It is estimated that this guy will dare to bully the door so brazenly only when they are injured.
However, the top ten demons can be called demons, and naturally it is not a soft-hearted advocate
"Where did you come from? There are no people like you in mainland China. If you don’t want to die, get out!" Horn demon didn’t good the spirit ground say
See horn demon injured still dare to be so arrogant that man can’t help sneering "Listen up, little patriarch’s name is Ryukyu and Yu, I’m not your Cangyu mainlander, and I’m sure you haven’t heard of the reputation of the first vitality sword Sect in the mainland of heaven."
"What nonsense the mainland has never heard of? How dare you come to our site and be arrogant?" The crazy sea demon xiumei stood upright and looked like Yang Luoyun’s injury made her very angry.
"Have you heard my name? It doesn’t matter if the patriarch is in a good mood. I can forgive you for killing my pet eagle. Leave the magic crystal heart and you can get out." Ryukyu and Yu said very naturally
The top ten demons don’t want to fight a lose-lose fight with this guy, but it seems that this crazy guy is used to being small and doesn’t seem to be going to let go. This world war I is harder.
Although I didn’t have much hope, I made a final communication. "Hey, I’ll give you another chance. We don’t care if you hurt our companions. If you stay here and make noise, don’t blame us!"
"Noisy!" The yoshimitsu in Ryukyu and Yu’s eyes flashed, and the palms of his hands lay flat on both sides.
In an instant, several golden sword shadows were flying around Ryukyu and Yu, and the sharp sword meaning emitted by those sword shadows was so aggressive that ten people could not help but change their faces.
"What is this attribute that is similar to metallic vitality but more aggressive than metallic vitality!" The top ten demons have never seen this form of attack, and their hearts can’t help but adjust their state to the best.
Whoa, whoa, whoa …
With a sharp sword, the sword shadow roared towards the ten demons, and the ten demons quickly released their vitality at the same time, and ten people’s vitality merged together to form a red arc of light.
Sword shadow suddenly hits the red arc of light, and the two sides are digested and formed.
However, hiding in the red light arc, the top ten demons didn’t feel so good. Everyone was pale and his mouth could not help but overflow with blood.
"Hum, it’s just a spent force, and then I’ll take a move from the patriarch!" Ryukyu and Yu shout a right wrist turn palm forward.
A virtual shadow of a giant sword more than ten meters long and two meters wide suddenly smashed the red arc of light, although it still didn’t break the defense of the red arc of light, but it still shocked ten people to stop vomiting blood.
Ten people are secretly shocked, not to mention that they are injured now, even if they are not injured and get such a blow, they have to vomit blood.
If one out of ten people is right alone, this guy will definitely get a second
This guy is crazy, but he does have crazy money!
"Since you don’t want to hand over the treasure alive, let the little patriarch give you a ride!" Ryukyu and Yu grinned grimly, and his palms were relatively flat. When he pulled a glittering sword shadow, his palms were generated.
This vigorous sword shadow’s strong murder beyond nine days has completely changed the face of the ten demons.
"damn it! Fight with this guy! " I don’t care what impact it will have on my body if I forcibly mobilize my vitality. Except for Yang Luoyun, nine people will instantly promote their vitality to the extreme and prepare Ryukyu and Yu for a desperate fight.
Even if their daylights out, they will never let their opponents feel better. This is the will of the inferno, and the ten demons have always followed the guidelines.
"Don’t worry, everyone, let me stop that guy from hitting you and then take the opportunity to kill him!"
At the same time, Yang Luoyun sounded in the minds of nine people that Yang Luoyun wanted to sacrifice himself and exclaimed, "Lao Yang, don’t do stupid things!"
They are convinced that even if they fight recklessly with each other, they may not have no chance of survival, but it is doubtful that Yang Luoyun will rush so alone!
But I can’t come. Yang Luoyun says, just do it and never drag my feet.
See Yang Luoyun figure forward a prey to the right hand five fingers claw fierce grasp to Ryukyu and yu.
"Hey, hey, such an injured guy wants to contain my dream!" Ryukyu and Yu’s primordial sword just condensed and formed, so they planned to kill Yang Luoyun first, and then firm but gentle aftertaste solved the remaining nine people together.
Ryukyu and Yu hands forward a row that foot conan the destroyer sword shadow toward Yang Luoyun a cliff and flew past.
Ryukyu and Yuyuan Yang Luoyun will be stung by his firm but gentle spirit for a moment, but that sword shadow is forcefully blocked by Yang Luoyun’s hand.
After a crisp sound, the shadow of the sword dissipated without leaving a trace!
"Damn it, I didn’t expect this guy to have such a skill!" Looking at Yang Luoyun’s hand suddenly coming out of the treasure, Ryukyu and Yu’s face turned crazy.
That treasure is the heart of the bear king!
You can imagine the hardness of the bear king’s heart that can be violently exploded and intact.