Find out another wave of the enemy’s behind-the-scenes emissaries, Kitawan and Evie.
There is no hurry to retreat.
A quasi-star and a strong star
Not Xu retreat can shake at present.
We have to take our time
Half an hour later, Xu tui received a strange short message.
"I’m Li Zhouchen. I’ll go back to school the day after tomorrow and I’ll wait for you in the Dragon and Tiger General List."
Chapter four hundred and forty Energy send Quqingshan decision
Huaxia Long Li Zhouchen agreed on March 10th.
After many life and death experiences outside the country, Xu retired early is no longer what it used to be.
If the day before I go to the outside world, I am afraid that the Ministry will come to hone actual combat and do various tactical simulations.
Now I don’t have that idea
Do what you have to do.
Xu tui is still practicing today.
It’s almost ten days since the second gene base point of quantum entanglement was started once.
In these ten days, if you want to have a retreat, you will continue to display your mind, sword and eye. You will continue to work hard. In the illusion, you will find the third gene base point in the posterior brain area, which will cause fluctuations.
Continue to be barren
The reaction of the third gene base point of the open quantum entangled state is slightly larger.
At the right time, there was a stabbing pain in the head, a feeling of rhythmic expansion, and bloodshot eyes.
This has reached a dangerous level in the self-somatosensory evaluation table of Luo Shifeng’s gene base point.
But it is only dangerous.
It’s several grades short of stopping the start immediately.
There are two ways to deal with it: stop starting or continue to slow down the starting speed.
However, according to the detailed rules and standards, the risk of this reaction at the base point of gene formation is very low
If this kind of somatosensory reaction appears at the beginning, it will be fatal