The next day, the new "Ge Lao" Su He and Wei Chijiong renewed the new "blood-saving alliance"
Thirteen tribes in Xinjiang, even Wei Chijiong of Sirius Department, have made an alliance with twelve tribal chiefs, leaving the last tribe in the extreme west.
Meng Hua had already told Wei Chijiong the news he heard from Ding Zhaoming. Wei Chijiong asked Su He, "Is it true or not that there is collusion between Big Bear and the Qing court?"
Su He said, "As far as I know, Ge Lao, the Great Bear Department, has also received envoys from the Qing court, but our former Ge Lao was different. He was watching the wind and steering the boat, and he was not bent on joining the Qing court. I can tell Xia Weichi a secret. He sent an emissary to meet me a few days ago, saying that it was the general trend. He decided to advance and retreat together with other Ge Lao, and he was no longer attached to the Qing court. However, he was close to us. He was afraid that Ge Lao would still be loyal to the Qing court and fight against him. He was willing to support me if
Wei Chijiong smiled with great relief. "So we can rest assured that we can go to the Great Bear Department, and they will not worry about any more danger." Su He said, "There will be no danger." At this time, Meng Huamo sat there but seemed thoughtful.
Wei Chijiong said, "What are you thinking, little brother?" Meng Hua said, "If you don’t need me to go to the Bear Department with you, I want to leave today." Wei Chijiong said, "There is no danger in going to the Bear Department. I can do it alone, but why are you so anxious to leave?"
Meng Hua said, "I have been ordered by my father to go to Tianshan Mountain." It turns out that although the Great Bear Department is near Tianshan Mountain, it is not a straight road to start from Sirius Department. If you go to Great Bear first, you have to walk for half a month.
Wei Chijiong said with a smile, "Are you anxious to go back and see that golden girl?"
Meng Hua told him that the center was red and said, "My father recovered at the beginning of his illness, and I didn’t worry about it. I wanted to go to Tianshan early to finish what my father told me to do so that I could get back."
Wei Chijiong said, "Well, in that case, I can’t keep you for my master." When I told Su Hehe that Meng Hua was leaving, he insisted on leaving, saying, "Meng Xiaoxia, you have helped us a lot this time. Please wait a moment. I’ll ask someone to choose a good horse to give you a mount." Then I laughed. "Please forgive me for riding that horse. We have a very ordinary horse here. If you ride it to Tianshan Mountain last year, I’m afraid you may not be able to walk." It turns out that Meng Hua’s mount has already been given to
Meng Hua laughed. "Although my mount is a bad horse, it is more precious than a swift horse in my eyes."
Su Hecha asked, "Why do you value a bad horse so much?"
Meng Hua said, "A swift horse may be bought with silver, but friendship is valuable." Take this opportunity to tell Su He that the old shepherd gave him this mount.
Su He said happily, "You said this old shepherd, I know I will return this horse to him for you, and I will ask him to help me with my work, but you still need a good horse. Please take it away and I will give you a better mount."
As Su He waited for his hand to choose a mount for Meng Hua, someone suddenly came in and reported that "a master from Tibet called Jiangbuchang came to inquire."
Su He was dazed and said, "Who is the owner of this Jiangbu farm? I don’t know him. He came all the way from Tibet to see me."
Meng Hua was pleasantly surprised and thought, "It’s rare for this bully to send his own door." He was about to speak when one of his cronies said, "I know this man is here for a reason."
Su He asked, "What’s the reason?" The hand said, "The owner of this Jiangbu farm is a bully in Tibet, and we used to have a messenger to communicate with him, but you didn’t know it."
The man who came to report said, "Yes, he doesn’t seem to know what happened here. He came to see Ge Lao."
Su He laughed. "So he didn’t come to visit me. You didn’t tell him I had taken over the old business, did you?" The humanitarian said, "I’ve come to ask Ge Lao to show me, but of course I haven’t told them yet."
Su He said, "They? So Jiang Bu is not the only one? "
The humanitarian "has two lamas and monks with him"
Su He said, "I don’t know what he wants when he comes all the way here." By the way, you said you knew the reason and you haven’t said it yet. "
The confidant who came here was Ge Lao, and continued, "Two days ago, I overheard the man named Ye Han and former Ge Lao talking about Jiang Bu, saying that he had some troubles recently and might take refuge with us. I dare not eavesdrop. I don’t know what it is that he wants to avoid."
Meng Hua said, "I know", which made it difficult for Jiang Bu, such as the Qing court, to collude with the rebels, such as imprisoning Jin Zhuliu’s daughter, such as the Eagle Pavilion, and causing their father to accidentally injure each other.
Su He laughed. "It turns out that he is the enemy of his younger brother. Then he can come at the right time!"
The old man’s confidant said, "There’s another thing that comes at the right time. We don’t have to choose mounts for Meng Xiaoxia."
Su He said, "What?"
The humanitarian said, "This Jiangbu is the owner of one of the largest ranchers in Tibet. He likes the famous horse Baodao most in his life. I think his mount must be better than the best horse here."
The humanitarian "exactly, the three horses they rode were all handsome and healthy."
Su He laughed. "It’s good that he delivered the door himself. I just borrowed flowers to offer Buddha. Has he met Qian Ge?" Qian Ge’s old cronies said, "No."Su He said, "Well, the horse invited them in."
Su He pretended to meet the two lamas, former Ge Lao and Jiang Bu, and Wei Chijiong and Meng Hua hid behind the screen.
Meng Hua knew that these two lamas were the two masters of Tantric Buddhism who once competed with Eagle Pavilion-Shi He Shi Zhan.
Jiang Bu looked up after sitting quietly, but Su He was unaware of Zheng.
It turned out that Jiang Bu had never seen the former chief, but he had sent messengers to Sirius Department. Su He’s age and appearance did not match the description of the chief by the messengers. After seeing Su He, he naturally couldn’t help wondering, "I heard that Sirius Department’s Ge Lao is just a man in his forties. Why does this Ge Lao always look over fifty?"
Thanks to Su He’s burly physique and temples, although the spirit of micro-spot is very healthy, the envoy of the former chief didn’t come with him. Therefore, Jiang Bu has some doubts, but he still can’t doubt that he is an impostor. "All tribes in Xinjiang want to unite to fight against Qing Dynasty, but he is a court official. These days, he must be exhausted and aging." Jiang Bu thought.
Su He called him to sit down and said, "Although we have known each other for a long time, your ambassador came to me two years ago. I asked him to invite the owner to our place for two years, but I didn’t expect the owner to keep his promise today."
When Jiang Bu saw that he could tell the secret, his doubts dissipated, but he still asked cautiously, "I heard that Lord Ye Gu Hun and Tiantai people are in your department. I don’t know if it is true or not?"
Su He said, "Yes, but it’s a pity that you came at an unfortunate time. They just left here yesterday and went to the Bear Department." Jiang Bu was greatly disappointed and said with a wry smile, "That’s really unfortunate. I can still see them."
Su He went on to say, "But Lord Ye also asked me to be the master of the show …" Jiang Bu quickly asked, "What did he ask?"
Su He said, "Did he say that the owner was in some trouble and had a grudge with the anti-Qing Han people in Qaidam?"
When Jiang Bu heard him say this, he dared to doubt it and sighed, "And he made a quarrel with the two most powerful people!"
Su He said, "What kind of powerful person is it? How can the owner of the farm, Tibet, be afraid of them? "
Jiang Bu said, "One is that the gang robbers in Qaidam are headed by Meng Yuanchao; One is called the first swordsman in the world, and so is Jin Zhuliu. I robbed a little girl without knowing that this little girl is Jin Zhuliu’s daughter. If I have offended these two people, can I still stand in my hometown? Even if I hide from Xuanfu yamen in Lhasa, I’m afraid I won’t be safe. Later, I discussed with Lord Wei Tuoping, the counselor of Xuanfu Yamen, and he told me to just run away and think about it. Tobig is old. "
Su He Gherardini said, "So you are here to take refuge."
Jiang Bu unknowingly is zheng, thinking how he speaks like this? However, I asked someone to say in a low voice, "But I hope that Ge Lao will accept a little gift and ask Ge Lao to accept it."
Jiang Bu presented a box specially for Su He. It contained a pair of jade lions and a hundred big round pearls. Jiang Bu proudly said, "A small gift is not a tribute, but we two masters are great leaders. Maybe they can help Ge Lao a little." Jiang Bu said this after giving a heavy treasure. It is not that I asked you for help unilaterally.
Unexpectedly, Su He didn’t really look at his jewelry. He still said faintly, "Since you are here, of course I want to keep you, but these gifts …"
Jiang preached that he would say a few polite words first and said, "If you don’t think my gift is too modest, you must ask Ge Lao to accept it."