How can this powerful BOSS be defeated?
And the truth
This time, the seven martial arts dragon slaying trip really went much smoother than the last one.
Snow Chihiro’s guess is not wrong.
They will be exposed next time …
It is really dragged down by those who can reach level 5 reincarnation.
At the very least, when the lowest strength is also at level 62, the trio will enter reincarnation again.
Snow Chihiro didn’t feel that comfortable feeling any more.
That is to say, the enemy has not found their trace again …
This is a little relieved for Snow Chihiro.
At the very least, this proves that although the enemy’s strength is very strong, it is not strong enough to completely crush them.
It is this judgment that has rekindled Snow Chihiro’s courage to compete.
Hiding in the dark?
Snow Chihiro had a more direct idea.
This time …
She plays extremely well.
Yun Yun can fight with his wings and soar in the sky like a bird
The Medusa incarnate snake can lurk in the water.
Snow Chihiro looked for Indra with a heroic sword and expressed his intention to join the Qiwu Dragon Slayer.
Among the seven people, the strength of holding a heroic sword is the weakest. Plus, the heroic sword he holds is still a broken blade. Compared with the strength and equipment, Snow Chihiro obviously crushed him.
And Indra was not surprised that there was a second heroic sword.
Is eyes looked at Snow Chihiro for a while and agreed to her request.
He obviously knows that Snow Chihiro may have another plot, but the problem is another plot. Why do you care if there are too many people?
More than two thousand years of wisdom has made him confident that he can finally control the situation in his palm.
No one can dig out the sky.
So Snow Chihiro got the most luxurious residence on the boat …
Yu Jianchen was directly driven to live in Bu Jingyun.
No way, Jianchen is a violent and unsuitable candidate. Now that he has a better choice, he is naturally happy that the Seventh Armed Forces team is stronger.
She is a young girl in her early twenties, but she has the same martial arts skills with a heroic sword.
It attracted the attention of Pojun, Bu Jingyun and others.
But this time …
Snow Chihiro who also ignore is in-depth and simple.
It is impossible for Indra to reach a contact consensus in Bu Jingyun.
Might as well keep the cards …
Anyway, at the critical moment, she always wins the trust of Bu Jingyun method.
This time …
"Maybe it will work!"
Think of longyuan
Even Snow Chihiro couldn’t help but feel very motivated.
Chapter 444 Double pass
Re-take the road of killing dragons