The hot sun still smiled but didn’t pull Hu and then said, "What’s the matter? It’s depressing to see your wife so young, isn’t it? Haha, I think this Yunxin looks cuter when she was a child! "
"Whoever is cute when he is a child will be different when he grows up!" Yang night absent-minded answer words replied.
"Who said that? No one said I was cute when I was a child! " The scorching sun screamed, "I belong to myself. I weighed dozens of pounds when I was a few months old. My dad once hugged me and twisted my waist to make my waist stand out for ten years!"
Yang night smiled a scorching sun, but he was depressed.
I looked up at Yang night and saw that Nan Rong Magic had reached the front of the small uniform jasmine and said something lightly. He hesitated, and he also stepped away.
"Even Xin?" Yang night screaming squat body squat down in front of small uniform jasmine.
South glory magic also squatted next to twist a head and looked at Yang night with a smile and said, "Ha ha isn’t it awkward? Talk to your little fiancee? " Talking south glory magic up the body with small uniform xin behind a bodyguard dozen ha ha.
"Even Xin?" Yang night squatting in front of the small uniform xin and small call 1.
Small even Xin looked at the person with black mask showing his eyes and mouth in front of him and took a step back with his neck shrinking.
Yang Ye gently reached out to hold Xiao Yunxin’s hand and said softly, "Don’t be afraid of you. No one should be afraid of me?"
Small even xin a slight frown felt Yang night no malicious eyebrows gradually stretched to very strange feel this strange uncle wearing a mask when pulling her let her have a kind of kindness and cocked his head to Yang night words expressed doubts vaguely asked "what? Not afraid of you? "
"Because of my world, I am your favorite person, and you are my favorite person." Yang Ye nodded and talked, pulling her thumb and gently rubbing the back of her hand.
"lover?" Xiao Yunxin stared blankly. "Uncle, are you saying that you are the best for me and I am the best for you?"
Uncle? Yang night’s head is dizzy. Ha ha. Yes, this little girl is really her uncle.
Thinking about Yang Yexiao, he nodded. "That’s what I mean. It’s so lovely. Remember, when you grow up, will you be so lovely, so gentle and white?"
Small uniform Xin nodded heavily with a small nose "well"
Yang Ye smiled and kept staring at Xiao Uniform Xin’s eyes. They were so clear and really cute, and this Uniform Xin grew up to be an outstanding beauty who could absolutely fascinate thousands of men’s delicate appearance, but when I was a child, there was another kind of beauty: a simple and lovely beauty, a clever and moving beauty, a timid beauty, a innocent girl beauty …
Wait! Yang night shook his head and woke up with a watermelon and an egg! Is it really * * in the eye of the beholder? How to have a vague evil thought for such a small uniform fragrance!
Quickly wake up the consciousness in my head. Yang Ye took Xiao Uniform Xin’s hand through the mask and smiled. Suddenly, I felt sigh in my heart ~ ~ So cute and clever Xiao Uniform Xin who would have thought that she would be a bed when she grew up?
"Uncle, are you sent by my father and brother to save me?" Small uniform xin looked at strange uncle stunned before small asked.
Yang night nodded his head.
"Is that the real Santa Claus over there?" Small even xin asked, pointing to the nearby sun.
Yang night continue to nod.
"Great!" Even Xin clapped her hands hard. "You brought Santa Claus and them to save me!"
"Yes, I saved you now, didn’t I?" Yang Ye said with a smile in her heart and continued, "Don’t worry, I won’t let you be wronged, absolutely not. I will make you grow up and be happier!"
Said the Yang night recall this kind of memory can’t control, it seems that after saying something, the memory will instantly jump to the brain and can’t be waved away.
Yang Ye remembered that it was a particularly shameful thing. Although he had not yet become a gentleman of Yang’s family when it happened, he changed his identity and became a gentleman, but he listened to Qian Bo, Cheng Bo and others talk about it more than once. The protagonist of this matter, including that even Xin, often took it out as a joke before he really got along with him.
So Yang night gently sighed and looked at Xiao Uniform Xin’s eyes and said, "Uncle Uniform Xin will tell you something you must remember again."
Small uniform xin some doubts but gently nodded his head.
"Remember the uniform xin you ten years old birthday that Yang family gentleman called Yang night you know? Yes, that’s him. I want to say that Yang Ye didn’t mean to put your face into the birthday cake on your tenth birthday. He may be thinking of everyone’s heart. Don’t be angry, let alone take off Yang Ye’s pants in front of everyone because he didn’t wear pants that day … "
Yang night, they arrived at the top of the 30th building in a few minutes. After arduous and arduous trekking, the police finally cleaned up the scene on the first floor, and after doing their best, several teams finally climbed from the first floor to the 30th floor along the corridor stairs.
Yang night, they naturally heard the footsteps, and someone came to the security channel on both sides of the 30th floor.
Muyangzheng ran two steps, and in a blink of an eye, he reached Anmen, pushed the door and glanced at it, then flashed back to where he had just stood and said, "It’s the police."
"That’s Ann," Yang said with a nod at night, getting up in front of even Xin since childhood, raising my hand and touching her head and saying, "It’s okay to go home and take a bath and sleep."
Small even xin nodded to Yang night failed and smiled.
Can’t stand it! If Eun-shin is so gentle and lovely at first, then I have to die happily!
I was a little dizzy by the smile of Uniform Xin, and I quickly turned around and made my own self-control. No matter how small it is, Uniform Xin is the one who is alive and kicking with him!
"Let’s go!" Yang night a wave.
So Nanrong Phantom, Muyangzheng, the scorching sun and Baobaolong walked towards the 30th floor window.
Small uniform xin four or five bodyguards are surprised just MuYang is back and forth from AnMen that amazing speed? Suddenly I saw these guys who are said to be sent by NanRong family. They all went to the window and several bodyguards froze. I don’t know what these guys are going to do.
Hit the window, the hot sun first jumped off the windowsill and turned to look at Yang night.
"Go to the building behind the shopping mall and find a hidden rooftop," Yang said at night.
The scorching sun nodded and jumped out of the high window on the 30th floor.
Then Nan Rong Huan picked up the baby and turned around and waved to the bodyguards and said, "I remember your faces. When I get back, I will give you a raise!" Then he jumped out, too