Qinan, the press conference venue of Naples Club, sat calmly waiting for the official stage of the conference. Xiu Xiu’s little girl had a little stage fright at this time. Although she had a lot of courage these days, she was timid and still shy in her bones. Qinan had to let argus Tini accompany her backstage to adapt to the atmosphere and wait until the conference was officially released.
When all the reporters of Taiwan are ready for the press conference, the press conference is finally held. All the reporters are aiming at the exit on the right side of the podium, because there will be the figure of Dominica’s girlfriend.
In Xiu Xiu, the petite figure appeared, and then "Cha Cha" sounded, and the shutter sound flashed through the entire press conference, and the exit was illuminated as if it were daylight. Dominica’s girlfriend finally appeared! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine This is my girlfriend
The reporter was amazed, and Xiu Xiu finally made an official appearance in front of the world. The reason is self-evident. Everyone didn’t expect that Dominica’s girlfriend was actually a China girl who had co-produced advertisements with him recently.
Qina stepped forward and hugged Xiu Xiu, who was a little stunned by the flash. Some female reporters made a modest scream and seemed a bit abrupt in a "scrape" shutter.
Xiu Xiu’s face is redder than when he was hugged by Qina at the school ceremony. This time, he can’t run to bury his head in Qina’s arms and won’t get up.
Zinan may not have thought of this scene, but I don’t know how many Italian Dominican women fans around the world are heartbroken. From this moment on, Xiu Xiu has become a "public enemy" of female fans.
It took a long time for Xiu Xiu to lift his head from Qina’s arms and sit next to Qina seriously. Of course, the reporters will not miss this opportunity to lift the camera, and it is another fierce clap.
Before waiting for the news department of Naples Club to signal that some reporters can’t wait to interview Qinan, he waved his hand to signal the reporters to be quiet and clear their throats. He spoke and told the reason why he called this press conference.
"Maybe everyone is wondering why I suddenly called a press conference for my girlfriend. You must have some doubts. I hope I can answer them. Don’t worry, I will explain everything clearly."
Jina turned her attention to Xiu Xiu’s deep eyes next to her, full of affectionate tone, and then said softly, "This is my girlfriend Tian Xiuxiu. Everyone believes that everyone should know something about her, because she and I have made an advertisement with LEE mineral water. I want to tell you that we have already met each other when we were still in China. She came to this strange country alone, a strange country far away from her family and friends. Everyone can see that my girlfriend was timid at the beginning." A large part of the reason for taking LEE’s mineral water advertisement is because of her. I hope to cultivate her ability to face the camera. With this advertisement, my girlfriend has also won the favor of many people and many advertisers. This is what I didn’t expect. I am also very pleased to see her growing confident one day, but it seems that there is a little bit of cold when she picks up her eyebrows. He suddenly picks up the newspaper he saw last night from the table.
"Some media outlets speculate that they don’t understand things, such as this" New Entertainment ".I believe that a large number of Taiwanese friends should have read this report. I hereby solemnly announce to you that I will sue this newspaper and I will let them get the punishment they should bear for their irresponsible report."
Some words thrown by Qi Nan caused an uproar at the scene. Some reporters who didn’t understand this matter asked their peers what kind of reports caused Dominica, who has always been modest and polite, to fly into a rage.
"I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know one thing. I don’t like to lose my temper about anything or anyone. I don’t care how you shoot or write, but my girlfriend, I hope you don’t harass her. There is something called dragon in China. You should have heard of it. It is our national symbol that there is a lamella in the dragon body. For me, my girlfriend is the only lamella that hurts her. I will definitely not let go. I hope you can make my heart white. Love "said this passage, Qina exuded overwhelming Shaqi. Although the room was heated, everyone at the scene still felt a burst of cold swish. It was so terrible that Dominica exuded momentum when she was angry, which shocked those journalists who were used to being pleasant. The huge contrast also made them easier to remember these words of Qina.
Xiu Xiu sat quietly next to her and looked at her very moved, but he was furious. His brother looked at Qi Na’s side face sharply. Xiu Xiu suddenly found that it was also very good for his brother to lose his temper. This is the first time she saw his brother lose his temper. No longer nervous, the little girl looked at it with her head tilted and her mind fascinated.
JiNa if know Xiu Xiu is heartless to appreciate his anger at this time, I’m afraid it will be crying in distress situation.
"I will entrust my agent, that is, Mr. argus Tini, to be in charge of this matter. I hope that" New Entertainment "can solemnly apologize to my girlfriend in a formal way. Perhaps you have some understanding of Mr. argus Tini, who is my classmate and friend, and he is also led by this inaccurate report.
The victim, the three of us are definitely not the opportunity as mentioned in this bullshit report. I will explain to all the media again that this Mr. argus Tini will handle everything for me from now on, except playing football. If you want to see me afterwards, please pass him. "
Argus Tini got up gracefully and raised her hand to the media reporters. You can’t fart. Those reporters also cooperated to press the camera shutter in their hands. Agent Dominica! ! How can I get any news after I don’t flatter myself? I have to find this Italian agent who looks about the size of Dominica! ! ! !
From this time on, argus Tini officially went to the stage and became the official agent of Domonica, or they joked and didn’t let the media know about this lawsuit against "New Entertainment", which became the first thing to deal with after argus Tini was officially appointed.
After the press conference, argus Tini was nervously involved in this matter. The original report was not known by too many people, but almost everyone wanted to know the whole story after the Qinan press conference. After three times, the newspaper "New Entertainment" still did not ask Qinan to sue, but did an advertisement for the small newspaper "New Entertainment" in disguise, which I am afraid was unexpected.
However, this incident has also made the whole Italian media know that Zinan’s love for his girlfriend Xiu Xiu is also white. Domenica’s private life can touch anything, but he can’t touch his girlfriend. In Domenica’s words, that is his only "lamella."
At the end of this incident, New Entertainment took the initiative to ask for reconciliation and ended. They took the initiative to find Qinan through argus Tini and admitted that their report was really inaccurate and belonged to the category of fabrication. They published a whole page of their apology in the latest issue of New Entertainment, and Qinan withdrew the lawsuit against New Entertainment. In fact, Qinan did not intend to really sue New Entertainment. He wanted to express his position and meaning to the Italian media through this incident, so that the whole Italian media could have it. They know that Xiu Xiu is absolutely forbidden for them to touch people, and New Entertainment has quickly increased their newspaper popularity through this incident, and they have not suffered a loss. In fact, there is another beneficiary of this incident, that is, LEE Mineral Water Company, and they have increased the publicity of aligning South and Xiu Xiu to co-produce that advertisement. Domenica and his girlfriend co-produce the advertisement, and there is no better stunt than this. They didn’t expect to invite Xiu Xiu for 1 euro. Actually, < LEE Mineral Water Advertising Department has also been commended by senior leaders. You know, 1 euro to invite Xiu Xiu to create a better effect.

There is another advantage for Qinan in this matter, that is, he can finally go home aboveboard in the future and never go out early or come back late again. After such a huge ordeal, Qinan is no longer worried about whether Xiu Xiu can face the media alone. After such a big scene as this press conference, Xiu Xiu will never face a stranger again and will be nervous and trembling.
However, after this incident, Xiu Xiu’s interest in taking part in those commercials has been significantly reduced, and Jina doesn’t want to simply contact Xiu Xiu again, which is a bit dark and dirty * * * simply let her not go again.
In order to let Xiu Xiu stay at home and not talk about Qinan, Xiu Xiu resumed her former life, that is, she went to the Oriental University to study, but this time it was not only Italian but also other courses. If Xiu Xiu was interested, she could go back to the Oriental University. Xiu Xiu became a star student. Because almost everyone knew that she was Dominica’s girlfriend, Qinan Xiu Xiu was treated in two extreme ways at school. Almost all the boys in the Oriental University were Dominica fans, and they naturally respected Xiu Xiu and loved her. The fans of Huanduo Monica female students are not so friendly. They naturally don’t like Xiu Xiu who robbed their dream lover, but they dare not do anything drastic to Xiu Xiu, because the boys in the school are all protectors of Xiu Xiu.
I’ve arranged my life in Xiu Xiu, and I’m ready for a league away game against Genoa, a game without coach Rhea.
PS: Yesterday, I went to see the women’s football team. Today, there will be 3 weeks after the Olympic Games, and there may be 3 thousand every day. Because we have to respond to the call of the CPC Central Committee to actively watch the Olympic Games, it is certainly understandable, right?
Volume III
Chapter one hundred and thirty Dally with Genoa "girl"
After six rounds of the match, Rhea found a problem. Naples is not afraid of attacking, but there is no way to take those defending home teams. The typical example is the away game against Cagliari and Bologna, but the good news is that Genoa is an attacking home team.
Gasperini, the coach of Genoa who started his career as a coach in juventus youth, is famous for his "beautiful football". He once brought clotho from Class C to Serie B. Two years after he took over Genoa, he brought the team into the top league. He advocated attack, especially when he played against Juventus away from home, he gave instructions to his players that they were "afraid to attack again".
For Genoa, I am familiar with Gasperini’s Rhea, because Naples was promoted to Grade A together with Genoa in the same year. In Grade B, Rhea and Gasperini were old rivals.
In fact, Napoli and Genoa have a lot in common, both of which are old and strong teams. In recent years, their situation has been poor and they have been promoted to Grade A in the same year. But now the trajectories of the two teams are slightly different. With Dominica, Napoli has once again taken the road of strengthening the team, while Genoa is still tepid in the middle reaches of the team. They are still far from relegation and upgrading. In the first six rounds of the season, they ranked tenth with two wins, two draws and two losses. If Naples is drinking Nestle coffee and driving a car with a general price, then Genoa is the middle class who has two acres of land
There was an away game against Bologna. Before the game, Rhea focused on asking Qinan to go when he should assist, so as not to be nailed to the defensive position. Rhea also wanted to use this game to exercise Qinan’s freedom to observe the game and give full play to his unparalleled creative ability. Well, Dominica is too obedient. If he speaks by himself, he will faithfully carry out his obedience until he loses his own thoughts and opinions. This personality may be liked by coaches, but it will hinder him from becoming a real one. Take your time, the superstar. Anyway, Domenica is still young. His football career has just started. Compared with most superstars of the same age, Domenica has performed much better than them. Now Domenica is like a piece of rough jade, which will be carefully carved and polished when needed. Over time, Domenica will surely give off his due light, sighed Rhea.
Just as Rhea was sitting in the box thinking about the game, Rhea woke up and watched the game intently. He had made it clear in the locker room that there was nothing to worry about. In fact, he was worried and there was no real situation. He could pray for his brothers to solve it themselves.
Genoa laris Stadium launched a wave of violent attacks on Naples with the cheers of 30 thousand Genoa fans.
Genoa still insists on their 3-4-3 attack formation, which is even more unreasonable when strong teams play against each other away from home.
Qinan commands his teammates in the defensive position, which is what Rhea specifically told him to do recently. Actually, Qinan didn’t know that Rhea planned to let him be the captain of the team this season. After establishing his core to attack and defend, Qisuucom let him exercise for one season this season and cultivate his prestige. When the time is right, Rhea will officially make Qinan the real leader of Naples.
Before Qinan commanded Napoli to make a solid defense, the idea of the game was to make a solid defense in the first 20 minutes, and then wait for the Genoese to relax before waiting for an opportunity to fight back, so as to defeat the Genoese.
Qinan followed Genoa center Adailton Genoa center and tried to strengthen his body, but he underestimated Qinan’s judgment. Qinan broke the ball with an accurate shovel and took it for ten minutes. Qinan completely became Adailton’s nightmare. He took the ball ten times and was broken by Qinan nine times, and only once was stolen by Hamsik.