Su Ling’s arrival really helped Shinohara find the direction in her heart!
In the afternoon, the news that the grandson had died of blood collapse spread like wildfire in the palace!
Doctor Wu, everyone has kept their mouths shut about their grandchildren since they left the palace!
It only shows that she died of a bloody collapse due to miscarriage!
The news is either true or false for several people to discuss in secret!
However, in the evening, another news sensationalized the whole palace again!
As at this time, Wen Yuan Ge Huang Yi glared at Huang Yin Li in anger and roared, "How can you expose such a palace scandal so easily!
Don’t you know how many jokes this will cause to the palace? Do you know or not? "
As Huang Yi said, he slapped the rice paper in his hand on the console table, and the fluctuation of his chest also revealed other ways to hide his anger!
WenZuo wenyuan pavilion side burn three-dimensional glass not salty not light glanced at him, "father now that things have happened, what are you angry about?
And if I hadn’t accidentally heard the wind and then carefully investigated it, I wouldn’t have known that the child in his belly was not a child!
Father, in the final analysis, is this scandal or the honor of children and ministers important! I can’t have more than one son for a reason! I didn’t plant it! "
"You … fucking thing! I thought she had a miscarriage! You will be holding on to this matter again … "
"Father, you wait!" Burn three-dimensional glass see burn yi sneer at "according to what you mean, maybe she aborted this matter can be solved?
I still have to be caring and attentive to her when I see her in the East Palace every day.
Father, you are so generous, but I don’t!
Besides, the grandson’s deputy commander-in-chief of the body-guard has been personally written and drawn by the deputy commander-in-chief!
Things have come to this point, and you still want my son and minister not to hold on to your father’s jokes!
I don’t know how many green hats have been put on my head. Would you be calm if it were you? "
Huang Yin-li retorted that she almost didn’t grieve Huang Yi!
Now, Huang Yi feels that her daily life is in hot water!
He sent his two sons away. It’s the most stable thing to stay!
As a result, it seems that he sent the tiger away and left the wolf!
Damn it!
"Too you pay attention to your words! I am looking at the overall situation! "
Burn three-dimensional glass indifference looked at was tearing his hair out about the burn yi and cool said "father always look at the big picture when I don’t have that this kind of thing look at the big picture!
Otherwise, I might find a few more hats one day! "
Chapter End Chapter 76 [Shinohara Snow Fanwai] 76
"Father always look at the big picture when I don’t have that kind of thing look at the big picture!
Otherwise, I might find a few more hats one day! "
"Too you …"
There is no denying that the words of Huang Yin-li really make Huang Yi angry!
He never knew that this gentle appearance would be so disobedient to him one day!