Moshanjing shook his head.
"We are not familiar with him, even if we join in danger, we will give up, and I heard that joining requires a large sum of star coins."
Zhou Jia secretly nodded.
At this time, it is not uncommon to deal with the forces like Zhang Tieshou, a dark ethnic group in Cannes.
There are not many real strengths.
The three men discussed for a long time and finally made a plan to prepare for the battle, draw friends and find forces to carry out together.
Two days later
There is no good news in other aspects, but there is a clue to the dispatch.
It’s not Mo Shanjing’s credit.
Instead, he followed the clue and found a message that someone secretly sold a million star coins from Cannes.
Seats are limited
it is said
Is to send the array away through Cannes.
"Is it true or false?"
One million star coins, this is not a small amount of ordinary fourth-order silver, and it takes decades to accumulate without eating or drinking.
Moshanjing rubbed his hands.
"The money can be given to that person when the time comes. It’s just that time is tight. I’m leaving in these two days."
"two days"
Zhou Jia touched his pocket.
"I need to chip in some money."
"So do we." Mrs. Moshanjing’s glances were full of distress, and the two of them were afraid that they were going to bargain for iron.
"Let’s talk about raising money first. There are so many opportunities to miss, but they are gone."
Zhou Jia nodded slowly.
Before he got out of Mofu and decided where to raise money, a big fellow stopped him.
"Zhou Jia?"
Zhou Jia one leng surprised to see people.
"Pavilion is …"
Seventh order!
Is there any seventh order in Kangcheng that has not been seen?
The big fellow lowered his head and looked indifferent. "My master wants to see you."