The old trick will expose you!
"By the way, what happened to the third prince?"
Jun Chen can’t laugh or cry. His forehead touched Lin Yu. "Are you born to worry about life?"
The heart is over, his harem heart is over, his heart is over, his third brother is over.
But ….. Look at her heart, everything is with her. He’d better tell her.
"The third brother is not seriously injured. I confined him to Ziyun Palace to avoid him being disturbed and told him to be quiet."
Lin Yu’s black eyes rolled, and Jun Chen did the right thing.
I think of Mu Junze. Cai Qing is crazy. She is really worried about this spoony.
It happened that Cai Qing’s guy …
"What about Cai Qing?" Lin Yu suddenly remembered this question. She was so busy these days that she forgot to go to the heart. Where has this conscienceless run?
Jun Chen closed her eyes and shook her head. "I let her go out of the palace and make a decision by herself."
Lin Yu suddenly felt a little sad. "Then she and Mu Junze will never see each other again?"
What a pair of lovers …
How can it be like this?
Why can’t you be honest?
Just like her and Jun Chen!
They misunderstood so much that they all piled up into a mountain, but they can still hug each other and sleep.
The reason is not because they are thick-skinned!
Sometimes thin-skinned people just don’t want to see their hearts and admit them, so they come up with a series of tragedies!
She and Jun Chen are never good, just a little good. Neither of them is.
Treat feelings too much and die.
When you die, it’s a slap in the face
What about suffering?
So it really should be the old saying that neither dies nor dies!
Why do you have to try?
"She and her third brother are happy together." Jun Chen said these short words and closed her eyes. She didn’t mean anything.
Lin Yu didn’t want to shut up so much. She kept arching his arms. "Tell me what else you can do?"
"Do you live by the sea?" Jun Chen gave Lin Yu a leer.
"Don’t live by the sea. What’s the matter?"
"Don’t live by the sea you tube so wide? My law doesn’t say that parents have to worry about other people’s marital affairs. "
"But that’s your brother and my friend!" Lin Yu’s pouting shows that people are all looking at you!
"I don’t care if I see Qin Taifei getting ungrateful."
Jun Chen said lazily that his brother is not omnipotent. Don’t think of him as so great.
Mu Junze is close to him again. That’s also to call his brother. Where is his mother poking him? His brother can’t stand it.
It is a good habit to respect the old and love the young.
"Qin toffee? How to forget her! What a big trouble! " Lin Yu’s bitter face reminds me of Cai Qing’s treatment of Qin Taifei, which is simply a great tragedy!
How can a staid court princess like Princess Qin agree that Prince Mu Junze is with a Jianghu woman?
Isn’t this something about old trees sprouting new buds?
It’s nerve-racking!
"Hey, you said that Mu Junze was demoted to the county king Qin Taifei by you. Is it possible to agree with him and Cai Qing?"
Jun Chen really wants to break Lin Yu’s brain and see what she thinks all the time!
"Do you mean that you can balance the hearts of the British government and Qin Taifei by simply making me an official for Cai Qing and making her an equal with Mu Junze?" Jun Chen sneered and stretched out his hand to snap a Lin Yu’s forehead and hit the little bastard. Chapter 37 Lin Yu laughed so insidiously.