"Father Shuai, this Wentao hand also has a Linglan, a famous genius of Kyubi no Youko tian hu clan, who was already a Kyubi no Youko tian hu thousands of years ago. Now they must be more powerful. Judging from their transformation ability, others at the same level can’t be them. Later, Wentao came up with such an active way to compete, which must be to think that his hand has leapfrog fighting ability to take advantage of us. If that’s the case, it will make us lose a lot if it is meaningless to call again."
They often fight in Sanxian Valley and naturally have a set of communication methods, including Hao Shu, which can be heard by three people at the same time.
Just like a ministerial meeting, this meeting is based on fairy knowledge.
Hao Shu worried, "But just now the general has promised them that if they are not better now, they will not make a mistake."
Fifth, he resolutely said, "I don’t think this Wentao behaves correctly. I’m afraid it has changed. We’d better bring him to the door as soon as possible. No, we’ll look for him everywhere. If we can get him back, we’ll have something to say."
The fifth decisive meaning is that the situation of Wentao Kunlun Sect can be completely ignored here.
You can say anything if you want to take Wentao back.
"This small calculation is quite fine, but I can’t let him be satisfied. If others have the ability to fight over the top, we will lose a lot. This battle is no better than nothing. This is a good solution." The fifth city can be seen in its decisive attitude in killing the field.
Since just fighting Wentao, Xiaobai has been listening to everything around him.
Including some of their dialogues, they exchanged immortal knowledge with each other, but immortal knowledge is no better than spiritual knowledge after all, and the other side is much stronger than Xiaobai. Although Xiaobai is gifted, the power gap also makes him unable to listen to others so clearly.
"Boss …" Xiaobaizhong listened attentively. "It seems that … they are discussing whether or not there seems to be any action."
"What action?"
"They haven’t said it yet, and I can’t hear it very clearly. If only I were stronger," Xiao Bai was a little annoyed at this time. For him, this kind of unclear hearing is as ugly as a cook can’t cook, a soldier can’t kill, and a person who can’t fly.
Before, he was not very serious about the pursuit of strength, otherwise he should make rapid progress. With his talent, he believed that he could always eat.
This time, I can hear their conversation in the fifth city or from the fifth city. If the fifth city takes the initiative to talk to others through fairy knowledge, Xiaobai probably won’t hear it at all.
There is still a big limit to the power gap.
"Be right back" Although Xiaobai hasn’t heard clearly enough, Wentao doesn’t feel right. Inform Luo Zhenfeng and Ling Yunzhi immediately.
"Be careful that they have other actions …" This is Wen Tao’s words to wake up the black dragon.
Wentao’s voice has not fallen, and the fifth city has already made moves.
"I’ll give you a ride if you don’t go back after the twittering game." With a wave of his hand, the fifth city hand split a huge shock wave with a foot of 100 meters.
Just like a few masters make the Chinese fairy device shoot at the same time, it is surprisingly powerful.
When Xiao Bai woke up, I was ready to play Yin Wentao. The lightning furnace tripod had already spread to instantly expand and enveloped Luo Zhenfeng and Ling Yunzhi. The four-fold lightning boxing strength directly rushed to their heads to greet the giant sword.
There was a black cloak behind, and suddenly everything fell off when it shook. The cloak had been put on the black dragon, and the black dragon had also appeared in the middle of the field
The powerful momentum enveloped everyone on his side, and he didn’t care about the fifth city. Then he split out that firm but gentle because he was confident that Wentao could solve it.
"Your opponent is me"
Chapter five hundred and four General Black Dragon Fight
In ancient times, there were various arrays and magic weapons, and the research on the opposite side of power was also detailed, which were divided into dozens of categories, such as gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind and thunder. These categories were divided because both defensive magic weapons and practitioners had different attributes.