Gao Kai stared at Yip Han in amazement. "What do you expect Mao to hit the northern capital?"
"Hum, lend them courage!" Ye Han’s domineering side shows disdain beyond words.
"You just want to eat hot peppers, don’t you?"
"Look down on who? If Mao dares to call me, I will dare to take people to Moscow! "
"Come on, come on, don’t blow it like you’re in charge." Gao Kai didn’t want to listen to Ye Hanhu’s careless look and urged, "It’s almost time. Hurry up and bother me here."
On the ground, whether it’s military or political, it’s very lively, but again, no matter what the ground is like, yip hon is not qualified to interfere with him at this level, that is, look at the news and the Ministry’s bulletin, and then criticize his own position
Mao is so careless that if you change the position of Beidu and Moscow again, Yip hon will definitely be the first to call back.
Don’t say that his narrow position is different … Guess there are certainly many clamors from Moscow to hit Beidu Mao.
Yip hon also looked at "this is not a little? Kick me out in such a hurry? Don’t you really love me? "
"get out!" Gao Kai was furious and drove Yip Han away cleanly.
When I turned around and calmed down, Gao Kai didn’t feel right. This kid didn’t do this before. How did it become like this? Is it because his wife is here?
Shake your head and throw away strange thoughts in your heart. Gao Kai continues to be busy with himself.
After Yip Han left, he went straight back to the office of the military group.
Not long ago, his military cabin was also recycled by the industrial group, and later it belonged to the scientific research group No.2 cave group. The military group arranged a place to be regarded as the military control area of the North Moon Island base.
No.1 hole and No.2 hole are all under pressure. The passages of the two bases have already been dug. Yip Han can travel between the agricultural group and the science and technology group without leaving the base. Except for the distance between classes, Bai Xiaoting has no influence on him at all. Occasionally, he can come and see him when he takes some time.
It’s a pity that there are so many secrets in the military group that Bai Xiaoting can’t be put into the military administrative zone. Two people can hang out in the public area of the science and technology base for a while.
Far from it.
At present, there are two floors in the science and technology base, but there are three floors in all positions of the military group. In addition to the two floors of the science and technology group, an extra "attic" has been dug in the main base.
Yip hon returned to the military group and immediately entered the attic to put on 2 armor.
On the side of the attic near the mountain wall, there is an independent passage to the outside world and an air lock. Ye Han directly passes through the air lock and arrives at the temporary port shortly after leaving the No.2 base.
Although the No.7 base has been put into use, it is mainly used to restore the original position of the launch site and landing site.
The base has a corresponding plan to dig a shaft with a wide diameter and a deep bottom, and install magnetic ejection equipment on the shaft wall to land the spacecraft without slowing down, but directly fall into the well and slow down to the magnetic spacecraft.
The plan is good, but it is a plan at present.
When I arrived at the launch site, there were still a few minutes before the scheduled time. Yip Han looked up at the star’s armored telescope function and soon the star on the top of his head found a fast-moving small light spot.
That’s a spaceship about to land, reflecting the sun’s light.
Yip hon estimated that the spacecraft should be in contact with the command center to obtain landing data information at this time.
As expected, the skylight can be seen by the naked eye to slow down and land on the crater.
After a few minutes, the ship landed firmly at the landing site.
Yip hon vaguely felt that this scene was familiar. Think back carefully and have no heart.
I can’t remember how many times he took the spaceship here. What’s strange about being familiar with it?
Dozens of spacecraft have already blown away the moon dust at the landing site. Ye Han saw the new astronauts’ boats and horses speeding up.
More than 30 astronauts arrived on the boat and lined up in three rows without waiting for Yip Han to arrive.
Because of the low gravity of the moon, the astronauts moved lightly and the whole team was full of joy. However, when Yip Han arrived near the queue, the queue was barely arranged. The officers in charge of the whole team shouted for attention and suddenly turned to face Yip Han, but they turned around in a big circle directly because of excessive force. When they fell, they just turned their backs on Yip Han.
Yip hon almost didn’t laugh and quickly coughed and woke up. "Be gentle. This is not the earth."
The officer who led the team slowly turned around and raised his right hand to salute, but the salute was so heavy that his fingers couldn’t reach his temples at all.
Power armor is much thicker than aerospace, and Yip Han’s movements are not much better. After two people saluted each other, they led the officers and roared, "The chief comrade Beiyuezhou training team should have thirty-six people, so please give instructions!"
"Enter the column!"
"Yes!" The leading officer turned to face the queue and shouted at ease before leaving the command position.
He learned the lesson just now, and instead of moving violently, he floated back to the queue as lightly as a ballet.
Ye Han is normal, but the pace goes to the front of the queue. "Comrades!"
Everyone stood at attention together and floated up because of too much movement.
"Well, don’t be so excited." Yip hon endured a smile and said, "Welcome to the North Moon Island Base to introduce myself. I’m the temporary military director of Yip hon Base, and I’m in charge of the temporary work and life of your base. You can come to me if you have any problems or difficulties. I’ll do my best to help you solve them. Now listen to my password, turn right and follow me all the way … It’s not too late to be nervous when you arrive here."
Yip hon’s words made the team relax a little, so Yip hon led more than 30 astronauts back to the No.2 base and arranged them in the dormitory that had been prepared long ago.
After changing the power armor, Ye Han rushed to the team members’ dormitory as soon as possible to introduce the life characteristics and precautions in the North Moon Island base to the team members in detail, and asked everyone to master the lifestyle here as soon as possible to adapt to the low gravity environment of the moon.
Yip hon was too busy to help Duan Zhiyang and Yuan Yu temporarily arrange the life of the players. When they saw all the new players lined up, they all changed their white uniforms and couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.
Chapter 571 Level 11
Duan Zhiyang asked disappointedly, "Navy?"
"Well" yip hon nodded "base training for a period of time before the array is responsible for the spacecraft"
"The one in the track factory?" Duan Zhiyang asked again
Duan Zhiyang kept silent Yuan Yu suddenly said, "No wonder I told you that warships should be navy." Then he also rushed Duan Zhiyang to pick his eyebrows.
The news that the warship was built in this warship from the orbital factory has never been broken.
Duan Zhiyang is a soldier, and he finally believes that too many warships should be handed over to the army for driving.
Yuan Yu, who was born in the Marine Corps, insisted that the surface warships of Tai warships have something in common, and that the navy has both air soldiers and marine corps, which is the most complete of all arms and services in terms of the configuration of arms. It is logical to hand over Tai warships to the navy for command.
The two people argued about it, and others participated in it several times more or less, but even if Yuan Yu said the flowers in his mouth, he couldn’t say Duan Zhiyang.
Shi Duan Zhiyang’s heart Bai Yuanyu is right, but the truth belongs to the truth and the feelings belong to the feelings. He really can’t accept this result in his heart.
Yip hon ha ha a smile "after the navy is not necessarily"
Yuan Yu’s eyes lit up. "Is there news?"
"No, I guess," said Yip Han.
"stingy" yuan Yu grinned, "the stars and the sea are also the sea. Maybe we can continue to call the navy."
"Even if it’s still called Navy, it doesn’t mean that the name can’t be changed. This is a new service quality," Yip Han said. "It’s not for small people like you and me to decide that we must have this luxury?"
"This is a feeling of feelings!" Yuan Yu protested