it will slowly kill patience, but it has reached the level of Emperor Wudi. The master is only one step away from the strong in Wuxian, so that they can suppress their desire.
In the sudden explosion, two streamers collided with each other, and the dazzling light was like the sun shining. The fire waves and wind waves were mixed together and rolled wildly in the Kim courtyard. Many people had already made a fortune to expel the harmful heat wave from their bodies, which made them feel better.
With the dazzling light bursting, Xiao Hai and Suojun are also flying backwards at the same time. At this time, Xiao Hai looks embarrassed and her mouth overflows with blood. Yuan Li’s protective cover is broken, and her clothes are also drawn. Many long mouths are exposed, and her clothes are dark and a little old. The corners of her mouth are constantly overflowing with blood.
"You can’t," said Suojun, complacent and arrogant, looking at Xiaohai.
"Raise a fire and start a prairie fire"
Xiao Hai suddenly thundered and waved his arms rapidly, constantly conjuring up the ghosting base. The first ghosting base has not disappeared, and the ghosting behind it has appeared. The arm is taken out of the shadow and intertwined in front of it. As his arm is waving faster and faster, the energy of the element of heaven and earth becomes more and more manic, and the element of fire becomes more and more intense. Every day, Xiao Hai’s head forms a huge sea of fire.
Everyone can’t help but look up at the half-baked fire. Everyone clearly feels a hot energy that makes people feel hot and uncomfortable. It is estimated that a few pigs can be baked into coke when they are put in Xiaohai’s hand.
Suddenly a strange ring out to see all over the sky in flames toward SuoJun covering the past.
"whirlwind dance"
Suojun also used a trick to turn his body sideways, just like a huge drill rotating with his body. The energy of heaven and earth kept pouring into his body, which made him rotate faster and faster. The body turned into a tangible colored whirlwind, which shocked the covered flames and shot them out in all directions.
People who have watched the sky full of flames are shaken into flame bombs falling from the sky. Everyone condenses the protective cover of Yuanli for the first time and relies on their posture and consciousness to avoid the falling flame bombs.
When the flame hits the ground, it will smash holes of different sizes on the ground and hit people. Then it will burn their protective covers and shatter their bodies, and they will be knocked out by the explosion flame.
Suo Jun’s strength Xiaohai Although the level of Wushu is not as high as Xiaohai’s, this gap has been made up by the strength advantage. Suo Jun broke through the sea of fire and shot at Xiaohai as fast as the wind.
However, the fire is not over yet, and the filial piety sea attack on Suojun has not evaded. The rapidly rotating Suojun severely drilled into the chest, and the body was hit by Suojun and flew backwards. Immediately, it fell from a high free fall like a lost bound stone, and the earthquake caused dust and fog.
"Filial piety" Jin Shan exclaimed, ignoring the fact that three masters of Emperor Wu stopped Su Chao from being seriously injured and fell to Xiao Hai and flew past.
"Miss Big Danger" Three Emperor Wudi were suddenly frightened to disgrace.
"What she does is very dangerous." Seeing that Jin Shan ran to Xiaohai, Zhongsuojun sneered at the speed and quickly chased Jin Shan.
Body wind element 2 Wu Xian SuoJun speed such as sarcasm flash immediately caught up with Jin Shan behind him.
At this moment, behind Jin Shan, Suojun left the corner of his eye to Xiao Tingwei and Tengxiong, and they also rushed to snatch Jin Shan. Suojun said with a smile, "This girl is mine." The voice has not fallen, and he has already leaned out his arm and caught Jin Shan.
Just when Suojun’s hand was a few centimeters away from Jinshan, Suojun suddenly found that Jinshan’s body suddenly stumbled forward and let his arm brush his back from * Jinshan by mistake.
"hmm?" Suojun didn’t expect Jin Shan’s luck to be so good. Jin Shan brushed past her arm and jerked her hand to take Jin Shan’s neck.
Suddenly, a heavy broken wind exploded like thunder in Suojun’s heart, and then when he was surprised, a shadow of a swift horse’s leg had been scratched in front of him, impressively, Suojun was hit hard on the head many times.
This leg is powerful and fast enough to finish Suojun. At this time, Suojun has just issued an attack momentum and can’t pull it back. He can barely lift his leisure and block the front of that leg shadow.
A scalp-numbing bone fracture and ringing sound sounded almost at the same time, blocking this’ one leg of god’ with his left arm, but the crazy impact made Suojun’s arm break, and the power of that leg was far more than that. In the right leg, it was still written that Suojun’s arm was hit on his head with crazy strength, so it made a crisp but frightening sound.
Suo Jun’s body suddenly flew out, his head flew out and he was still a little awake. When he saw a young man’s body floating around Jin Shan, this moment Suo Jun almost burst into tears. Before and after the coma, an idea was * * Your uncle’s old head had a grudge against you and was addicted to playing football.
He felt that he must have been kicked in the head by that king’s egg for the first time, and his reaction was slow, which would lead to repeated attacks on his head. Before he fainted, he cried silently, and it was always me who got hurt.
Hundreds of people were dumbfounded and horrified. In the middle of the stadium, some people were sad. In the eyes, Suojun fell several feet away and passed out in tragedy.
Then everyone’s eyes fell strangely and appeared beside Jin Shan, giving Suojun a heavy blow to his head. It was a man with a white face and a silver mask. This man was also a well-known figure in Zheng Ancheng’s theory of being a practitioner or an ordinary resident. No one knew his real name, but he knew that he had an identity and a very confusing nickname, the silver-faced headhunter.
In the heart of a anthomaniac girl, he is a cold and domineering brother.
"It’s really sad to remind our boss how many times he kicked us out?" People will struggle with each other and ask.
"Three times? Four times? I don’t remember, from now on. "
"If your sister is the boss, we will not be mixed up if this bastard kicks us dizzy again."
"What injury is always our boss? What is this?"
"The headhunter with silver face is finally alive." Jin Shan stared at her side motionless, wearing a white gown and a silver mask, only revealing half of her cheeks but revealing a little handsome and handsome young man.
Everyone likes to watch handsome guys, but Jin Shan hasn’t fallen to the stage of anthomaniac. I’m very curious about how this silver-faced headhunter suddenly appeared here after being all the rage six months ago, and he was also very domineering. It’s hard to be a little excited to save himself from the powerful Wuxian to see the famous headhunter Jin Shan.
Xiao Tingwei and Teng Xiong looked at Suojun lying like a dead dog, and both of them laughed in their hearts. But in order to maintain their majestic image, they tried to put on a cold and gloomy look and stared at the wind, and they were also surprised by the language.