He dare not change a lot of places, but he can feel it.
Being called not far from hou zhuang expressed great dissatisfaction.
"This little thing also want me to deal with? What do you want? "
No matter how many people flow, it doesn’t have much impact on Neng Zoo!
The owner of a black-hearted manor needs to continue to speed up the time to squeeze out the tourist Qian Qian.
"Master Zhuang, you are stupid, so you can’t even stop parking!" Director Ke said that the child was really stupid.
Not far from Zhuang, think about a long queue of cars winding in the road and immediately scared a cold sweat on the forehead.
Really amazing!
Then the officials of Niu Shan town were called up, and later even the traffic department of Jia Hu was called up …
Not far away, Zhuang also closed the online booking urgently and released a message saying that Tianneng Zoo was full. Please stop booking online and call on everyone to choose public transportation instead of cars …
When they were busy, they didn’t realize that another crisis was approaching
Many people suddenly thought of another channel when they saw that the zoo was full of tourists
A startup company, Cat Party Code Farmer, sent a program to the manor to lease the Tiger Line, which was very popular, but it has been a small business, after all, the lease is relatively high.
You can rent out dozens of tigers every day.
Not far from Zhuang, it was announced that the Tianzoo was full of tourists and hoped that everyone would not buy tickets again. After that, a netizen suddenly discovered this tiger rental and posted a message on the Internet.
"The rental price of the tiger per day is RMB yuan, and the trainer is not required. The rental price is 4. There are three people in my family who have to spend more than 2,000 yuan to go to the safari park. They have to wait in line for a long time. Are you planning to share children’s shoes?"
Suddenly the network exploded.
"Does Virtual City outsource postal services?"
"Can I rent it for a day and then abscond with the tiger?"
"Send to Tiger Country?"
"Our classmates are going to share two!"
"We’re going to take a wedding photo and rent one!"
So not far from going to bed, Zhuang found …
Tiger rental should also be paralyzed.
Chapter 455; The world’s most shameful business
This should be a startup called "Miaomi Network" to help Zhuang not far away.
From the name, we know that the founder of this company is a shovel officer.
At the beginning, this startup company developed a technology to change cats instead of tigers, and made an APP not far from Bangzhuang to rent tigers outside, in exchange for three tigers resident in Miaomi Network Company.
Neng Zoo has also established a good relationship with Miaomi Network.
Of course, this one should not be called "Didi hits the tiger" in the end. Didi Company doesn’t want to.
This should finally be called "Big Cat Arrives Home". After reaching an agreement with Zhuang, they took it out in less than a day.
You can see all kinds of big cat information, rental status, popularity rating and so on.
Zhuang is not far away, and he is still surprised at how this company took it out so quickly. Are these people very skilled?
Then not far from Zhuang, I found out that the main business of this Miaomi network company is O2O art private education …
Nowadays, more and more children or adults want to study piano, painting and other art projects.
At the same time, Miaomi. com found that there are still a large number of people who have been trained in art and can guide new people to get started or go further, and they have become housewives and housewives. They also hope that their artistic accomplishment can be affirmed and earn some money to subsidize their families when they have some leisure time.
Miaomi Network has launched an O2O/p2p independent art private education platform aiming at this blue ocean field that no one has ever set foot in.
This APP is like a free ride, two-way publishing, free matching, pricing according to the level, floating rating, and two-way selection. Because of its accurate positioning and targeting, it is a very market segment … After the initial running-in, it soon ushered in a lot and accumulated a good reputation.
With this background, to be a big cat rental platform, it is necessary to delete a module from their former APP and replace the teacher information with the big cat information.
No wonder it was done in one night.
After two weeks of operation, the big cat has accumulated a lot of data at home, and several big cats with gentle temper who like to sell cute personality have had several rental records.
However, everyone likes tigers. After all, there is a kind of "Ye Gong Hao Long" who seems to be afraid that tigers will do harm to themselves. Most of them are rented with keepers. This price is a bit high, which is beyond the ability of ordinary families. Most of them are engaged in activities by businesses.
Recently, fireworks have been banned in the virtual city, and anyone who exceeds the decibel level will be punished. Want to attract attention? What is more eye-catching than a few big cats?
However, the broadcast of this program made more people bridge the gap with the big cat and decided to join the rental army.
However, this project has been and has not had much traffic. Suddenly, the traffic surged, and the architecture and server suddenly failed. First, the access was slow, then the data was continuously lost, and then it was directly paralyzed.
Then Zhuang was not far away by a lot of @ on the Internet.
What can I do?
It seems that this should and must be taken seriously.