There is still no genetic capacity chain.
However, at the moment when the third quantum entangled gene base point appeared, it was observed that there was a weak energy connection between the quantum entangled silver double-wave main gene base point and these two gene base points in illusion view
This means that it is very possible to have a gene capacity chain.
However, even though three gene basis points have been started, the ability of this amount of entangled major gene basis points still does not appear.
Normally, even if a gene ability chain is not fully activated, it will appear initial ability if one or two gene basis points are activated.
Xu tui is very confused
However, leaving at noon solved this confusion.
Xu tui is the kind of person who doesn’t lose. Since there are three genetic basis points, there is no phase ability yet, then continue to engage in the fourth quantitative entangled genetic basis point
I don’t believe it when I retire. The ability has never appeared.
Open a complete genetic capacity chain, it will always appear, right?
The afternoon retreat controls a source crystal powder and overlooks the traffic of Kyoto Prefecture in a high school a few kilometers away.
The tiny source crystal powder flying slowly in high school can be said to be completely hidden.
However, the mind’s eye view is not small now.
Ten meters is available.
Soon after retiring, I found that he had a needle eye.
A tall building beside the road is suspected to be a manager’s office or a president’s office. A man and a woman are playing love movies.
Male fatness
The female figure is concave and convex
Very popular
Seeing Xu’s spirit retreating at the first moment is a quiver, and he will fall out of the state of mind and mind.
When you are impatient, you must strengthen the mind and mind of the source crystal powder.
However, if you want to strengthen the supplementary spirit again, you must take it back first.
Is the method to directly supplement the spirit in the past.
The magic is that you can retreat, that is, you can move your mind.
Then the source crystal powder was suddenly put into a wisp of spirit, which was going to collapse and the mind’s eye was stabilized again.
The picture has been blurred and scattered. This man and a woman love piece is once again presented in Xu’s mind.
Through the heart and sword
Xu retreat is a blind eye.
My heart suddenly exploded with a flash of light!
Quantum entangled state
He got it!
This should be the ability of quantum entanglement!
The three basic points of quantum entangled state have brought the ability to Xu tui, but Xu tui has not been found.
But now Xu retreat has been discovered!
Heart sword mind’s eye control source crystal powder slowly posted to the office window.
Four kilometers away, Xu retreated with a slight vibration.
Almost at the same time, a wisp of spirit appeared in the source crystal powder and exploded slightly.
The window made a knocking sound, which directly ended the game in front of the playing piece.
The woman screamed and squatted to the ground, and the man was looking for clothes.
Of course, this scene can’t be seen.
When he put the spirit through the heart sword eye source crystal powder explosion, the heart sword eye is gone.
Try and test again and again.
After an hour, Xu tui has initially figured out the direction of the ability of quantum entanglement
Of course, it may be only part of it.
Entangled state of energy form quantity
To put it more popularly, at present, three quantitative entangled phase gene base points have brought about the following capabilities.
Energy forms are sent from one point to another by quantum entanglement.
The quantum entangled state is two points at present.
It is divided into two parts just like the base point of the main gene.
One point is here and the other point is outside.
If you make a retreat, it will directly trigger a spiritual lash. If you want to display this amount of entangled state ability, you will make a retreat, and the spiritual lash will directly appear at another point.
Xu tui will send the weighed entangled state energy.