Duan Qingyun’s heart is pounding. After all, these three old hairs are going to attack him when I don’t know. That Mr. Yorkshire is usually very friendly and hugs Duan Qingyun and drinks and talks intimately. At this moment, if Duan Qingyun hadn’t taken measures to track and monitor him, I’m afraid he would still be kept in the dark!
Although Duan Qingyun doesn’t like to think, since he understands the other party’s intentions, he is also considering planning my family’s things one step at a time. Even a whore won’t let you old hair from the West steal the situation, which is a priceless aphrodisiac! If this prescription allows you to take away the foothold of an Duan family as a "master of Chinese medicine"?
When I think like this, I hear a doorbell, and three old hairs come from my head. I look at Mr. Yorklin in surprise and signal Jelinke to open the door.
Jelinke went to the door, looked through the cat’s eye, looked back at the outside, sat on the bed, and Mr. Yorklin smiled. Then he pulled the door and saw a beautiful and amazing woman. In front of the door, Jelinke was about to ask and listen to Mr. Yorklin wave his hand at him and Zamus and say a series of gibberish words.
Jelinkzamus smiled at each other and both of them left Mr. Yorklin’s room at the same time.
Leave the beautiful woman, Mr York Lin, in the room.
But this beautiful woman is the beautiful woman who asked Mr. Yorkshire for an autograph just before the late boxing match.
Beauty speaks a foreign language very well. She skillfully communicates with Mr. Yorkshire.
How can a man like Mr. Yoklin miss seeing such a beautiful woman? His eyes were blurred with thick color, but he didn’t push the beautiful woman to his bed quickly, but presented her with a refined temperament.
This beautiful woman has learned a lot about the western world since she was a child. She is a person who is full of longing for western life. Of course, she is very interested in westerners, and Mr. Yorkshire’s charming gentlemanly manner makes her fascinated …
"Can you tell me what they said?" Duan Qingyun pointed to Mr. York and the beautiful woman in the brain screen and asked questions to Guan Yiqian around him.
Tube in accordance with the qian face a red twist a head looked at Duan Qingyun not shy tunnel "he both of them love …"
Duan Qingyun looked at Mr. York’s polite and uncharacteristically smiling in his brain screen. "What are they talking about?"
Guan Yiqian, after all, paid Duan Qingyun a lot of money. Can she refuse Duan Qingyun’s inquiry? She tried her best to calm down the ups and downs in her heart and put the sound as gently as possible to prevent Duan Qingyun from listening to a little tension: "The man said to the woman that you are beautiful. You are the most beautiful oriental woman I have ever seen. You have an elegant temperament that combines oriental and western languages. It is an honor for my generation to talk with you on such a romantic night; The woman said to the man, Mr. Yorkshire, when I first met you, I was fascinated by your strong masculinity. My generation dreamed of going abroad to spend half their lives in that beautiful foreign country and finding a foreign man full of gentlemanly temperament. Life and death will never be separated … "
Guan Yi Qian Yin is very magnetic. At this moment, the dialogue between the two people on the screen is translated word by word to Duan Qingyun, which makes Duan Qingyun enter a wonderful feeling.
Duan Qingyun really wanted to see Mr. York let this simple woman take the initiative to undress in front of him and urged Guan Yiqian, "Tell me what they said next?"
Guan Yiqian was about to continue to translate when he saw Mr. Yorkshire reaching out to the beautiful woman in the brain screen, and the beautiful woman also reached out to Mr. Yorkshire, and they hugged each other tightly.
Mr. Yoklin’s fluffy mouth quickly reached into the mouth of the beautiful woman, whose eyes closed slightly and trembled slightly, and actively put his tongue into Mr. Yoklin’s mouth …
In front of the brain screen, Guan Yiqian went straight to the point in a short time when he saw Lao Mao’s beauty. He blushed with shame and turned his head quickly, just as Duan Qingyun’s eyes had to lower his head relatively.
Duan Qingyun once again saw Lao Mao’s naked appearance and felt a little sick. However, the beautiful woman with Lao Mao’s body looks quite attractive. Her skin is as white as snow, and she is short of breath. Her feet are as shiny as white jade. She is not as beautiful as ordinary beautiful women, with a beautiful figure, a handsome face and a beautiful bed, but their feet are ugly. This beautiful woman has no wrinkles, ten toes arranged in order and calluses. Everything is so soft and delicate ..
Listening to Mr. York screaming with excitement, "Fuck … Fuck …" Listening to his body beauty, she found a lot of people moaning, and she kept shouting "quikly…… …" Duan Qingyun’s bust immediately reacted vigorously, and she had to put her legs tightly together and try her best to adjust her shortness of breath to normal frequency, but Guan Yiqian, who was sitting next to Duan Qingyun, was not so quiet. Although she didn’t really look at the wonderful scene on her brain screen, the couple in her head were naked.
She is also a young man. She is also a young man with worldly desires. How can she not respond when the sound fills her ears and tugs at her heart?
Duan Qingyun smiled, "Sister, tell me what they said?"
"Oh … huh?" Tube in accordance with the Qian slightly raised the blush beautiful face glanced at Duan Qingyun and suddenly glanced at the brain screen and then quickly lowered his head slightly trembling tunnel "they they call …"
Duan Qingyun laughed. "I heard them say Fuk again and again. Can you tell me what Fuk means?"
To tell the truth, Duan Qingyun bitterly scolded himself for being ashamed when he came up with this problem. Of course, he could understand such a simple word. Mr. York Lin said more than once before that all he knew was to flirt with Guan Yiqian.
Duan Qingyun thinks that Guan Yiqian is such a beautiful woman. Isn’t it a wave of life if I don’t flirt well? Wouldn’t it be possible to hug her to her bed if I gave her some more money? Hey hey …
Although the heart gives birth to such a nasty idea, Duan Qingyun’s face still deliberately puts on a serious face and once again asks Guan Yiqian what is the meaning of "FUCK"
Guan Yiqian is a girl with strong self-esteem. Since she accepted money from others, she has to seriously answer their questions or she is dereliction of duty. But if this question comes from a beautiful girl’s mouth, Guan Yiqian has really made a good ideological struggle for a while.
Finally, Guan Yi Qian looked up at Duan Qingyun with a grind, saying, "This is a swearing word."
"oh? Swearing words? Tell me quickly and let me learn how to swear in a foreign language! " Duan Qingyun pushed his luck.
Guan Yiqian seems to have done his best with courage and effort. He is about to cry and said, "FUCK means fuck …"
Finally Duan Qingyun couldn’t hold back laughing any longer. He bent over with laughter and said, "You, you, you are so cute. Ha, ha, ha, you are such a cute girl …"
"You’re kidding me!" Guan Yi Qian’s face sank and she was about to get up.
Duan Qingyun smiled and pulled Guan Yiqian’s hand and said, "Guan Sister, this is your work. No matter how hard it is, you have to finish your work, right?"