"interesting achievement method"
An illusory sound doesn’t know from the sound to the perception.
In front of my eyes, a white light blooms, and a white lotus stands. With the appearance of the lotus stands, an old man with a thin face sits in a dish.
The old man’s face is wrinkled, and he looks old, and his white gown and lotus platform blend together. His eyes are like the sky, the sun and the moon set off Zhou Jia’s figure.
Liu E, a golden creature.
"It is true that the practice of tapping its own potential does not rely on foreign objects. Although the progress is a little slow, it has a solid foundation and a smart source."
Visual Zhou Jia he nodded gently.
"It seems that there has been another great talent in the ancient god domain."
He obviously didn’t think that Zhou Jia’s practice was actually his own creation.
The practice of silver is not formed by several people’s iteration, transformation and perfection, and it is by no means a single person’s work from beginning to end.
This is common sense!
Unless there is a golden creature willing to take time to deduce.
And this is obviously not gold.
He naturally praised it casually and didn’t take it to heart. In his view, the golden state means are all children’s juggling and worthless.
Zhou Jia took a deep breath and handed over his fuels.
"Zhou Jia has seen Liu’s predecessors"
Liu E nodded indifferently.
"Tell me about your discovery of the Dijiabao anomaly."
Zhou Jia should be
On the way, he thought about what he had to ask a gold, and the only answer was about Dijiabao.
It seems that this is the case today.
When the experience of the other day comes together, it is of course due to the characteristics of good and evil, and the means of getting rid of Defoe has been covered up.
These words have been said many times in the face of Tianyuan alliance questioning when I first arrived in Cannes, but now I just repeat them again
"Well …"
Liu E heard a little ponder to pick out a few details to ask.
Zhou Jia answered one by one
Looking up, there is something strange in Liu E’s eyes.
"Disciple Zhang Yan still has some potential but has gone astray."
Zhang Yan?
Zhou Jia’s heart moved
The most noteworthy betrayal of Tianyuan League is disciple Zhang Yan and Dijiabao Defoe. Now it seems that Liu E values Zhang Yan more.
Yu difu
Almost none.
As Liu E’s thoughts turn, the darkness around him seems to set off waves, and there is a faint surge of terrorist forces.
This made Zhou Jia feel on pins and needles.
His spirit is suppressed here.
One thought of the other person can kill him, just like sitting next to a tiger, snake and mouse, which is really uncomfortable.
"That’s all!"
Liu E lowered his head and fell back to Zhou Jia.
"Go back first and I’ll ask you if I think of anything in these days."